Americans are turning in to Sheeple.

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What a month of news we’ve all experienced!

  • The U.S. Justice Department is spying on reporters from Associated Press and from FOX News
  • The IRS is/was targeting political groups that oppose the President for harsh scrutiny
  • The NSA is collecting massive amounts of data on Americans by collecting phone records and internet activity

And we won’t even get into the Benghazi affair or the newly developing State Department Prostitution scandal.

The three bullet points above point to a Federal government out of control and trying hard to grow even more powerful. It’s trying to control its people. People who increasingly choose what they call “security” over freedom. People who increasingly are willingly giving up their God given and Constitutional Rights in hopes that the big and powerful and all-knowing Federal government will take care of them. People who are becoming sheep. Or “evolving” might be the better word into “Sheeple“.

CNN reported this morning that a Pew Research poll showed a majority of those surveyed believed it was OK for the NSA to gather the phone records of millions of Americans. According to the new poll, 56 percent of Americans think it’s A-OK that the National Security Agency

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Marylan...

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland.

is secretly tracking millions of people’s phone records to investigate terrorism. These Sheeple are reflecting their view that terrorism is lurking behind every door and we need to look under everyone’s bed to track it down.

danah boyd at the Writers on Writing about Tec...

Danah Boyd at the Writers on Writing about Technology roundtable at Yale University marking the publication of The Best Technology Writing 2009 (Yale University Press), to which boyd contributed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft Researcher Danah Boyd writes today, “It’s disturbing to me how often I watch as someone’s likeness is constructed in ways that contorts the image of who they are. This doesn’t require a high-stakes political issue. This is playground stuff.” In her article, Why Believing “Nothing to Hide” Leaves you Vulnerable”, Boyd correctly points out, “A surveillance state will produce more suspect individuals.”  And I would ask “Who’s watching the watchers?”, “Who’s judging?”.

You want a clear example of how innocent and benign activity can be twisted into something nefarious? Consider this: I belong to a large organization of people who regularly gather together to ritualistically eat human flesh, and drink human blood. And we pray to and worship a 3-headed God. It’s true. Me and my multi-million member organization do exactly as just described. Should I be jailed, or at least shunned? Well, only if you believe everyone in the Catholic Church is guilty of dangerous activity in their worshipping practice.

Last week I had to turn down an opportunity to be a host/escort on my 14-year-old daughter’s school field trip. I had done this before with her and her two older siblings. But the school district has since established a policy that no parent can accompany these kids on a field trip, though they be needed, unless finger-printed first. For me, that was a bridge-too-far. I don’t mind them doing a background check on me to find if I have any kind of criminal history of hurting children. But to willingly give up the privacy, that is my own fingerprints, and be treated like a criminal just to accompany a class of teenagers, ALONG WITH TEACHERS AND OTHER PARENTS, is taking security beyond what is reasonable. And I don’t give a damn if others are willing to surrender their rights in this manner. I wasn’t; nor will I ever. Seriously, people…lets think about the likelihood that anyone who is a parent or guardian of one of the teens on this field trip is going to try to hurt any of the other kids…while in a public place…with 30 other kids…and 4-5 other adults. What are the odds? Now what are the odds that this person would do this after having passed a background check? I acknowledge some pedophile could have changed their name. But…once again…what are the odds? The answer is…astronomical.

The mistake of taking each incident mentioned above, issue by issue, leads one to miss the big picture. One who would is missing the forest for the trees, to fall back on clique`. I accept President Obama’s words that the IRS scandal is bad and “they need to get to the bottom of it”. But I reject his claim that NSA fishing through millions of phone records amounts to a necessary evil for the protection of Americans. General Warrants by the British were one of the main causes of the Revolutionary War. They’re also the reason for the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure of any American’s property and requiring a judicial warrant be issued based on “probable cause”. No reasonable person could ever say probable cause exists for scrutinizing who a person talks to on the phone or in emails, let alone what was said or written, absent any previous suspicion of the person’s potential guilt. Though the possibility that information gathered in such fishing expeditions could some day be turned and twisted against any individual is extremely high, and not just Libertarian paranoia.

Our country was founded on the principle of individual freedom. It was with the concept of the people running the government, not the other way around. But the government and the compliant news media have gone so far in recent years to paint a fear in so many people of a need for overly intrusive government that a majority or near majority have evolved into a gullible and needy populous reliant on the Shepard (Government) to lead them, feed them and protect them. If the Sheeple continue to graze in the field in which they are led, we’ll continue to eat only that which we are fed. And we will never know the taste and nutrition of the greener pastures that grow in the vibrant sun at the edge of the cliff and the beauty which can be seen from such a place.

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