Obama administration Seizes Phone Records of Verizon Customers- U.S. News

One of the reasons I was against the Patriot Act at the time of its passing by the Bush Administration and its renewal by the Obama Administration was because of abuses by corrupt or tyrannical governments now or in the future.

The story in the link below explains just the latest Obama Administrations abuse of power:

Obama administration defends phone record seizure, does not confirm Verizon report – U.S. News.

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) mission is to protect Americans from foreign threats. It has no authority to spy on Americans. And spying on Americans to determine their foreign correspondence is a cynical claim designed to further expand government power.

If our ultimate goal is security, we could all be completely safe at all times if we were all locked in a box and had our pre-screened food brought to us daily. But it wouldn’t make for much of a life. As Americans we have always thrived on living life, taking chances, exploring; all of which are byproducts of a free society. If we continue to place our security over freedom we won’t have any freedom left, and we can start considering decoration ideas for our individual box.

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