Consequences! Shouldn’t we all Suffer?

When you break the law shouldn’t you go to jail or pay a fine?

When you lazily lay around all day and night week after week, month after month, doing no work shouldn’t you be deprived of any sort of compensation? Pay? Salary? Should you not suffer financially?

If you eat too much food, and food with too many calories shouldn’t you be fat?

If you run a business foolishly; spending more money than your business takes in shouldn’t your business fail?

And if you elect leaders who lie to you, and say they’ll take care of you knowing they really can’t, don’t you deserve what you get?

Nicolas Sarkozy - Meeting in Toulouse for the ...

Nicolas Sarkozy – Meeting in Toulouse for the 2007 French presidential election 0297 2007-04-12 (Photo credit: Guillaume Paumier)

When France (and the rest of Europe) spoils their children citizens with endless entitlements, and social programs (all while relying on the United States for their military defense) and they run-up a debt that becomes insurmountable they turn to a Conservative like Nicolas Sarkozy to bail them out. But when Sarkozy cuts back on the spending that got France into its financial mess that it’s in, the children…errr…the citizens whine and vote him out of office in favor of a man who promises to spend, spend, spend…Oh…and tax their rich up to 75%. In case the brilliance of Francois Hollande‘s scheme eludes you let me elaborate. He’s going to drive millionaires out of his country, all while establishing a nation of equally poor people supported by a diminishing wealthy class, until there is no more wealthy class and every child …err…citizen is equally miserable. Such is the failed policies of Socialism.

Shouldn’t Europeans got through a period of austerity to correct the over spending they’ve lavished themselves with in recent decades? When overspending for a period, something we all do, don’t you need to hold more tightly on to your money for a while in order to bring yourself back into balance?

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...

Vice President of the United States

Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Meet the Press this weekend. He says Gay and Lesbian committed couples should be entitled to each social and civil right, including marriage. For the record I think they should be afforded every social and civil right to. After all why should we discriminate based on a person’s behavior? (Oh…wait…we already do….never mind). And yet President Obama showing the leadership that he has demonstrated repeatedly in his 3+ years in office has said “His position is evolving”. The fact that his 2008 position was to stand against Gay Marriage is meaningless to where he stands now. The fact that his position is “evolving” is a head fake for Gay Rights advocates that he’s got their backs.

President Barack Obama and France's President ...

President Barack Obama and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy stand together on Friday, April 3, 2009, during the review of an honor guard at the Palais Rohan in Strasbourg, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama’s lies and lack of truthfulness and openness is so tired. Democrats can help me understand him better if they can just explain to me when I can trust a word that’s coming out of his mouth. Rather than disingenuously saying “well…everybody does it” as your constant fall-back excuse for your party’s leader; shouldn’t the President suffer the consequence of his failures? Shouldn’t we vote him out of office for his lies alone?

Well, that’s what’s in the news this morning. It’s a recurring theme I hope we can visit again. It seems to me one never learns from one’s mistakes or failures unless there are consequences for having committed the sin or sins to begin with. But America is such a forgiving nation that we are repeatedly picking up and dusting off those who have fallen and sending them on their way to trip on the same curb. That’s fine and good. I’m glad we’re a forgiving and generous people. But isn’t the guy who keeps falling down less likely to do so if he picks himself up and observes the curb he keeps taking for granted? Once in a while we should trust that the guy is OK and he can do it.

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