The Obama Economy – In Pictures | Furthermore

The Obama Economy – In Pictures | Furthermore.

Republicans Need to Talk with More Heart

It’s tough out there. It’s tough just about everywhere.

This will be one of those blogs my wife wishes I wouldn’t write because I’ll reveal far too much personal feelings and personal information.

This Obama recession just keeps dragging on. Now we have the buttressing good news of declining gas prices which are made worse by the declining oil prices which is caused by declining economic forecasts. Economists say things could be getting worse…again. But then again…we could just be early with the annual Post-Memorial Day decline of oil and gas prices.

Are you struggling right now financially? I don’t talk to anyone these days who isn’t. It seems a lot of people are like my family…making a steady average to above average income…less than in years past but definitely average or above average…not saving anything…meeting all bills, but just barely…all while living humbly (at least humbly compared to the past 20 years). Things around the house that break, stay broken, at least for a while. We have a desire to help our adult kids, but not the means, other than a roof over their heads, which they reject. And it’s been this way for 2-3 years now.

I have one huge fear. No, not that I or someone in my family gets sick. But now that I mention it…that gives me chills too. Actually my biggest fear is that Barrack Obamawins re-election six short months from now.

Barack Obama

It’s not hard to argue that Obama is the most Progressive/Liberal President in U.S. history. And if he’s not he’s a close second, at least on domestic matters to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Fra...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. 

And what do they have in common? Both inherited serious economic problems and prolonged them through their own economic policies.

In June 1933 FDR signed into law a series of bills that were anti-competition, like the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, and pro-union measures, like Obama’s pro-union agenda including suing Boeing for having the audacity of locating a plant in a right-to-work state, thereby raising wages to artificially high levels and prices for goods in eleven key industries 25-percent higher than they otherwise would have been.

Such Government control has never been shown to work on a large economy effectively. Or as Winston Churchill said when assessing socialism’s inherent virtue, “the equal sharing of miseries.”.

Question: Can you name one government social program that makes you rich? How about one that makes you reasonably well-off? How about one that sustains you at average life-style levels? You can’t. Because it doesn’t exist. Government entitlement programs give you enough food and shelter and medicine in order to survive; never to thrive. So, with more people dependent on government for subsistence fewer people are eligible for a life of thriving success. The Heritage Foundations 2012 Index of Government Dependence showed more Americans dependent on government for subsistence than ever before.

Which leads me to the question: Has government made it too easy to rely on pay-outs for assistance. Rather than helping the truly needy, are we not creating more needy by creating dependence?

With unemployment benefits now extended 99 weeks in most circumstances dependence on that weekly government check is paramount. How can a teacher who’s been unemployed for nearly two years still be considered a teacher? Isn’t it obvious that if you can’t find employment in your field after two years you are no longer in THAT field? I think its obvious that too many people refuse employment or to look for employment in whatever job they can land in order to hold out for employment in their chosen field, subsisting ever so precariously on government assistance, until that job materializes and not coincidentally after their skills have diminished through nearly 2 years of unemployment.

Republicans consistently miss the boat on winning the support of these people and others who display sympathy for such folks. Republicans don’t talk enough about how they can help the poor and the lower middle-class by expressing the obvious: we have a better plan. How many people would prefer a government check that barely meets their needs over a paycheck no matter what the source for the paycheck?

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...

Mitt Romney can be our next President. But he has to show the compassion for the millions of those who are lost in this meager “recovery” or barely surviving. He can do it by simply emphasizing the obvious. Jobs are better than social programs. And he can do it by better demonstrating the compassion that non-thinking independents and Democrats like most. A sense of sympathy and concern for the most down-and-out will go miles in pulling them from the clutches of the Democratic party.

The Democratic party does a far superior job of giving the poor hungry man a fish; but as every Republican knows the Dems do a far inferior job of teaching a man to fish. We wrote a parable on such a subject some years ago called: The Fisherman, the Hungry Man, and the Wise Man.

Those who are struggling is a long list that sadly seems to be growing longer. An about-face can be achieved by repeatedly emphasizing the words of John Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”, and instead emphasizing what can you do for yourself, your family and your country. Do what you need to do, and pretty soon you will be able to do what you want to do. The Republicans have historically been more vocal in support of “traditional values”. They now need to show how those “traditional values”, like a rising tide, can and will lift all boats.

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Whatever happened to Consequences?

Bank of America Plaza

Bank of America Plaza (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)

It used to be that when you did a bad or a stupid thing you suffered a negative consequence. The end result being those making bad or stupid decisions would learn from their previous actions and avoid such foolishness in the future. “Learn” being the operative word in the previous sentence. Ultimately one could look back on previous mistakes and turn them into a positive.

Increasingly, thanks to the liberal mindset in this country, nobody deserves consequences. Nobody should suffer negatively for doing a bad or stupid thing. Everyone is forgiven or rehabilitated, or saved. There are no consequences.


[kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns]  noun

1. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving.
2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result,or outcome.
3. the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.
When the Obama Administration announces a $25-billion deal with the big banks to finalize and settle the lawsuits in the mortgage foreclosure crisis the lack of any deterrent effect, result or outcome from banks having foolishly lent too much money to those who couldn’t afford to pay it back is obvious. And the resulting actions are predictable. “Hey….we’ve got ALL this money to play with and risk. It’s not ours. But let’s be as risky with it as possible. After all, if we lose it, the government will pay us back. Just like before.” 

The soon to be announced settlement would pay those 750,000 whose homes were foreclosed upon $2000. It would also reduce the principal by $20,000 for those 1,000,000 underwater home owners who owe more than their homes are currently worth. For those who did the right thing and didn’t borrow against their home’s equity for trips or new cars or upgrades, didn’t miss mortgage payments, and still lost tens-of thousands, even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in their home’s equity…you get bupkis.

When a business operates a company selling a product for less than it costs to make, it used to be that that company would not be long for this world and that it’s owners and executives would find themselves losing money, stature and reputation for so foolishly trying to run such a company. But in the Obama world companies like Solyndra get $500-million loans which don’t EVER have to be paid back. And

Image representing Solyndra as depicted in Cru...

Solyndra Executives have the President of the United States praise them as forward thinkers in the new green economy right before skating off with bonuses in the millions of dollars and closing the doors on the worthless company.

GM logo

Car manufacturers give in to oppressive unions and agree, amongst other things, to pay laid off workers 80% of their salaries while they don’t work. The companies make cars that break down far too frequently compared to their foreign competition. They create cars that people don’t want. They go bankrupt. And the government gives them $14.1-Billion which they never have to pay back. Reminds me of the old line from Humphrey Bogart‘s “Treasure of the Sierra Madre“. “Consequences? We don’t need no stinking consequences!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if all these mistakes made by individuals who bought too much home or borrowed against their equity and had no cushion when prices fell actually started again, saved their money, bought homes again in a few years and paid down their mortgage…like our grandparents used to do?
Wouldn’t it be nice if banks returned to being a safe place to put your money and a place you could count on to be there through the tough times, instead of risk takers with our money devoid of any conscience? A partnership with a bank less interested in growing its riches and more interested in growing the community it serves.
And wouldn’t it be wonderful if American car companies made vehicles we all wanted and that were affordable and didn’t break down inordinately. Learning how the market trends and meeting the market’s needs. And in doing so we could return to Henry Ford’s way of thinking to pay his workers a decent wage and price his products so that his workers could afford them.
We all learn from our mistakes provided our mistakes come with negative consequences. With no consequences we’re all equally likely to go traipsing down the same road that got us into this mess to begin with.
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