What if Obama Wins!

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We’re just eight months away from voting for President of the United States. Could it be that we’re just ten months away from having a new President? Or, as much of the broadcast and print media would have you believe, are we only ten months away from President Barrack Obama beginning another four years of serving as our nation’s leader.

Current events in the RepublicanPresidential nominating race would have you believe that Obama is nearer to re-election than he has been in the minds of the electorate in a year or two. Can this be? And if so, what does it mean? Here are just a few things likely to happen if Obama squirms his way into another term.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

First, and most important, Obamacare will not be repealed and the 70% of Americans who said in a recent Gallop Poll that they oppose it would be left to relying on the Supreme Court to knock it down. While I do think that is likely. I’m not comfortable leaving it up to our Justices. We could all be much more comfortable repealing it and starting from scratch. Were the Supreme Court not to strike down Obamacare, Obama’s recent dictum to religious institutions that they provide free contraception to all their employees represents a fine example of the tyrannical rule the President’s health care program allows for. Call it a drop in the bucket.

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Signing Obamacare.

Most of Obamacare becomes law in 2014. It is then that all company’s in the U.S. with employees of 50 or more will be required to provide healthcare to their employees or pay a fine. It is then that all individuals regardless of age, health, or financial wherewithal will have to buy private health insurance coverage or pay a fine. It is in 2014 that Medicare doctors will lose much of what they are paid for.

Gas prices will continue to rise. Obama wants them to. His plan for moving us to a “greener” society is to make our current way of living cost prohibitive. This isn’t angry Republican theory. He’s said it.

The cost of everything will go up. Obama has been trying like crazy to raise taxes on the upper 5% of income earners since entering the White House. Now he’s likely to get what he craves. Rich people didn’t get rich by being stupid. If they have to pay more taxes than they will raise the price of goods and services which they control in order to make up the difference.

America crawling out of the deep recession is likely to continue at a glacial pace. 3-4-percent growth is a mere pipe dream. As economists have predicted we’ll continue with growth only in the anemic 2% – 2.5% range; which will continue to keep unemployment high and wages low. If the economy is not growing and lots of people are out of work and under-employed employers have zero incentive to raise wages and/or benefits. Besides, having eaten the massive extra costs Obamacare will impose on business America’s workers can kiss any wage or salary increases goodbye for the next several years. Yes, Mr. Obama, elections do have consequences.

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If Obama wins re-election Iran gets a nuclear weapon and war is likely to spread in the Middle East and will include Israel. Such a scenario might also include the exchange of nuclear weapons.

Worst of all Obama’s stated goal of redistributing wealth will continue to ingrain in the minds of Americans and our youth, our future, that the world owes them something and that they are entitled to it. Such a sick way of looking at the world might assure everyone a roof over there heads and food on their plates. But that’s about it. Our collective mutual poverty is all that’s assured with such a socialist mentality. Striving, reaching for more, enduring hardship…all gone. Instead Obama will teach us that we’re all in this together and we all deserve what each other has.

If Obama wins…we lose our souls, we lose our hope, but we will definitely face change.

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