My Votes Contain Some Surprises- Even to Me

My Election Ballot came in the mail last week. Here is how I will fill it out. I offer these choices publicly in the hope my influence, however small, gives reason to those who are undecided to vote as I do. (To those who would disagree. Save your time and breath. Being critical at this point won’t change my vote and will only serve as divisive commentary). 

President of the United States: 

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney

No surprise here. I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I am proud to have supported Romney from the start of the Republican Primary process. He is a man of incredible kindness and accomplishment. In fact, his many personal acts of kindness and generosity exceed that of any Presidential major party nominee in memory. His business acumen is unchallenged.

President Obama has failed. For those who say he inherited a bad economy. I agree. But in saying this you ignore that the economy had rebounded and posted 3 straight quarters of respectable growth over 3.8% in 2010 and hasn’t been above 3% since. That’s the wrong direction. This is no longer Bush’s economy. This is Obama’s economy.

One last point to the hardcore Conservatives and Libertarians out there. Please be smart and not emotional. A vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party or Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party is a vote for Obama. And if you vote or support Constitution Party of Libertarian Party ideals there is no doubt Romney is far closer to your views than is Barack Obama. This is going to be a very, very close election. The 2000 election was decided by less than 300 votes. Your protest vote for Johnson or Goode could very likely be singularly responsible for putting Obama back in the White House for four more years. Don’t be selfish. Vote for Romney and lobby for him to take positions closer to your stances. Romney will at least listen. Obama would laugh you out of the room, if you ever managed to get into his room.

Washington State Governor 


Rob McKenna

This is so easy. Attorney General Rob McKenna has a moderate appeal that is perfect for the Evergreen State. He can govern from the Governors Mansion with the same even-handed approach he showed in the Attorney General’s office and while serving on the King County Council.

Jay Inslee has zero executive experience. His ideas are straight out of the Ultra-Liberal handbook. And based on hearing him in two debates I doubt they’re his ideas. I doubt he has the mental capacity to formulate these ideas. Seeing him side-by-side with McKenna showed no doubt he was outclassed in every way.

U.S. Senate 

Official portrait of Senator (D-WA).

Maria Cantwell

This is a tough one. Michael Baumgartner belongs to the party  I most identify with. But, for me, he lacks a certain gravitas I feel is necessary for such a high office. Senator Maria Cantwell has that gravitas, even if I disagree with much of her political views. But with the shamelessly worthless Patty Murray occupying my state’s other Senate seat I don’t feel we can be totally unrepresented in the U.S. Senate. Murray’s presence makes it essential for keeping an effective voice for Washington State that we re-elect Maria Cantwell.

U.S. House of Representatives (Dist. 8)

Dave Reichert gets my vote. He votes Conservative most of the time, and he is a genuine environmentalist. Not the type of trouble making environmentalist who believes people are bad and the world would be better off without us. He’s the type of environmentalist I think I am. He believes its good and important for Washingtonians to get out and enjoy nature.

I don’t know Karen Porterfield. And given my passion for politics that should tell you something.

Washington Lt. Governor

I’m voting for Bill Finkbeiner. Brad Owen has been in there long enough. This largely ceremonial position is one for which Owen has used to enrich himself. Time for him to go.

Washington State Attorney General

I was solicited at my front door by those who “hoped I would support pro-labor candidates”. In particular Democrat Candidate Bob Ferguson for Attorney General. Labor has too many advantages in this state already. Combined with an anti-Ferguson TV ad that I consider devastating my mind was made up.

Vote for Reagan Dunn.

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands

After Clint Didier lost his outsider’s bid for Governor two years ago I was glad he decided to continue in politics. He gets my vote because he is a true Conservative with life experiences that make him a very compelling future holder of high office. I hope so anyway.

Gay Marriage: Referendum 74

I vote to uphold marriage. I vote Rejected. No I don’t call it “traditional” marriage. It’s marriage. Period. Seriously, the idea of Gay marriage is simply absurd. Sorry. I mean no offense. Really. I don’t. I’m fine (really I don’t care) who you love, who you sleep with, who you live with. Do what makes you happy. But don’t tell me its marriage. Sorry. It’s simply not.

Defending my position is pointless, because the supporters of Gay Marriage will label me a hater. To which I say. YOU are the ones doing the hating. Very simply, keeping marriage laws as they have always been doesn’t discriminate against anyone. A Gay man can marry the same individuals I can marry. So where is the discrimination?

Sadly, this measure will be Approved according to all polls, and our society takes one more tiny step away from tradition and morals that serve us better than those we’ve run toward in the past forty years.

Legalized Marijuana: Initiative 502

A very tough call for me. A very very tough call for me.

I believe marijuana is a gateway drug that leads far too many young people to other more dangerous narcotics. And even if it didn’t the effects of marijuana on many of our youth are devastating. The cliche` “stoner” is cliche` for a reason. Dumb, slow, ignorant, unmotivated….that is the classic stoner. And legalizing marijuana only perpetuates this cliche` and makes it likely we’ll see more of this type of unmotivated slacker. Just what our society needs. NOT!

I’ve seen the effects of obsessive, addictive marijuana use on my own family members. It’s absolutely devastating to a person and to a family. Why would I want to have this happen to one more family?

The answer is I wouldn’t. So, despite believing in individual freedoms and the freedom to fuck-up, the freedom to fail I won’t be responsible for making it easier for individuals to do so.

So I’ll be voting No, and I urge others to do likewise.

(To illustrate how torn I am on this subject…I started writing this section with the intent of Voting Yes and convincing others to do so. But in writing I literally talked myself out of it).

Washington Initiative 1185- Public vote or 2/3 Majority for All Tax Increases

Washington state voters have approved this initiative before. Overwhelmingly. It’s maddening that our legislature has ignored this law and never renewed it. It deserves approval again. Politicians need for it to be difficult to raise the people’s taxes because politicians find it so easy to do so.

Vote Yes for Initiative 1185

Washington Initiative 1240- Charter Schools

This is another slam dunk. In fact to vote against Charter Schools amounts to nothing more than voting support for teacher’s unions. It’s not about what’s best for kids. I love and respect teachers. I don’t feel that way about their unions and don’t feel those unions need any more support in this state. Washington Democrats bend to their every whim already.

Creating Charter Schools for all students to attend only increases choice for parents and their kids. Why wouldn’t you want to allow that to happen. Additionally, privately run charter schools all over the country are widely successful, and usually outperform their public school counterparts. I want that for my kids and for my future grandkids. Vote Yes for Charter Schools.

Washington State Secretary of State

Kim Wyman- R

Washington State Treasurer

Sharon Hanek- R

Washington State Auditor

James Watkins- R

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