Trayvon Martin’s Killer Should be Punished, Right?

Let me start out this blog by making perfectly clear I think the killer of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin should be criminally charged and face prosecution for the death of the Florida youth. I have no desire to put my head in the lions mouth on this subject. Clearly the mob  …errrr…people have made clear their hope for justice in this case.

When I first heard about this I was as concerned as anyone. Imagine a man following a small skinny kid home in a rich neighborhood confronting him and shooting him for no reason, no reason whatsoever. Sounds pretty unbelievable doesn’t it? Well, as I said I just hope that the killer gets what’s coming to him.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that the killer George Zimmerman was an ethnic minority too, just like poor innocent, young Trayvon. Still…Zimmerman should be in jail.

The fact that Zimmerman was selflessly patrolling the streets of his neighborhood as a community neighborhood watchman is unimportant. He clearly is a racist for shooting harmless little Trayvon. And when I learned that there had been numerous home burglaries in this gated community where Trayvon was shot, I thought, well that explains the need for a neighborhood watch. But it doesn’t explain shooting a poor innocent child who has never, ever done anything wrong.

Why would Zimmerman follow this kid who was innocently walking home from the local grocery wearing a hoody, concealing his appearance? It was his neighborhood, wasn’t it? So I thought. Turns out Martin was not known in the neighborhood. He was staying at his a relatives while he served out a 10 day suspension from his high school for drug possession. Still, to shoot him? And the fact that following someone, anyone, is not actually against the law shouldn’t be considered. I still think the racist Zimmerman needs to hang.

And though the media is clearly trying to steer the emotions of the story by repeatedly showing pictures of a much younger Trayvon, with skinny little arms who couldn’t hurt anyone rather than the older, muscular, tattooed Trayvon doesn’t change the fact that Zimmerman hunted down this kid because he was black and killed him. Zimmerman needs to fry!

When police showed up at the scene of the murder February 26th they found a bloodied Zimmerman. He had blood coming from his nose, where he says Martin punched him. And he had blood on the back of his head from Martin slamming his head against the concrete. As CNN reported the fact that Zimmerman wasn’t even following poor Trayvon at the time of the confrontation doesn’t change the fact that Zimmerman hatefully and wrongfully shot Martin for no reason at all other than he’s black.

Zimmerman told police he was following Martin because Martin looked suspicious, but that Martin ran from him and got away. He says he didn’t know where Martin was when he was walking back to his car. He says at that time Martin emerged, approached Zimmerman and confronted him asking “You got a problem?”, to which Zimmerman said “No”. Then according to this evil racist killer Martin said, “You do now” and punched Zimmerman in the nose, knocking Zimmerman to the ground where poor innocent Trayvon pounced on him and continued hitting him and pounding his head into the concrete. Zimmerman claims to have called out for help, something audio witnesses claim to be true. Still, Trayvon is dead and there is no good reason for it.

According to the CNN report police in Sanford, Florida wanted Zimmerman charged with Manslaughter, not murder. Manslaughter, for shooting an innocent 17-year-old old boy who did nothing wrong but jump and beat up a guy who was following him in a neighborhood where he didn’t live and where there had been recent criminal activity.

Like I said. There is no justice. Zimmerman must be a racist. How could he not be. He shot poor little, innocent Trayvon. I think he should go to jail.

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  3. A poem about Trayvon:

    • Thank you for the read. Thank you for the post and your poem.

      • Technically, “Hispanic” is an ethnicity, not a race. Nonetheless, ferdeal agencies twist into knots trying to account for people of “Hispanic” origin, without providing it as a racial category.Although “Hispanic” is not a race, the term is used by law enforcement when giving the public a description of an individual. Obviously, it’s a messy distinction. The definitions aren’t clear.The point, however, when it comes to the Trayvon Martin case, is clear. Race baiters demand that Zimmerman be designated as white to advance their agenda. It’s necessary to diminish his minority identity, be it racial or ethnic.

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    • This is nothing new. Blacks have been lclaed Afro-Americans for years, does that raise the question of whether blacks are African or American ? God forbid! it’s just a way of saying that those that are Afro-American are Americans of african decent. Zimmerman is bi-racial so he is identified by the decent of both races. President Obama was a bad choice to compare this incident with, because none of us know( for sure) of what decent, nationality or religion he is … as a nation we went with what was told to us …Is he the one that will deceive the nations? Or has he been unjustifiably accused? I think the “full” investigation of that question should have been done BEFORE he ran and became president of America … this is where the true comparison is because the FULL investigation should have taken place THEN and the case wouldn’t have to played out in the media NOW.

  5. Really enjoyed the heavy satire…. Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment and the read.

    • But there ARE people that are both white and Hispanic. Look at Univision; most of the stars and horancs are white Hispanics. What about in South America for instance? Uruguay? Argentina? The children and grandchildren of immigrants from places like Spain and Italy, or even Germany, and elsewhere. Clearly white/European people (or they’d be called “white-ethnics” here in north America). Yet since they’re Spanish speakers born in south America, if they came to this country they’d also have to be called “Hispanics”. Would that make them a different “race” from, say, a cousin of theirs whose family had emigrated to north America instead of south America ?? That’s why that whole category (“Hispanic”) is so confusing in a way. It’s not just for visibly “racially-mixed” Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, etc, although that’s how it’s most commonly used admittedly. Zimmerman would be best described, in my view, as biracial (white/European and mixed Hispanic). His appearance however is, admittedly, much more like the latter than the former. Obama is of course biracial as well, but due to historical circumstances in this country (circumstances which were not really created by black people after all) he is much more likely to self-identify as just black, rather than white. The “one-drop rule”, etc. He readily admits to being biracial if asked. He’s never hidden it.

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