Rick Santorum’s compassionate conservatism

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Presidential candidate Rick Santorum

A well written column explaining the difference between Santorum’s responsible conservatism and Ron Paul’s irresponsible, selfish libertarianism.

Opinion | Rick Santorum’s compassionate conservatism | Seattle Times Newspaper.

One thing is for certain. Santorum is starting to get shellacked. He is starting to be scrutinized by the media and his opponents like all the temporary “front runners” that preceded him. What bothers me most is the Liberal attacks he is facing on his social views; calling them “extreme”. Well, they are only “extreme” if the history of the world and everyone in it were born in the past 10-15 years. Santorum’s views aren’t extreme. They’re Catholic; of which he is a devout practitioner. And the claims of his extremism are nothing more than good old fashioned Catholic bashing.

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