Shame on Virginia. Cradle of American democracy gives in to money.


Virginia has brought shame upon itself

What’s it say about the people of Virginia and their election process when only two of seven candidates for President qualify to be put on the election ballot for the state’s March 6, Super Tuesday, Republican Primary Election. It says that our nation’s cradle of democracy and home to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson no longer cares about what people think and instead cater to only the monied people in politics.

As you can learn in the link below only

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will appear on the Virginia ballot. They don’t even leave space for a write-in candidate. That tells you how corrupt the politics of Virginia are. In order to appear on the ballot candidates must have submitted to the Virginia Secretary of State’s office 10,000 valid signatures of Virginia voters by last Saturday, December 24th, 2011.

Republican presidential candidates are picture...

Presidential Debate

A blind man without a stick or a dog can see that when only 2 of seven legitimate candidates qualify for a state’s Presidential Primary election ballot something is wrong. And as usual that something is money, and corruption. Romney is by far the lead candidate in fund-raising; Paul has done well with fund-raising but more important in his case is that he possesses the most ardent zealots supporting him.

Those with considerably less money, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, and Jon Huntsman didn’t even try in Virginia. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry made last minute stabs at getting enough signatures; but each fell short.

Gingrich Fails to Qualify for Va. Primary Ballot – ABC News.

Some reasonable qualifications for appearing on a Presidential ballot should be asked for. For instance, requiring candidates to provide proof of native birth in this country with a birth certificate is perfectly acceptable. But asking them to qualify by possessing enough money to hire a bunch of signature gatherers is reprehensible. Shame on you Virginia. Shame!

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  1. Mike –

    By your own admission, money is not the major factor. Your words betray you when you say “more important in [Paul] case is that he possesses the most ardent zealots supporting him”. This could speak to money, but it seems he is connecting with his supporters in VA, while the others Santorum, et al, have failed to galvanize their “zealots” (if in fact they exist). Nevertheless, good blog I’ll keep it on my radar.

    • By referencing Paul’s “zealots” I was actually being critical. Zealots, by definition, are enthusiasts without critical review. But, speaking to your statement, Paul’s money undoubtedly played a big part in his qualifying for the ballot. According to the NY Times Paul is third only behind Romney and Perry in GOP fund raising.

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