Coaches Behaving Badly

Yesterday was a remarkable day in the world of sports news. Two highly successful coaches were the subjects of criticism. One for opening his mouth, the other for opening his fly. And in each case they showed a continuing lack of morals and wisdom.

Photograph of Coach Bobby Petrino at the 2010 ...

Coach Bobby Petrino

Bobby Petrino was fired as head coach of the University of Arkansas football team. Ozzie Guillen should be fired as Manager of the Major League Baseball Miami Marlins.

The Razorback is the mascot of the University ...

As I understand the facts of Petrino’s case he deserves some sort of prize for possessing the largest testicles since Rod Blagojevich. While vacationing with his family the 51-year old Petrino went for a motorcycle ride, where he met up with his 25-year-old mistress. Together they managed to wreck his Harley Davidson, Apparently driving it into a ditch. Knowing he was in trouble Petrino asked that a witness to the accident not call 9-1-1. Petrino called an aide who came and picked up him and Jessica Dorrell. If I have the story straight, the girlfriend was dropped off at her car and Petrino was taken to the hospital. (And while having an inappropriate relationship with the 51 year old, married football coach with four kids, did I also mention Dorrell had a fiance`?)

The Arkansas Razorbacks football program is a highly visible top-notch program. Last year they finished 11-2 as the 5th ranked team in the country. Playing in the South Eastern Conference, they were expected to compete for a National Championship this year.

While not advocating Petrino’s affair with Dorrell, that was not his fireable mistake. There were several. When questioned by his employer and media about his accident Petrino lied. He said he was the only one on the bike. Later, a police report revealed the presence of Dorrell. Also, 3 days prior to this April 1 motorcycle accident Petrino had hired Dorrell to his staff. In doing so he failed to reveal his intimate relationship with the former Arkansas volleyball player to his boss, Athletic Director Jeff Long.

Petrino took the Arkansas job in 2007 when he unexpectedly quit on the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons only 13 games into their season, showing himself then to be a rat. Long fired that rat yesterday, for cause, thus eliminating any right Petrino had to an $18-million buy-out clause in his contract. Long made the correct decision.

Now, if only the Miami Marlins owner Jeff Loria would make the same decision with Guillen.

Ozzie Guillén managed the White Sox from 2004 ...

The former Chicago White Sox Manager has a mouth that never stops. For those like me who aren’t easily offended his bombasity is endearing. He says some of the most outrageous stuff, including last week when he told reporters he likes to get drunk after every game, win or lose.

But when he told a Time Magazine reporter that he “Loves Fidel Castro“, he disqualified himself from ever Managing the Miami Marlins. Let me be clear. Were he still in Chicago, or managing any other Major League team, his comment would be chalked up as Ozzie-being-Ozzie. It would be largely unimportant. In fact Guillen said much the same thing in a 2008 interview with a Chicago reporter and nothing came of it.

But the Marlins just built a new $624-million palace stadium in the community of Miami known as Little Havana. Dade County, Florida is more than 50% Latino and most of those are Cuban immigrants or their descendants. The Cuban Dictator who has run the authoritarian communist regime 90-miles south of Miami for the past 50 years is their sworn enemy. City and County leaders in Miami have already called for Ozzie Guillen to be the former Manager of the Miami Marlins. Protesters demonstrated outside the location of Guillen’s nationally televised apology yesterday. He offended his teams entire fan-base. Apology or not he doesn’t belong in Miami.

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Español: El líd...

And any leftist wacko, like Michael Moore, who agrees with Guillen and likes the murderous dictator with the long ugly beard…your opinion doesn’t count. It doesn’t count because you are not a tax paying citizen of Dade County Florida or ticket buying fan of the Miami Marlins.  It doesn’t matter what I think of Castro. And as I mentioned earlier, any other city on the country, it wouldn’t matter that Guillen loves a man who has enslaved a whole island of human beings and denied democratic elections, and imprisoned political opponents, killing many for more than 50 years. But in Miami it matters.

Guillen’s insensitivity and stupidity just one week into his first season as Miami Manager displays a callous disregard for those he serves. Fire him. Because there is one thing you can be sure of with Ozzie…he’ll do it again.

The fact that Bobby Petrino is a self-absorbed, morally questionable person and Ozzie Guillen is a self-absorbed loud mouth with questionable beliefs is perfectly OK, if that’s what they want to be. But it’s equally OK for their employers to determine such people are not the type of people we want representing our multi-million dollar enterprise. Arkansas came to that conclusion. The Marlins should.

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Joe Paterno Fired: Penn State Students Riot in Protest – Yahoo! News

I take no satisfaction in this coaching legend having been fired after writing about it. The whole story is a tragedy. But it was the right decision.

Joe Paterno Fired: Penn State Students Riot in Protest – Yahoo! News.

Joe Paterno has forfeited the right to retire. He needs to be fired!

Paterno dodges questions

Joe Paterno avoids questions yesterday.

Legendary Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno may not have committed a crime, but he certainly betrayed a trust. News out this morning that he has decided to retire at the end of this season galls me, and turns my stomach. When you allow a child molester to continue hurting children and turn away from such hurtful crimes you are showing that you are no longer deserving of being paid your wages with the tax payers dollars. I hope the Penn State University Trustees act immediately and forcibly retire this old man and any other university employee who knew of the child assault on their own campus and did nothing about it.

Last Saturday the news of this story broke publicly. Jerry Sandusky a 23 year coach on Joe Paterno’s perennial major college power house football team was arrested and charged with 40 counts of child assault or molestation involving 8 boys ranging from 8 to 14 years of age. The crimes allegedly took place over an extended period of years. Included in the allegations was an incident in 2002 in which a 28-year-old assistant coach on the Paterno staff witnessed Sandusky in the Penn State locker room shower sexually assaulting a boy he identified as being approximately 10 years old. The coach didn’t intervene to protect the boy. He didn’t call police. He called the King of the campus. He called his boss…the next day. Joe Paterno was told in 2002 that his long time friend and colleague, Sandusky, was seen molesting a child in the shower on the campus of Penn State University, where Paterno has been the head coach longer than most humans have been alive. Paterno told his boss, Athletic Director Tim Curley. Neither Paterno nor Curley called police. Nor did they take action against Sandusky. Sandusky, who retired in 1999 but continued to live near by the school, continued to have unfettered access to the campus and to the football program. Sandusky was seen working out at the school only last week.

Curley and another University official were arrested Saturday, too, for allegedly lying to a Grand Jury. They both immediately resigned from the University in order to pursue their legal defense of the perjury charges. Paterno was charged with nothing. The Pennsylvania state police commissioner said Paterno fulfilled his legal requirement when he relayed to university administrators that a graduate assistant had seen Sandusky attacking a young boy. But the commissioner also questioned whether Paterno had a moral responsibility to do more.

Of course he had a moral responsibility to do more. It’s outrageous that anyone would allow for more innocent children to be hurt by this bastard Sandusky. In the 1990s Sandusky established a non-profit foundation to help troubled youth in the Western Pennsylvania community and surrounding areas. Police allege he used this foundation in order to gain access to his victims. Paterno knew of this foundation. And he knew of the sexual assault in the shower. An imbecile with an IQ of 20 could come to the conclusion that Sandusky shouldn’t be allowed to be around kids from his foundation or anywhere else.

Joe Paterno has won more football games as a head coach than anyone in history. He’s won National Championships. He has represented his school well for 50+ years. But he chose to protect a friend over children. I suspect he chose to protect his own legacy over the lives of innocents. Molestation of a child is as fowl a crime as a human being can commit and to tacitly endorse it with your silence is not honorable and is not worthy of continued employment. As Paterno is shown the door someone should ask him “What if that was YOUR 10-year-old son in the shower with Sandusky?”, “What if it were your Grandson, nephew, or little brother?”

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