Racism and Obama. For better or worse?

“My prayer is that Obama’s soaring rhetorical skills truly inspire Americans toward the better angels in our nature. And that the symbolism of a black man in the highest office in the land ends forever what little racism still exists, or the claims that racism is the cause of victimization of the African-American community in this country.”

November 5, 2008


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Our President: Barrack Obama.

I wrote those words three years ago in a blog called “The New President” in which I made what I thought was an obvious statement that our nation could no longer be looked upon by its toughest inner critics as a racist nation. In the article I wrote that no predominantly white nation in world history had ever elected a person of color as their head, their president, their leader. In writing that blog the day after Barrack Obama‘s election to the most powerful office in the world I was complimentary and optimistic. Pointing out, perhaps naively, that Obama would be judged as were the 43 white men who preceded him in the office; by his accomplishments and not by the color of his skin.

It seems I may have been wrong. I’m beginning to think it’s entirely possible that Obama could be the ignition to a worsening of race relations in this country. How bad could it get? Let me put it this way: I’m fearful. I am fearful that Obama’s defeat in 11 months will be blamed on racism rather than on his failed leadership, and policies.

Yesterday a friend with whom I have profound political disagreements posted an article onto Facebook that she referred to as “the truth”. The article was called “Racism and President Obama”. In the first sentence the author, who calls themselves Jueseppi B., alleges that the United States became the model for a racist nation the day Obama was sworn in.

Though I provide a link to the article in this blog I don’t recommend reading it. It’s nothing but an idiotic racist rant. By someone in love with government hand outs and jobs all around, apparently for all his African-American friends. Unfortunately his view is increasingly common. It’s a common tactic by the political black community to scream racism every time something goes wrong for one of their own. It’s silly and lacks imagination and intelligence to presume that a nation is a model of racism when it’s population is made up of 12.6% blacks and that same nation has a black leader.

Racism still does exist in this country and its repugnant. Sadly these imbeciles who harbor such hateful views far too often reside on the right or conservative side of the political spectrum. And far too often Americans with better hearts and minds fail to loudly condemn the bigotry that is quite often directed at our President. And the problem with these facts is that you give aid and comfort to the black racists who paint all white people with the same broad brush.

This used to be a racist country. And in fairness to those who still look for it, institutional, government sanctioned racism existed during the lifetimes of most African-Americans or their parents. Thank God, and some very strong people, it does not any more.

But speaking as a white person with no racism or love of Obama I am fed up with racism being thrown out as a reason for opposing our President, or for opposing the type of governmentprograms that create an entitlement mentality and diminish personal fortitude and commitment. It’s and old song that needs to change. What is sad is that, like the boy who cried wolf, every time racism is falsely cited as the cause for a black persons failure white Americans are hardened against such claims in the future including the legitimate ones. And that’s wrong.

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Oabama's long form birth certificate

ALL Americans should have soundly condemned the “Birther” movement against Obama and the subtle racism that was not-so-hidden in the claims that the President wasn’t born here. ALL Americans should condemn the Photoshop images of Obama made to look like some tribal medicine man. Avoid posting them on social media or waving them at demonstrations. If you can’t see the racism in such images YOU really are a bigot or an insensitive jerk.

Lastly accept that jerks like I just described DO exist and probably always will. Just like the racist Pastor Jeremiah Wright, there are always extremes on every side of an issue. But quit calling our nation and by implication all Conservative white people racist. It doesn’t help your cause.

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  2. Thank you Mr. Schuett, you gave me material for a very popular article, and of course your link back to my blog site, theobamacrat.com, has driven my numbers way up, even higher than normal. I am grateful for your racist take on my factual article. Thank you again, Enjoy a happy & joyous holiday season.

    • When Obama returns back to the streets of Chicago after election day looking for a job, will you and your Obamatards cry for him like the fools cried for Kim Jon Ugh?

  3. In this and in comments on his blog the man who calls himself Jueseppi B. has proved himself a fool, and a hateful fool at that. Sadly his type are only interested in spreading their virus of hate. And sadly, it is contagious. But we will not be engaged by fools. Nor will we be deterred.

  4. Tim Wise contends that you have to deny racism because it is normalized and you enjoy the unearned benefit of white male priviledge .. denial is what the racist does .. it is a clear indicator .. Jb is describing systems it is not about individual white folks
    systematic racism that sustains and maintains the status quo you missed the point study the systematic racism and then resppnd this is not about you it is the systems .. look around the room and tell me why there are only white men love to hear your answer
    but this is such a waste time we do not need your approval that racism exists and that it harms you more than people of color

    • Apparently you are so wrapped up in your own victimization you failed to read the blog. I never said there isn’t racism. But I will and do deny that its the predominant reason people don’t like Obama. You can take the “I’m better than you” road. You’re only hurting yourself until you start examining the world from an achiever’s stand point rather than everyone is out to get me stand point. I hope you do. Because white people don’t hate black people. But we sure as hell hate you calling us racist just because of YOUR problems.

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