A History Lesson on the Republican Party.

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Phil Cooke, Ph.D.: Occupy Wall Street: Is It a Good Strategy?

Wall Street Sign. Author: Ramy Majouji

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An on the money analysis of what’s really wrong with OWS. Even if you agree with the Occupy Wall Street sentiment you can’t argue their efforts are failing. Clink link below:

Phil Cooke, Ph.D.: Occupy Wall Street: Is It a Good Strategy?.

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“Occupy Wall Street Crowd Blind to Benefits of Capitalism”

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My son was interviewed by a local TV News station (click to see the news story) at the Occupy Seattle protests in downtown Seattle. I wish he’d conveyed to me what he felt was worth protesting. I would have shared with him much of what’s in the essay attached to this blog; though certainly not as eloquently as was done by its author, Hillsdale College Economics and Public Policy Professor William Simon. Click and read. A worthwhile enlightenment into why OWS is so off the mark.

“Occupy Wall Street Crowd Blind to Benefits of Capitalism”.

This entire essay was read, verbatim, by Rush Limbaugh during his nationally syndicated radio program the morning of November 18, 2011. Thanks Rush! Limbaugh is not a journalist. He’s an entertainer, and a very successful one. His greatest contributions come when he shares well researched information gathered by others rather than opening his big fat mouth.

Get MAD! Defend yourself. Conservative values are worth defending.

One of our greatest thinkers.

A Founding Father who helped the poor, but didn't entitle them.

Efforts by the Liberal left, or do we call them “Progressive”, continually question the wisdom and the morality of those with Conservative political values. It’s about time to call them on it. It’s about time the majority of Americans who believe in the values categorized as “Conservative” stand up and quit taking it. To do otherwise is to concede your morality. To do otherwise is cowardly.

Some of my Liberal friends have been taken aback, recently, by my strong defense of my views and my response to their personal attacks. I think some of their surprise has been brought on by the sheer newness of such rebuttal. They are too used to calling Conservatives greedy, selfish, uncaring, and hypocritical without adequate response. So they continue their unthinking, unintelligent and amoral attacks. They claim the high ground and hold it because we’re to pansy to tell them they’re wrong. Either that or they’re right. We are greedy, uncaring, selfish, hypocrites. I for one, don’t think that’s the case; which is why I’ll swat down the mean-spirited attacks every time, even when they come from friends.

Recently in an on-line stream of comments I refuted using China as an example of a nation to be emulated for a lot of obvious reasons. A Liberal friend said I had my head buried in the sand and then offered a sarcastic swipe of the idea of China providing more freedoms for their citizens. When I pointed out to my friend that they were being rude and sarcastic I was excoriated and have not enjoyed this friends thoughts since.

In another recent discussion I trudged down the dangerous path of debating abortion. I stated that life begins either at conception, at birth, or somewhere in between; clearly a reasonable statement. My liberal friend stated that he believed life begins at birth and that I was insensitive to a mother wanting an abortion and uncaring about a baby that might be born with a heroin addiction. Now I had not even stated when I thought life began but had only postulated that it could be debated that it occurred some time prior to birth and for that a very good friend characterized me as selfish and uncaring and mean-spirited. It’s got to stop. It’s got to get to a point where reasonable ideas are treated as such and those voicing them are not demonized for doing so.

The most obvious of these Liberal attacks is the charge of greed and selfishness. In the words of Liberals those who make substantially more income than the majority of Americans and don’t want to pay more taxes to pay for more Democratic welfare programs are greedy. They furiously claim the GOP is taking food, medicine, education or nurturing away from the poor and starving. They claim Conservatives don’t care to help the less fortunate in our Society. We’re uncaring. The fact is if we didn’t have better alternatives they’d be right. They’d be right if numerous surveys didn’t reveal that those who call themselves Conservative give a higher percentage of their income to charity than do those who call themselves Liberal or Progressive. They’d be right if evidence showed that Democratic Government spending on such things like education actually worked. They might be right if the money they claimed was going to programs that benefit society as a whole actually went to programs that benefit society as a whole. Liberals might be right in calling us selfish, greedy and uncaring if illegal immigrants were taking the jobs and social benefits of college educated, more affluent Americans.

But while Federal tax dollars going toward education have skyrocketed in the past forty years graduation rates, and test scores have remained static or declined. A half-billion dollars went to solar company

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Solyndra and its failed business model rather than building roads and bridges and other “shovel ready” projects from the 2009 $700-billion stimulus package. And for every dollar that goes toward AIDS research to placate a loud but relatively small minority of staunchly Democratic victims of the disease, an equal number of federal dollars is denied research on heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Multiple-Sclerosis and other diseases that affect everybody. And while our Liberal friends advocate for the rights and more hand-outs for illegal immigrants they ignore the poor and less educated legal American or legal immigrant whose job and who’s government benefits the illegal immigrant is taking.

Illegal Immigrant rights protest in the US/Mex...

The fact is my faith and my morality dictate and require that I help those who are truly in need. All that makes us human dictates that the least capable among us be given food, shelter, education and nurturing by those who are more capable or more well-off. But my question is when did it become wiser or more compassionate to give a hungry man a fish, than to teach a hungry man to fish? Why are you a better person than me because you look at people and consider them incapable of individual achievement and devoid of personal fortitude; while I understand failure to be an integral part of success?

I don’t mind debate. In fact I love it. But I detest the personal attacks and the moral superiority the left perpetually presents. You don’t need government to be caring and compassionate. It’s harder to be caring and compassionate when you’re Conservative because of the name calling Liberals will subject you to. But don’t take it. Stand up for what you know is right. And in closing I’ll just point out that one of our Founding Fathers and greatest thinkers agreed with a more Conservative approach to helping the poor: “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.”Benjamin Franklin

Signature of Benjamin Franklin.

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Yes on I-1183. Quit being so fearful.

End Government intrusion

Support Liquor Privatization

I filled out my Washington State mail-in election ballot yesterday and eagerly scribbled in the YES bubble for Initiative 1183 getting the government out of the liquor industry. I think this measure will pass. It’s important. Its good government. And it’s responsible. But then again, I was shocked efforts to get our state government out of what is and should be a private business failed last year.

In hindsight, it’s not surprising that the two measures put forth last year went down in close votes. They went down because, to a large extent they were competing measures. As such the vote was split or voters were confused. And any time an electorate is confused or unsure it will vote for the status quo over change. So don’t believe the bogus claims by the No-on I-1183 campaign ads that “We” voted against privatizing liquor sales last year. In fact its believed by some last years second initiative was only put forth specifically to successfully confuse voters and kill the first initiative.

If you’ve been paying attention to the No on I-1183 campaign ads and tactics I have to believe they are desperate. They’ve lied and now they’ve gone anti-Capitalism on us. The fact is their claims that liquor will more easily be acquired by minors is simply a lie and fear mongering. For several reasons, but number 1, I’ve never met a teen who couldn’t get their hands on alcohol any time they set their mind to it. Second, hard liquor is not the drink of choice of teens in this state or any other. It’s beer. Liquor is sold in many states across the country in grocery stores and it doesn’t change what minors consume there. It’s still beer. And beer sales are not effected by this initiative.

Then for the pro-government anti-I-1183 crowd to turn their sites on Costco is maddening. Combined with the Occupy Wall Street crowd I’m getting very sick of the Capitalist bashing we keep tolerating from the left. I have to ask, so what if Costco is putting a lot of money into this initiative? I have to ask, so what if they make LOTS of money if the initiative passes? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Costco sells liquor inside its stores in other states not still clinging to the last vestiges of the “Blue Laws“, like Washington is. They KNOW they’ll make lots of money. Good! I’m fine with that. If you’re not, please explain to us why in the comments section below this post.

Ultimately its fear that would prevent this Initiative from passing and that’s just simply not a good enough reason. I don’t understand living in fear the way so many Democrats do. I don’t understand the need to have Big Brother protect us from so many of the terrible things that could possibly happen to us. A life free from government restriction, limitation and taxation is called a life lived in Liberty. And isn’t that why our nation was founded. We don’t need government in the liquor business to control us. We will be better off without them. Vote Yes on Initiative 1183.

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