The Fountainhead – Howard Roarks defense – A Plea for Individualism

The 1949 classic The Fountain Head, starring Gary Cooper.

With President Barack Obama demeaning individual business owners, and entrepreneurs; saying we didn’t do it on our own, this video seems incredibly important, at this time.

If we are to go forward as the country we were founded to be we must re-learn to respect the individual and their right to succeed on their terms AND their right to fail.

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  1. How prescient was Ayn Rand? I believe using architecture as a vehicle for her philosophy of self determination was genius, as this profession employs art, engineering, math and science. My understanding is that Frank Lloyd Wright was the basis for the Howard Roark character, due to Rand’s admiration of his talent.

    • I am not a complete Ayn Rand devotee. But i agree with and admire a lot of her views. I didn’t know that about Frank Lloyd Wright being a model for the character. I’m a big admirer of Wright. I have sketch prints of his Oak Park Studio and Heller House in my office. TY for the comment Dana.

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