Yes on I-1183. Quit being so fearful.

End Government intrusion

Support Liquor Privatization

I filled out my Washington State mail-in election ballot yesterday and eagerly scribbled in the YES bubble for Initiative 1183 getting the government out of the liquor industry. I think this measure will pass. It’s important. Its good government. And it’s responsible. But then again, I was shocked efforts to get our state government out of what is and should be a private business failed last year.

In¬†hindsight, it’s not surprising that the two measures put forth last year went down in close votes. They went down because, to a large extent they were competing measures. As such the vote was split or voters were confused. And any time an electorate is confused or unsure it will vote for the status quo over change. So don’t believe the bogus claims by the No-on I-1183 campaign ads that “We” voted against privatizing liquor sales last year. In fact its believed by some last years second initiative was only put forth specifically to successfully confuse voters and kill the first initiative.

If you’ve been paying attention to the No on I-1183 campaign ads and tactics I have to believe they are desperate. They’ve lied and now they’ve gone anti-Capitalism on us. The fact is their claims that liquor will more easily be acquired by minors is simply a lie and fear mongering. For several reasons, but number 1, I’ve never met a teen who couldn’t get their hands on alcohol any time they set their mind to it. Second, hard liquor is not the drink of choice of teens in this state or any other. It’s beer. Liquor is sold in many states across the country in grocery stores and it doesn’t change what minors consume there. It’s still beer. And beer sales are not effected by this initiative.

Then for the pro-government anti-I-1183 crowd to turn their sites on Costco is maddening. Combined with the Occupy Wall Street crowd I’m getting very sick of the¬†Capitalist bashing we keep tolerating from the left. I have to ask, so what if Costco is putting a lot of money into this initiative? I have to ask, so what if they make LOTS of money if the initiative passes? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Costco sells liquor inside its stores in other states not still clinging to the last vestiges of the “Blue Laws“, like Washington is. They KNOW they’ll make lots of money. Good! I’m fine with that. If you’re not, please explain to us why in the comments section below this post.

Ultimately its fear that would prevent this Initiative from passing and that’s just simply not a good enough reason. I don’t understand living in fear the way so many Democrats do. I don’t understand the need to have Big Brother protect us from so many of the terrible things that could possibly happen to us. A life free from government restriction, limitation and taxation is called a life lived in Liberty. And isn’t that why our nation was founded. We don’t need government in the liquor business to control us. We will be better off without them. Vote Yes on Initiative 1183.

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