When Does a Life Begin Having Rights?

The artificial argument created by the Obama Re-Election Administration(and Yes I termed them that way intentionally) over women’s birth control has gained more steam than I dreamed possible. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have termed this artificial, non-existent fight the Republican’s War on Women.

Republicans War on Women at the State Level we...

I am seldom surprised by the gullibility of the American electorate, but must admit this time, I’m dumbfounded. Obama and his minions have successfully managed to divide and enrage people with reasonable and differing views where mostly quiet co-existence had existed for the past 50 years.

Are Conservatives actively trying to impede women’s access to birth control? Puhhhhleeeezzz! If you believe so show some balls. Comment on this blog and tell us all where those impediments exist.

Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parent...

Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parenthood administrative and medical facility in the nation. It also serves as the headquarters for 12 clinics, located in Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trying to de-fund Planned Parenthood, you say? That is more about cutting wasteful government spending and abortion than it is about contraception. And Planned Parenthood would not cease to exist were the Federal Government gifts to their operating budget cut off. PP can and would continue to receive generous private donations. In fact, it could be argued that their revenue would actually grow from empowered liberals coming to the rescue of this liberal iconic venue.

Liberals: your next ploy would be to throw up Catholics resistance and outrage to the Obama Health and Human Service Administration’s birth control mandate. This mandate was announced in January after a GOP Presidential debate in which

American television journalist and a former po...

George Stephanopulos

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos shocked the world and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney

Mitt and Ann Romney on December 22, 2007, at a...

Mitt and Ann Romney

by asking the seemingly illogical, and uncalled for question “Can state’s disallow health care plans from offering contraception coverage?” Romney correctly pointed out that nobody wants to block contraception coverage. And he said it again, and again and again because Stephanopoulos kept asking; clearly indicating his mission from Democratic headquarters. Catholics righteous condemnation of the HHS mandate is totally and completely about religious freedom, not contraception. Were Catholic Church employees not able to have contraception paid for by their employer-provided health care plan they would not be denied contraception. They would merely be denied having contraception paid for, in part or in whole, by a Catholic Church that views it as a grave sin.

For the record I am telling YOU any of YOU who continue to argue that there is a Republican War on Women and a woman’s “right” to contraception that you are either stupid, impossibly ill-informed, or so hateful and bias in your political views that intelligent discussion with you is pointless. Move on. Don’t talk to me.

I find the whole subject remarkable in its divisiveness. Fifty years after creation of “the pill” and forty years after Roe vs. Wade this country won’t allow itself a sensible middle ground on reproductive rights because neither political side is willing to budge from their extreme positions; positions the vast majority of this country find unacceptable. Pro-Choice advocates want abortion on demand up to and including the partial birth of a living human baby. In other words they continue to advocate infanticide for convenience purposes. Outrageous!

Nearly, but not quite, as outrageous is the Pro-Life position that life begins at conception; that a fertilized egg represents life. Take that fertilized egg out of the womb and see how long it lives, and by what means its given nutrition. Answer those questions and you clearly don’t have life without the woman, the mother. Thus her rights remain paramount.

Neither Pro-life nor Pro-Choice can agree on what seems abundantly obvious to me. Life begins neither at conception, nor at birth, but somewhere in between. And since we’re talking about a LIFE, an individual, and all the God-given and Constitutional rights there-in bestowed upon that individual and the Federal Government’s required protection of that individual’s rights; shouldn’t we error on the side of protecting that life?

If a Pro-choice advocate says that a crying, wiggling baby not more than sixty seconds into the open air from their mother’s birth canal is Constitutionally protected and given rights under our Federal Constitution but that same PERSON had zero rights 61-seconds earlier…that’s just plain and simply unacceptable both logically, morally, and legally.

The great statesman Patrick Henry correctly noted “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” So restraining a woman’s right to control her own reproduction system should only be imposed when those rights infringe upon the rights of another whose rights also deserve protecting.

So, though I’m Catholic,

Constitution of the United States of America

Constitution of the United States of America

I acknowledge we are not a theocracy and Catholics can’t impose their beliefs on the populace any more than Muslims can or should. Therefore contraception is and should always remain available. So should abortion up until its determined when life begins.

When life begins is a question beyond my pay grade, to use a phrase made famous by Barrack Obama when he successfully dodged the same question during the 2008 Presidential race. But any idiot can agree it occurs well before a natural, healthy birth following a nine month pregnancy.

Unlike other posts of mine I broach this dangerous subject not for the purpose of starting debate but with the sincere hope of ending it. Let logic and reason, not religion or emotion prevail.

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  1. Check out the first video. Hope you like it!


    • I watched it. Very creative. Interesting. Thanks.

    • Pro-Choice, First, I’d like to tell you that I truly appreciate your viiistng this site and taking the time to consider a view different than your own – that is something that many in today’s culture are reluctant to do, and I am very grateful for your willingness to engage in discussion. Although I do not believe WhyProLife.com is affiliated with any particular religious point of view, the questions you pose do hold merit. Personally, I actually am Christian and would be happy to explain what I believe. The first point you raise actually relates to a much broader question that we all find ourselves pondering at some point in our lives – “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and similarly,” Why would God allow these bad things to happen?” In order to gain an understanding of this of what initially may seem to be irreconcilable, you have decided that there must be a good reason why bad things happen. In this view, an abortion must have been in the divine plan and have a deeper meaning than we can see. However, I would like to offer you an alternative view, which is this: God is not responsible for the evil in this world, humanity is. The responsibility to end evil lies with us. There is a divine plan in this world. From the very beginning, God has possessed the ability to control all of his creation and knowledge of what all his creation will do. However, this does not mean that he will intervene and control all of what we do. If he would, then we would be nothing more than mere puppets and life would have very little purpose. What defines our lives the most is not what happens to us as much as how we choose to respond to whatever it is that happens to us – whatever circumstances we face. As long as we live on Earth, ours will always be an imperfect existence in which we will likely encounter some form of suffering or hardship on a daily basis. Bad things will happen. As a Christian, I feel it is my duty to be a force for good on this Earth, take an active role in trying to help others, and pray that I may one day be considered worthy to enter a realm that is perfect, heaven. While it has never been my approach to use yelling in arguing a point as a few others in this thread have (the volume at which a statement is made cannot be thought to bear impact on its legitimacy), I can understand the sense of urgency in their statements. I will try to respond point by point to your arguments to explain why. You mentioned that an unborn baby is not alive. The abortion industry used to be fairly effective in persuading people that this was indeed the case – to this day, they make every effort to refer to preborn babies as mere uterine contents, products of conception, blobs of tissue, and other similar terms. Instead of letting women know that abortion ends an innocent life, they try to describe it with euphemisms, such as “terminating a pregnancy.” However, the only problem with this is that the facts tell an entirely different story. For example, according to a 1985 Senate report, “Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception marks the beginning of the life of a human being – a being that is alive and is a member of the human species. There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological, and scientific writings.” I would actually have to agree with the statement you made, which is that rights do not apply to a person who is not alive. However, this argument is not applicable to the discussion of the preborn, because science actually shows that preborn children are very much alive. There is a great deal of additional evidence I could give you that the preborn/unborn baby is human and alive –a preborn’s heart can start beating between 18-21 days after conception, development of organs begins during the fifth week of development, and the head and spinal column begin to form just a few weeks after that. However, all of these developmental facts are really beside the point. While they make the preborn’s personhood more apparent, the indisputable truth is that all of these preborn babies are at stages in life that is every bit as valid as any other stages in life. They may not yet be able to use their voice or be educated in the ways of the world, but they are just as alive as anyone else in the world. Whether a life is still inside the womb, several years from having been inside the womb, or many years from having been inside the womb, the individual deserves to have his or her life protected at every stage. You mentioned that a mother is not able to abort a child if the baby is only a month or two from its delivery date. While I wish this were true, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton actually allow a baby to be aborted at any point in the pregnancy, for any reason (or no reason). Approximately 98% of abortions may be categorized as convenience abortions, abortions due to rape are extremely rare, and (thanks to modern medicine) situations where a pregnancy must be ended to save the life of the mother are practically not existent – we have found ways to protect the mother’s well-being without endangering the life of the preborn baby. I believe you mentioned something along the lines of that abortion is ultimately the choice of the woman, because it is her body. In response to this, I would say that no one (neither men nor women) should have the ability to do whatever they want with their bodies. Please let me explain… One of the greatest minds in philosophy, J.S. Mill, published a book entitled On Liberty, in which he advocated several key principles for society. One of his key ideas is the harm principle, which holds that individuals may act as they wish, as long as these actions do not harm others. When they do, we must intervene and provide protection to whoever is the target of that harm. Also, because no one lives in isolation, even harm that is thought to be done exclusively to oneself often results in harm to others as well – immediate family members perhaps, but also the community, and we do have an obligation. This general philosophy might seem familiar; it underlies much of the legal framework we see in America today. We often hear the phrases “My Body, My Choice” and “Pro-Choice: the radical idea that women have control of their bodies” uttered by those who are in favor of abortion. However, what those who hold these signs don’t seem to be aware of is that the pro-life movement is not out to take away any of their rights, nor deprive them of any of their freedoms. All individuals, both men and women, have every right to exercise their freedom, but society always has an obligation to intervene when harm is being brought to another life. This is the case in all areas of society, not just abortion, and it holds true for men and women alike. Especially given the great damage that abortion does to women (let alone the unborn life), society has both a personal and public obligation to discourage abortion in whatever ways it can. This actually brings me to another argument you made – that an abortion is relatively painless for both the baby and mother and the mother can resume life as normal the very next day. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for the mother or the preborn child being aborted. It has been found that a preborn baby is capable of feeling pain by as early as 8 weeks. Many abortion clinic employees have actually been shocked when they first see an ultrasound of an abortion procedure – they see babies doing everything in their power to move away from the abortion instruments, only to find nowhere escape. Despite the pro-abortion rhetoric, the reality is that abortion can be incredibly painful for the baby. As for the woman, her pain can come in a great variety of forms – immediate physical complications, long-term problems, and psychological/emotional trauma. The reason why these women suffer from these problems is not because they are stupid, but because the information regarding risks is suppressed, they are lied to about the facts regarding their pregnancy and the abortion procedure, and they are often pressured (nearly 2/3 of the time, according to surveys) into getting an abortion by others who do not necessarily have their best interests in mind. The list of painful consequences to abortion are far too numerous to mention here, but they include an increased risk of breast cancer, depression, an inability to have children, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various anxiety disorders to name a few. Many women also find themselves in deep emotional pain over their abortion for the rest of their lives. In fact, much of the core of the pro-life movement is post-abortive women who have learned firsthand of the hardship of abortion and have dedicated the rest of their lives to trying to prevent other women from making the same mistake. – Mike Y.

      • Thanks for your comment…if you are a real person. I suspect you’re an auto generated Pro-Life message…which I regret allowing to be posted. However….be that as it may…if you want someone to read your stuff in the future I suggest condensing your writing to something less than the length of a small novel. 🙂

  2. No. No, I don’t think you understand. I’m pro-life, as in pro poelpe who are alive without being attached to another being. Abortion is a personal choice; contraception is a personal choice; I never want either choice taken from me, or YOU.Having an abortion doesn’t make a person evil or irresponsible, though I do consider having an unwanted child forced upon any person pretty irresponsible. Oh, did I hear someone say adoption? There are thousands of children waiting to be adopted! They’re not cute, little mold-able babies, though, now are they? People will step on their momma for a pretty, little white infant in this country, but after oh, about 4 years? The numbers drop pretty precipitously.You want to end abortion in this country? Start with you and your family. Stop being afraid of sex! Learn all about it, then teach your sons and daughters the FACTS. Stop de-funding sex education, for those souls that aren’t brave enough to teach their children, or just don’t have the facts. Teach your children that though you may not support their choices that you will always support THEM; that they don’t need to hide, if they find themselves in a position where they find themselves having to face making a choice. Your daughter is not a whore, is she? She’s not a murderer. She is not evil! But, she may feel the need to hide a really big secret from you, if you tell her all her life that she is worthless if she does not meet your moral expectations. If she does not know how to properly prevent pregnancy, because all she knows is abstinence, but her boyfriend is pretty persuasive and she’s kind of curious things are going to happen.Teach your children to love themselves! Many young poelpe are looking for approval and acceptance than love when they choose to have sex. Teach your sons to respect the burden a girl bears if she sleeps with him. Teach your daughters that she doesn’t owe it to him for taking her out, or being nice to her.Teach your children that masturbation is healthy and natural! In fact, perhaps those of you who have boys might want to consider giving their young men condoms hear me out! I’m not even talking about encouraging them to have sex, but more to get used to the feeling of sexual arousal with a condom. Get it into their minds that sex feels good, even with latex. This is your chance to be the coolest dad, ever. You care enough about your son that you can treat him like a man. (Perhaps you can save a little laundry, too? Just sayin’.) Girls like the rub, too! It’s excellent stress relief, costs nothing and is harmless. Girls who know how to get themselves off suffer less neurosis when they are sexually active. They know how they like to be touched. They appreciate sex for the pleasure of sex. There’s less shame, guilt and remorse. They’re better lovers, simply because the sex is enjoyable and not filled with head-trips. They are less likely to feel like an object, to be used. They, sons and daughters, are more likely to be sexually confident adults. Now that’s a gift worth giving!I’m not saying I like the idea of abortion, but I like the idea of keeping mothers, daughters and friends healthy and safe; I demand reproductive rights, including the right to not reproduce. These women should not have their motives questioned, because it’s their bodies and their lives and frankly, none of my business. They ought not be shamed or harassed. It is their path in life, and not anyone else’s. I will defend them, because I hope that they would to do the same for me. If you must do something for these women, pray for them, they could probably use it, as well as the rest of us.Late term abortion: abortion becomes more of a procedure the longer we wait. Truth is, most doctors could perform an early abortion in the time it takes to get treatment for an ear infection. Women could work with their doctors on the cost of an early abortion, rather than being forced to wait, then to be gouged. The women would not be subject to heavy bleeding or cramping. They would not need to have their privacy invaded by a picket line. If we are educated enough to realize when we may be pregnant, if we have an office within our logistical reach, if we aren’t caught up in red tape, if our doctors would be willing to perform the service, without shunning us to the clinics that specialize because they don’t want to become targets perhaps we could avoid the bulk of procedures that get pretty gruesome, the ones on picketer’s signs, which are relatively, already, a small percentage of abortions performed.Be conscious of these rights. Be conscious of ALL your rights, because they seem to need watching in these times. Don’t let our rights be nickel-and-dimed away from us, because it offends your personal sensibilities; because if we tell them they can have one right, chances are good that they’ll be looking for more in short order. Keep the need for abortion low by being the best and most educated human that you can, in the circles you influence. Love poelpe even when you hate their actions. (Like Jesus, if you prefer.) If you must, pray for those who you cannot influence, directly. But, don’t make choices for all, and for the sake of all that is good in the world, stop harassing, threatening and hurting doctors! If you don’t think God dislikes poelpe who kill babies, imagine how irritated he is by poelpe who would snuff out a life with the brains to get through medical school, who have families, friends, responsibilities and unique talents. They’re somebody’s baby, too.

    • Thank you for your comment and visiting my site. Starting out with No, No…and saying you’re “Pro-People” and thereby inferring that I am not and those who are Pro-Life are not people doesn’t reflect well on your “People skills”. As with most Pro-Choice folks you simply ignore the blogs most critical question, “When does life begin”. If you say its at birth following a complete 9 month pregnancy, then I say you are either an idiot or a lier. And if life begins at some point prior to birth than some restrictions on abortion are mandatory. It’s just that simple.

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