AdvoCare Success School Changed My Life

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~ Zig Ziglar

A lot of cynics might look at the title of this blog and scoff. There was a time I would have been amongst them. Which is why I opened this blog with the well-known quote from one of America‘s All-Time great motivational speakers and sales trainers.


“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.” ~ Richard Bach 

When my wife and I combined to lose nearly 70 pounds in 3 months using AdvoCare and specifically the 24 day Challenge I was happy to sign up as an AdvoCare Advisor Distributor because I was convinced of the products quality, and I was convinced they could help others who, like us, struggled for years to lose weight and get fit. But I was less inclined to buy-into all the overwhelmingly positive, enthusiastic and happy life all those associated with this fine company perpetually represented. After all, I’ve been in sales most of my professional life and I’d seen it all before…or so I thought.

 I attended AdvoCare Success School the weekend of February 15-17 in Fort Worth, Texas, not far from AdvoCare’s home in Plano. The School, which others would call a convention, was jam-packed with 23,000 of the most beautiful people I’ve ever had the privilege of surrounding myself with. By beautiful I mean- physically.

NFL Man of the Year Jason Witten and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

NFL Man of the Year Jason Witten and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The huge predominance of people there walked around in bodies a sculptor would happily use as models for efforts to replicate Michelangelo’s David or Aphrodite. I remain only 5-15 pounds overweight, but I felt self-conscious walking around amongst all these hard-bodies; as if I were my old chubby self again. By beautiful I also mean- spiritually, intellectually, and morally. Smiles greeted me where ever I turned. And to say the enthusiasm was contagious would be like saying Michael Jordan was an OK basketball player. It’s an understatement of biblical proportions.

“When you see someone without a smile, give them yours.” ~ Dolly Parton, Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

I came home from my four-day excursion committed to being a better man. My wife of 26 years will see a better husband and provider. My kids will see more love and less reprimand. My friends will hear more praise and less teasing.  And my work efforts will be more focused. Writing this blog is part of that. It’s important to note that I don’t think I was a bad guy before this past weekend. But I was far from perfect. I am proud to be a business owner, a father, a husband, and a home owner. I am proud to be independent. But far too often I also resented how alone I was. Official Logo JPEG I started my business Total Broadcasting Service eight years ago with numerous friends and co-workers expressing a desire, and in some cases promises, to join me and work together at building a profitable radio advertising, audio production, and video production company. Ultimately, none of them joined me, making efforts to build a company and its profitability a struggle. Through this time my wife and I raised two teenagers. And anyone who has done this knows the volatility that comes with parenting young people who are struggling to break free from Mom and Dad‘s authority. My wife and I clashed often over how and what to do with and about our kids. And again I felt resentment, far too often. 

I made my company profitable, but not as much as we have always envisioned. And now I know in my heart that my heart has held me back and not allowed me to provide for my family as much as they deserve. I know my kids have seen the indifferent or aloof Dad more than they should; and they need to see more love. I still believe its important for my kids to see a Dad, a counselor, an authority. But thanks to my weekend experience at AdvoCare Success School and my friends in Texas I now know more than ever my kids can be happier if I’m also their friend more often than I have been; and more of a helper as they continue their lives. I have seen an alternative to how I had been. And I prefer the alternative.

Drew Brees and a host of AdvoCare endorsers take the stage.

Drew Brees and a host of AdvoCare endorsers take the stage.

I am a strong man. I will remain so. Being kinder and more positive doesn’t make one a push-over. But I will find words that lift up in all I say and do and avoid words that condemn or suppress. And since I pride myself on my writing it will be a challenge I welcome; finding words that promote good and as a subsequent byproduct promote me, my beliefs, and my efforts. The proverbial Win-win situation. Though promoting myself will remain a by-product, not a primary goal. Goal number 1 is to help my children achieve their own happiness. And Goal #2 is to help in any way all those I come in contact with. #3 is to reach out and contact more people, so I can help more people.

Like Zig Ziglar says at the start of this piece a person’s motivation, mine included, can wane. But in surrounding oneself with the positive, happy, ever-accomplishing people I’m now blessed to be fully cloaked with I feel like Superman and know that should I face kryptonite my friends and partners in life who aren’t negatively effected by the green alien rock will kindly chuck it out of my sight. We all are Supermen and Superwomen and just like the cartoon super-hero we all have our own kryptonite that brings us to our knees on occasion. But always remember mere mortals feel no ill-effects from kryptonite. Just the Man-of-Steel. Going forward this super-hero will be flying high rejuvenated with love, and sharing that love wherever I can. God Bless. 

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Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won't regret it.

Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won’t regret it.

Call for Video Production Services: 425-687-0100

Call for Video Production Services: 425-687-0100


  1. Well said. I recently signed up with Advocare for a second time…my original sign up was back in 1999.. I loved the company then and love it and the people more now. My heart is permanently shaped and molded at every Success School. Thanks for writing this!

    • Thanks Tyra. And Congrats on getting back into AdvoCare. With your obvious love of AdvoCare I’m wondering why you got out of it?

  2. Thank you Michael for sharing! I felt exactly the same way when I came out of my first Success School. I came home with a card for my husband that stated my renewed commitment to him, our marriage, and our children. The day I left for this most recent SS was the last day for me at a job that was robbing my family of me. I too, am a lover of words, and I love the challenge to always speak life and blessings into those I come in contact with. The Lord spoke the world into existence, words are important! I am also on the Keber team, I hope to get to know you better over time!


    • Thanks for your comment Tana. I know we’ll meet. I look forward to that.

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