Pictures of the Deadly Mudslide Area

Map of Snohomish County

Oso, Satellite map w-explanation

Oso LandslideArea




The landslide area covers approximately 1 square mile.

As of this posting eight bodies have been recovered from the landslide area. Eighteen people remain missing. Numerous others are in area hospitals. Recovery efforts continue.

Highway 530 remains closed; the only road connecting Darrington to the rest of the world.

My Depression Might Benefit You

Darkness Comes with Depression

As far too many people know a little over three months ago I fell into a clinically diagnosed deep depression. Events in my life which I couldn’t have anticipated and was totally unprepared for hit me like a boulder rolling down hill. At fifty years of age I can honestly say I never felt so bad for so long. Certainly there have been times in my life where I was sad, possibly even depressed. The death of my father in 2001 comes to mind as a particularly painful time. But there has never been anything remotely close to this. And the silver lining of my story is that I hope and expect to come out the other side of this crisis as a better person.

My depression manifested itself in actual physical pain and sickness. It also resulted in an incredible zapping of my energy level. While normally a high-flying person who’s busy busy busy all day long and well into the evening; I am a high-energy guy; but by 4-5 pm every day I was done, and it was all I could do to make it through the evening to a regular bed time.

I had numerous mental lapses completely uncharacteristic of me. The most dangerous and dramatic occurred when I was in my car at a red light, first in line, and absent mindedly without paying attention I thought the light had turned green and I accelerated through a busy intersection while the light remained red. The week before Christmas I discovered four different accounting errors I had created in both my personal and business checkbooks that could have resulted in hundreds of dollars of overdraft charges and other fees. This is NOT normal behavior for me. I’m exceptionally careful in my accounting practices.

During the worst times I went from crying to anger to crying again daily, even hourly. I cried myself to sleep more than a few times. My self-esteem was zero. I didn’t feel I was any good to any body. And, yes, I had some very dark thoughts. I also slept during the day on a few occasions. Choosing bed over running my company. This is something I NEVER have done before.

The Christmas season and my beloved Seahawks playoff run to a Super Bowl title did little to ease my pain. In fact, the holidays made it much worse. Also making it worse were the frequent cryptic and negative posts I made to Facebook and Twitter. One of my friends and co-workers feared I had cancer and was dying (I don’t have cancer or any potentially fatal disease). I’m embarrassed and regret all these public exposures of my pain. I only hope all my friends will think better of me as I go forward and remember that so much of what I typically posted for public consumption was very positive, at least prior to three months ago.

So much of what I’ve read about depression and my specific circumstances has been spot-on, giving me a much more appreciative view of those in the world of psychology and psychiatry. It was if all their writings were being dictated from my mouth.

Depression will show you who your truest friends are. Initially everyone who knew of my hurt offered words of support and encouragement and advice.

“Hang in there”

“I’m there for ya.”

“Call me any time”

and more…

Over time nearly all those supportive friends tired of my despair and made themselves unavailable. To a large degree its understandable. They’ve got lives to lead. They’ve got problems too. Who wants to spend time with someone who will bring them down with their low and dark mood and their desperate cries for help, advice and support? Nonetheless, I can’t help but note those who weren’t there for me; or even some whose actions were outright hurtful, making my pain worse. It’s shocking how insensitive and uncaring some people were to me. But, at least now I know who can be counted on, or why these tangent friends were never close friends to begin with.

As I move to a more positive and stronger mental state I’ve learned a few things that might help anyone whose life’s storms develop into hurricanes.

1. Get help. I knew right away that I couldn’t deal with my situation without the guidance of a professional to whom I could relay all my fears, anxiety and troubles. I called my church St. Stephens the Martyr Catholic Church and met a well credentialed counselor who has been a bright light in my dark night. I honestly don’t know that I would have survived not having my weekly chats with this person. No not a priest. Though my increased visits to Mass also helped.

2. Keep the specifics about your troubles limited to a relatively small number of only the closest confidants. I didn’t do this. In my despair I revealed far too much to far too many people and ended up retarding my improved health. Too many had bad advice, or no advice. And too many didn’t seem to really care. Worst of all on at least a couple of occasions my private troubles were shared to others to whom I wouldn’t want the information shared by those I trusted to keep their mouths shut. It made me ashamed and further put off the time when I could feel good about myself.

2a. “I never take advice from anyone more messed up than I am.”- Tom Hopkins. Those who want to give you advice often have no business giving advice to anyone based on how messed up their own lives are. It’s OK to talk with those who have “been through it”. But make sure they’ve actually been through it and not someone who’s life doesn’t hold up to admirable levels according to your high standards.

3. When you find yourself obsessing over negative and destructive thoughts do whatever is necessary to stop it. This is something I’ve only recently gotten better at in the past couple weeks. When I start thinking I’m worthless or that I’m a victim or bad thoughts about someone else I now will sternly and firmly say out loud, “STOP IT!“. I’ll repeat it two or three times if necessary, STOP IT! STOP IT! YOU’RE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF! And then I will focus on something else. What that something else is can vary. It may be as inane as how the mesh in a wicker chair is woven. Or it may be about my schedule for the remainder of the week. Try it. But STOP with the negative thoughts.

4. Have a mental place you can go. Real seems to be better than imaginary. But I have both. When I’m needing some peace I close my eyes and see my park, a park I always went to as a teen where I could throw a frisbee for my dog and walk all around green meadows, and gaze at the willow trees. I love willow trees. When I do this my breathing eases and my heart quits pounding.

5. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Giving up is what a loser would do. And if you make yourself a loser. You’ll be a loser. And how will that play on your fragile mental condition? As long as you’re trying and pushing forward you are a champion. Remember, it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. You’re still moving farther and faster than the guy on the couch.

6. Get up and do something. I exercise 5 days per week. My worst days are when I don’t.

7. Give yourself time. Don’t be mad at yourself or your situation if the next day is not a lot better than the previous or if you’re still depressed or lacking energy. I’m a lot better than I was last month. Last month I was a lot better than the month before. Things will get better, especially if you take the necessary steps to make them better.

I have a much more understanding and compassionate feeling for those who have depression now than I did before mine hit me. This writing is therapeutic. It helps me pass along a closed-caption message to friends that I’m going to be all right, even if more pain remains, which it certainly does. But I’m no longer deeply depressed. I have my moments. My evenings are still filled with complete exhaustion. That comes from expending so much emotional energy which is far more taxing than expending physical energy. Physical energy exertion actually energizes you further. I’m speaking from personal experience.

If you haven’t been through what I’ve been through I am certain in saying “You will never understand”. I wouldn’t wish my experience on anyone. But the fact is my experience is not singular. One in ten American adults report having depression according to the Center for Disease Control. And if my writing can help any of them now or in the future than I can be glad. And I can also feel a whole lot closer to my own recovery.

Please know. I’ll be all right. I’m getting there. I haven’t quit yet.

Obama’s Illegitimate Term

Listening to the news reports this morning of the weekly unemployment claims my mind flashed back to news that was not widely reported. Currently the federal unemployment stands at 7.0%. It’s the lowest it’s been in five years. release of December unemployment numbers tomorrow, January 10, are not expected to see that number change.

But how excited should we be about an unemployment rate of 7-percent; especially when considering that the federal report doesn’t include the high number of people who have dropped out of sight by no longer looking for work, the number of people under-employed, etc? Unemployment continues to be a drag on the economy, an economy that has been in the stewardship of Barack Obama for a full five years. Say what you will about what George W. Bush left Obama, there is simply no disputing this economy is his, and the Democrats as a whole.

But the economy seems to be improving, if only slightly. For that I am grateful.

But the little reported news story: The New York Post reported November 18th this headline, Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report”The news came just prior to the start of the frenetic holiday season and was quickly gone from discussion. It also came as no news to people like myself who saw the sharp drop from 8.1% to 7.8% in September 2012 as false and manufactured. The number of jobs created during that month was only about 150,000 (memory, haven’t verified) which is not nearly enough jobs created to create a 0.3% drop in the unemployment rate. Most economists say 200k-250k jobs need to be created just for the unemployment rate to remain stable.

So now we know how President Obama won re-election in spite of one of the least distinguished Presidency’s in American history, he used the power of government repeatedly to steal the election.

Since his convincing victory over Republican Challenger Mitt Romney lets examine what we’ve learned:

1. Obama’s government falsely reported unemployment numbers just prior to the election to create the illusion that economic improvement was better than anyone believed it to be.

2. The IRS under the guidance of a Democratic partisan held up non-profit status for “Tea Party” or “Conservative” organizations beginning in 2010 and continuing past the November 2012 Presidential election. In hold up the non-profit 501c-4 status of these many organizations the Obama Administration severely hampered Republican leaning organizations from raising millions of dollars necessary to compete against an incumbent president and entrenched Democratic Senate.

3. The Obama Administration, including the President himself, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied about the nature of the 9-11 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attacks. The each repeatedly blamed a anti-Muslim YouTube video for sparking a murderous crowd to attack the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi (user mortars) killing four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Stevens was the first American Ambassador to any country to be killed on duty since 1979. Blaming the video allowed Obama and Vice PResident Joe Biden to continually falsely claim that Al Qaeda was on the run, and Obama could take credit for having vanquished the international terrorist organization.

These three facts along with other actions by the Administration, for which our primarily liberal media has yet to discover, are responsible for misleading the American electorate into believing things were not as bad as they seemed. And they’re responsible for partially muzzling the very voice who would stand up to the Obama Machine and point these facts out. And to think, Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment for lying about his knowledge of a coverup of a break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. A break-in he likely knew nothing about, in advance.

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Seahawks Will Win the Super Bowl

On September 6, 2013 I wrote the blog Seahawks will win the Super Bowl if…
As you can see…I have removed the “if”. 

The Author in 2013 age 49

At the start of the NFL season I predicted in my blog that Seattle would finish 12-4 or 13-3. Nailed that one.

I also said if they get home field advantage in the playoffs they would go to the Super Bowl. Well, with Sunday’s win of the St Louis Rams at CenturyLink Field the Hawks have indeed secured home field advantage through the playoffs. Win two games on their home turf and nirvana is upon us.

Seattle goes into the playoffs with five other NFC teams who are all fully capable of going to the Super Bowl and beating whoever the AFC representative is. And the AFC representative will undoubtedly be Denver unless Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots pull a minor upset. The Broncos are a good team, and their quarterback Peyton Manning is THE best. But they’re vulnerable to a tough defensive team like Seattle, San Francisco, or Carolina.

Seattle’s road to the New Jersey Super Bowl could be made easier if they are lucky enough to avoid playing San Francisco or Carolina. Playing both of them, which is a possibility, will be particularly tough. The Seahawks January 11th Division round game will be the lowest seeded survivor of the Wild Card weekend games; either San Francisco, New Orleans, or Green Bay. The Saints and the Packers don’t concern me. Neither has the defense necessary to stop a Seattle offense that moves the ball and scores pretty well when not facing a big strong front seven like the 49ers, Panthers, Buccaneers, and Rams.

The NFC wildcard games feature the 49ers in Green Bay versus the Packers, and the Saints traveling to Philadelphia to play the Eagles.  I’m fairly confident S.F. will beat G.B. which would send Jim Harbaugh and his Bay area miscreants to Seattle IF the Eagles take advantage of their home field advantage and beat the road-weak Saints. New Orleans and the Saints are simply not the same team on the road as they are in the Superdome. AdvoCare National Spokesperson Drew Brees will have to turn around this trend if they’re going to “win” a trip to the hell hole that is CenturyLink Field.

I expect Seattle to be playing their greatest rival in their first playoff game. Too bad how the NFL playoffs are set up. Because if this happens the two best teams in the league will meet in a Division round game and not even a Conference Championship. Seahawks logo

The Seahawks can feel confident in playing the 49ers in Seattle since they have thoroughly throttled S.F. in the Clink the past two years, and Seattle’s two losses in the Bay area have both been close. My concern is that a team as solid as the Niners are bound to figure it out at some point, right? I hope not.

The news yesterday that wide receiver Percy Harvin will practice this week is GREAT news for the 12th Man. Harvin is so talented that his presence on the field can tilt the whole field for the Seahawks. Six weeks ago Harvin played his only game of the season against Minnesota. But it was so obvious that the Vikings adjusted their defense for Harvin when he was in on those 16 offensive plays; Harvin becomes a weapon even if only as a decoy. But if fully healthy he’ll be more than that. Harvin in the game makes a Seahawk win that much more assured.

Carolina beating Philadelphia is near certain. My prediction anyway. A successful prediction would send Carolina all the way across country to Seattle. Playing in Seattle is tough enough. Doing so in January when you’re a warm weather team, and doing so when you have to flying across country is no easy task. The Seahawks have beaten the Panthers narrowly in Carolina each of the past two seasons. Doing so at the Clink will be easier. Seattle will be going to the Super Bowl for the second time in their history.

New England beat Denver in the Mile High City November 24th. So they can do it again. But I don’t think they will. The Patriots had Rob Gronkowski at that time. The All Pro tight end is now gone for the season and won’t be there as Tom Brady’s favorite target. The Patriots can win. But I think the Broncos will.

Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first out-door cold weather Super Bowl in its history. It might snow. It will almost certainly be cold; freezing cold. I can’t imagine a more welcoming situation for Marshawn Lynch and the Hawks grunts on the defensive line. Manning is defensive about the claim that he doesn’t play well in cold weather. Too bad. He doesn’t. No quarterback does…at least most of the time. A ground and pound defensive, cold game favors the team with the number one defense in the league and the game’s most violent runner.

February 3rd will be a non-work day in the Northwest for most everyone. Because Seahawk fans will still be celebrating their 28-24 win over Denver.

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Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won't regret it.

Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won’t regret it.

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Call for Video Production Services: 425-687-0100


Half of All Americans Take Supplements- Why don’t You?

According to Harvard University’s Men’s Health Watch Newsletter roughly half of all Americans take at least one health or vitamin supplement on a regular basis. So…for the half of you doing so…ask yourself are you sure of what you’re putting into your body? Or could you do better with better products from more reputable suppliers?

For the other half not taking any health supplement to improve your nutritional intake, why are you? You realize you probably don’t get the best health benefits from your diet, right? You realize that even if you are very conscientious about your diet you still aren’t getting all that you need, because food no longer contains as many nutrients as they used too.

In its 2012 report Harvard reports that over $28-billion dollars were spent on supplements in 2010. The figure is considerably higher now.

Since 1993, AdvoCare has been a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. AdvoCare submits more of its products to independent testing than any supplement company in the world. AdvoCare also has more professional and Olympic athletes endorsing the products than any other company. And NONE of these athletes is paid by AdvoCare for their endorsement (the lone exception being our national spokesperson Drew Brees). And AdvoCare offers a money back guarantee. How many nutrition and/or supplement companies can say that?

Remember these fact when you buy your health supplements. You could be doing a lot better for yourself, and for your wallet.

This author has been a regular user of AdvoCare products since June 2012. Since beginning their regular use I’ve lost 45-50 pounds of fat and gained 5-10 pounds of muscle. My cholesterol count has dropped below 180. I’d never measured below 210. My pre-diabetic blood sugar levels have collapsed back down to safe levels. And I’m wearing a pant size I’ve not been able to wear for nearly 30 years. I simply feel and look better than at any time in my 50 years of life.

Products my family uses includes the following (just click on the pictures to be taken to a link in which you can order and try the products):

24 Day Challenge

Meal Replacement Shakes

Snack Bar

Spark Challenge


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Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won't regret it.

Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won’t regret it.

If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem | Matt Walsh

I couldn’t agree more with this well written piece by Matt Walsh. Shame on all of us for forgetting what Thanksgiving is intended to be about, thanksgiving.

If we can’t pause for 24 hours to give thanks to God, or feel thankful at least, while enjoying family or quiet time, then we’ve really lost our values in this country.

Click on this link below to enjoy and awakened to the folly of consumerism.

If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem | Matt Walsh.


Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids? | Mickey Goodman

Little League baseball on a Saturday afternoon...

My answer would be NO, but the rest of society is. Yes, I’m pointing the accusatory finger at YOU, and YOU, and YOU. I coached Little League Baseball, softball, Youth soccer, football, and Park and Rec league basketball. I was Mr. Involved parent. And I always tried to discourage the Team Moms from buying the insipid trophies for EVERY player for the end of the year. It serves as a metaphor for all that this article speak toward.

I still remember this one Mom, a co-worker, asking me (but not realy. Really, she was just making a statement of her own plight and could care less what I said or did with my kids), “What do you do when you kid is screaming at you to stop at McDonalds. I say no, but they keep whining that they want McDonalds. So naturally I give in and we stop.” I was incredulous. I said, the fact that you do stop every time (or most times) is exactly why they scream and whine. My kids don’t and NEVER have whined. I’m proud they learned that lesson.

Click on the link below and read this article, and then help you kids by implementing that which is recommended at its end.

Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids? | Mickey Goodman.

Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won't regret it.

Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won’t regret it.

Total Broadcasting Service. When you want marketing help that you can understand and afford.

Total Broadcasting Service. When you want marketing help that you can understand and afford.


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