A Brokered Convention? Why be Afraid?

English: Obama-Clinton rally in Orlando. Barac...

President Obama with former competitor Hillary Clinton

Do I really need to remind you that only four years ago Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama fought tooth and nail through the Democratic Primaries before Obama emerged with his party’s nomination? Do I need to remind you that Obama went on to win the Presidential election rather handily against a weakened Republican party? Do I need to remind you that the Tea Party activism wave that swept Republicans back into leadership in the House of Representatives and severely cut into Democrat leads in the Senate didn’t start gaining momentum and news coverage until the Summer of 2010?

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

I ask these questions because you would think the state of the Republican presidential contest were in free fall the way “pundits” are discussing recent polls on the cable news channels and talk radio. There is increasing discussion of a possible brokered convention for Republicans thanks to the surge in popularity by

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and the subsequent fall in popularity of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

First of all polls are not news. Though the news agencies do their best to tell us they are. Second the reason you are hearing so much about this stuff is because there is so little else to report right now. Their have been no primaries for over a week, and there won’t be any for another week. No news on who has momentum, no news on who is going to secure the nomination and by when. The news media is like a hungry dog. If you don’t give it something to chew on, they’ll find your slippers and have at-it.

Republicans have no cause to worry about a brokered convention. Romney still has the money and the expectation of getting the nomination and I think he will. Santorum has too many quirky little missteps in his past to survive the scrutiny he is only now undergoing for the first time in the political process.

English: Newt Gingrich at a political conferen...

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich isn’t even trying to win in upcoming primaries in Michigan and Arizona; pinning all his hopes on a good showing Super Tuesday March 6th in numerous southern states. Gingrich has only one win under his belt, in South Carolina. Not running in all the states, like Romney is, is a sure way to give up the state during the general election. And giving up swing states like Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, none of which Gingrich competed in, shows you are not prepared to lead the whole country.

Those who cling to fantasies of Sarah Palin

English: This is an alternate crop of an image...

, Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie stepping forward at the Republican National Convention in August and then sweeping into the White House are smoking too many Florida Chads or something. Had these Republican luminaries had the belly for running for President they would have done so. But they didn’t. So that settles that. Even if Romney or Santorum fail to reach the 1,144 delegates to secure a nomination, you can expect some wheeling and dealing between what candidates hold delegates to come up with a nominee from among the three remaining. (Yes, three. Paul doesn’t count. Paul has never counted.)

My money and currently my vote remain with Romney. And Republicans don’t need to hurry up and get to where I already am. They can take their time. In the end, November is what counts. Beat Obama.

Barack Obama

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The Republican I will vote for is…?

Republican presidential candidates are picture...

Who we gonna pick

It’s getting down to crunch time and I haven’t fully determined in my mind who it is I would vote for in the GOP race for President of the United States. By crunch time I mean…weaker ineffectual campaigns are getting crunched and eliminated from even appearing on the ballots of upcoming primaries and caucuses, and they are dropping out. In my case I can’t actually vote for a candidate until March 3rd when Washington State has its caucuses and by then it’s not likely to be a contest at all. But since my decision has never been fully made I thought I would ruminate about the remaining five candidates.

Let’s start with who I won’t vote for.

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Crazy Ron Paul

I won’t vote for Ron Paul. The Congressman from Texas last night during the South Carolina debate looked every bit the crack pot that I’ve maintained he is for four years. His foreign policy is a dangerous joke. And what is really offensive is the fact that his ardent followers have actually compared Paul to Jesus. I’m not making this up. I’ve seen it on Facebook. If by some miraculous disaster Paul actually did win the Republican nomination I would have to vote for Barrack Obama.

When Governor Rick Perrymade his late entrance into the field of Presidential hopefuls I was very enthusiastic and hopeful.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the R...

Perry came in too late.

His long record of success in Texas and his strong Christian beliefs had me thinking he could really be something special as President. But unfortunately he got such a late start in the race that he was clearly unprepared and overwhelmed at first. He has clearly improved his debate performances. Last night I thought he was terrific at articulating some strong Conservative ideas, and he didn’t look like a moron when he went after Mitt Romney about release of his tax records. His early gaffes I think I can comfortably say can be attributed to lack of preparedness. And in a way there is something endearing about the fact that Perry hadn’t been thinking he would run for President for years like some (Romney); and as such his entrance to the race, later than any of the candidates we’ve seen these last 7-8 months, left him flat-footed and ill prepared. Alas, it’s all gonna be moot soon. I strongly suspect Perry will drop out of the race following Saturday’s primary in South Carolina; as he probably should for the good of the party and the Conservative movement.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Mitt Romney

That leaves Senator Rick Santorum, Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Governor Mitt Romney. I could happily vote for any of the three. I think Romney will win the nomination. I don’t believe Santorum can hang on for much longer, perhaps dropping out after Florida at the end of the month. Money being what it is. I think Gingrich will stick around for a good while primarily because he seems to have a multi-billionaire sugar-daddy who will keep feeding his Super PAC money. But by the time March 3rd and Washington’s caucus comes around…Gingrich may be gone at worst or completely ineffectual at best.

So ultimately I don’t think I’ll have to decide. I think the decision for me and most of the rest of the country will be decided no later than the Nevada caucuses on February 4th. Nevada has a strong Mormon population and Romney is expected to win there handily. Certainly we’ll have no doubt come this year’s Super Tuesday elections March 6th when 10 states have primaries or caucuses. And if I’m right, and I am, and Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and it will be firmly determined that he is by February 4th and at that point only 5 of our fifty states will have voted…how sad is that?

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Predictions for 2012

With the dawn of a new year upon us I feel compelled to offer my 2-cents on issues and event of which I have an interest. Here are my, and mine alone, predictions for 2012.


I expect to be successful in losing 15-20 pounds. 2011 was the first time in my life that I made any kind of effort at losing weight. I wasn’t successful in losing my goal weight. But I was successful in losing weight. I learned how hard it can be. But now that I consider it more important and I know how to do it I expect greater success. I was mostly fit and 210 pounds when I married in 1987 at age 23. If I can drop below 220 lbs, I’ll consider myself successful. To help with this effort I just shelled out the bucks to join my new LA Fitness center. It’s just 5 minutes from my house. It opens, brand new, tomorrow.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness

I will be there.


My company Total Broadcasting Service will begin its eight year of operation in 2012. 2011 was far better than either 2009 or 2010; both of which sucked. 2011 was just 3% below our best year ever in 2008 in Gross revenue. But now that we have completed the arduous process of getting a new website designed and launched; now that we’ve forged several working relationships we expect to grow further; and candidly now that we know better what we’re doing in the video production industry I expect 2012 to be our best year ever. I also expect to hire 2-3 professional salespeople in the coming year. These will be people interested in a career and a long-term business relationship. I’m very excited.


The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIX troph...

Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy

Green Bay and New England will meet in the Super Bowl with the two best quarterbacks in the league putting on quite a show. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will have the scoreboard lights spinning like a slot machine. But the Packers prevail in this one 48-44.

My beloved Seattle Seahawks will acquire a new quarterback to replace Tavares Jackson. But it may not be via the NFL Draft. Picking 11th in the draft we might see Pete Carroll select a big, fast passing rushing end. With an ever improving defense and a new QB the Hawks will improve to 10-6 and make the playoffs, but also make a quick exit…next season.


Don’t care. Until David Stern is gone and Seattle has a team again…screw the NBA.


Canucks return to make up for their collapse in the Stanley Cup Finals last year. They’ll prevail over Philadelphia. But anyone who knows me knows this is pure guess and wishful thinking.


My Seattle Mariners fail in signing any significant free agents and are left to again struggle through a mostly boring season with the same youngsters who could only squeeze out 65 wins in 2011. My pick? 3rd in the AL West, 76-86. Grrrrr….


Cougar basketball manages a .500 season but fails to make any post season tourney.

Mike Leach leads the Pirate Cougars to a 9-3 record and a trip to the Holiday Bowl.


Maria Cantwell wins re-election to the U.S. Senate against a weak unknown GOP opponent.

English: Rob McKenna

Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna wins election to the Governors office, becoming the first Republican Governor in Washington State since John Spellman.

The U.S. Supreme Court will rule that mandatory purchasing requirements of private insurance for all U.S. citizens included in the Obama Health Care law is unconstitutional. Duh….. I can’t believe Democrats ever thought such government intrusions into our lives would ever pass the smell test.




speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Our next President

Mitt Romney wins the Republican Presidential nomination rather handily. Michelle Bachman will drop out after Iowa, and Jon Huntsman will bow out one week later after New Hampshire. The race will be reduced to Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry. Perry will drop out before February 2nd; possibly holding on until Florida. Perry’s supporters will split evenly between Santorum, Gingrich and Paul giving none of them significant enough of a boost to catch Romney.

In as nasty a General Election as has ever been seen Romney will prevail over a President Obama who will only faintly resemble the inspiring marvel of 2008. Because he will be so negative and have no significant domestic accomplishments to in which to point to Obama will be defeated by a relatively significant margin, making Mitt Romney the 45th President of the United States.

The only thing that could derail this prediction is if a third-party candidate emerges. If Ron Paul or Donald Trump decide to run for President they will practically hand a second term to Obama on a silver platter.

Lastly, I will celebrate Christmas 2012 with all my family as I always have, as will all the rest of us. The Mayan Calendar end will prove to be just that. The end of a calendar December 21, 2012. We will not have an Earth ending experience.

So….there ya go. My pics. Have fun with me. Let me see what your picks are.

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Shame on Virginia. Cradle of American democracy gives in to money.


Virginia has brought shame upon itself

What’s it say about the people of Virginia and their election process when only two of seven candidates for President qualify to be put on the election ballot for the state’s March 6, Super Tuesday, Republican Primary Election. It says that our nation’s cradle of democracy and home to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson no longer cares about what people think and instead cater to only the monied people in politics.

As you can learn in the link below only

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will appear on the Virginia ballot. They don’t even leave space for a write-in candidate. That tells you how corrupt the politics of Virginia are. In order to appear on the ballot candidates must have submitted to the Virginia Secretary of State’s office 10,000 valid signatures of Virginia voters by last Saturday, December 24th, 2011.

Republican presidential candidates are picture...

Presidential Debate

A blind man without a stick or a dog can see that when only 2 of seven legitimate candidates qualify for a state’s Presidential Primary election ballot something is wrong. And as usual that something is money, and corruption. Romney is by far the lead candidate in fund-raising; Paul has done well with fund-raising but more important in his case is that he possesses the most ardent zealots supporting him.

Those with considerably less money, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, and Jon Huntsman didn’t even try in Virginia. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry made last minute stabs at getting enough signatures; but each fell short.

Gingrich Fails to Qualify for Va. Primary Ballot – ABC News.

Some reasonable qualifications for appearing on a Presidential ballot should be asked for. For instance, requiring candidates to provide proof of native birth in this country with a birth certificate is perfectly acceptable. But asking them to qualify by possessing enough money to hire a bunch of signature gatherers is reprehensible. Shame on you Virginia. Shame!

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