Cranky Grandpa Paul: Gingrich a “chickenhawk” « Hot Air

So the cranky Grandpa from Texas finished third in the Iowa Caucuses his supporters claimed he would “shock the world” and win. So what does he do? Does he take aim at Iowa’s winner’s Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and prepare himself for other states where his chances of winning are considerably less than what they were in Iowa? No. He has a temper tantrum and lashes out at Newt Gingrich as you can read in this Blog below:

Paul: Gingrich a “chickenhawk” « Hot Air.

The author, Ed Morrisseywas far to easy on Gingrich. Gingrich has been petulant in his campaign in recent days; complaining endlessly that he has been unfairly attacked. Well, welcome to the NFL Mr. Speaker.

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