Listen to Your Customers- Total Broadcasting Announcement

Total Broadcasting Service beginning immediately will now provide new and renewing customers who are full service subscribers to our monthly marketing video and internet upload service a 13th or 25th video at no additional charge for every one or two-year subscription. This FREE video will feature YOU or your representative presenting your product or service, introducing yourself, and it will be fully edited and produced. This 1 minute video will be shot at the same time the video intros and commercial tags are shot for your remaining 12 information “tips” videos.

In essence, by making this announcement Total Broadcasting Service is again demonstrating that it is listening to its customers wishes, and needs and fulfilling them. We are a seven-year old company that specializes in radio advertising, audio and video production. But the video aspect of our business came about only 2 1/2 years ago. It’s genesis came from customers. For a while we had been producing audio-voice tracks for internet web sites. As we marketed this service more and more people said, “Sounds great, but we want video”.

In listening to our customers we hired Marianne Peterson, a veteran video editor/producer, and now a partner with Total Broadcasting. Marianne’s great and improving work is seen in every custom and monthly video we produce. And we met our customers needs by providing an affordable video service so businesses and business people can take advantage of the SEO and other great benefits video on your website and social media pages provides.

With our monthly video marketing subscription service customers now get the following:

1. A one minute video, shot on location, that can be scripted by our writing experts and feature you or your company’s chosen representative. We can provide the cue cards and direction that will make you feel comfortable during your time in front of the camera. And we’ll make you look and sound great.

2. Each month for the duration of your subscription, 12 or 24 months, you will get a new professionally edited and produced video featuring quality voice talent narration of a subject of specific interest to YOUR industry. Each video can also include you, introducing yourself, saying hello to your customers and website visitors. In customizing your videos we’ll produce your introduction and closing commercial tag. Your website appears at the bottom of the screen throughout the video. And your phone number and/or your address and other information appears in the title pages at the beginning and end of each video.

3. We can and will write your narrative for you. We have been writing radio and video copy for the airwaves for nearly 30 years. You’ll know that working with you, your words will be impactful and compel people to want to choose you and your service.

4. We will utilize our SEO expertise in uploading your videos to the internet. Search Engine Optimization expertise comes only from having studied the practice over recent years. There’s a lot more to getting your videos seen than merely clicking an Upload button on YouTube. We’ll place your videos on the three most popular sites on the internet: Google, YouTube, and Facebook. And if you don’t have a Facebook business page, or YouTube business channel…we’ll make one for you. One for which you’ll be proud.

Recently, Total Broadcasting Service restructured payments for our subscription service. So now your monthly videos and upload service come to you for only $89 per month for one year subscribers, or $75 per month if you subscribe for 2 years.

We already have a growing library of videos for customers in the real estate, or auto service and repair industries. Below here are a couple of examples from two great customers:

We can also produce monthly marketing videos for the following industries:

1. Chiropratic

2. Dentistry

3. Medical Doctor- Family practitioner

4. Personal Insurance agency/representative

5. Accounting/ Bookkeeping

…and more.

So you can now appear in your own, exclusive, introduction marketing video AND in at least 12 customized information “tips” marketing videos. And you can do it while guaranteed to spend less than any full service marketing program you’ll ever see.

The multi-billion dollar internet software company, Cisco, says 95% of the internet data traffic will be video by the year 2014. Do you really want to be part of the 5% that doesn’t have video? Especially when you don’t have to be.

The fact is, if you’re in business, you need the products and services provided by Total Broadcasting Service. And we would be so honored if you would sit down with us to allow us to teach you more. Call us now. Let’s talk. 425-687-0100.

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Memorial Day Video —

A good short video tell us about how Memorial Day came into existence as it is currently recognized.

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Memorial Day is For ALL Americans

Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery.

Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My family’s history includes very little military service. But that doesn’t change the fact that Memorial Day is for all Americans, even those like me who can’t point to any known fallen war heroes.

It’s easy to dismiss this weekend as little more than the starting gun for Summer, like I did through most of my youth. My memories of Memorial Day weekend include no particular traditions or events of noteworthiness. A camping trip some years, a home BBQ others. But as I’ve grown older I felt I might be missing something. I feel such respect and appreciation for servicemen and woman I selfishly craved it for myself and my family.

I never served. It’s something I have regretted my entire adult life; sort of a “Why didn’t I put my money where my mouth is?” regret. I almost enlisted. When I was 18 a high school friend and I decided we would. We then decided to cheer our decision by downing a few shots of my Dad’s Canadian Club Whiskey. While thoroughly buzzed we then jumped in our cars and drove to Redmond to the nearest Army recruiting office. Only, we couldn’t find it. After driving around a short while (remember no GPS back then. No Mapquest either. And asking directions is just something we guys never do) we decided we would sober up and make our commitment to serve official the next day. The next day came and went, as did the next, and the next and the next…on and on.

My Uncle Wayne Schuett and I were driving North to Blaine, WA last November 30 on a mission to spread my father’s ashes at Birch Bay when my Uncle enlightened me on his own service. I never knew he was a Marine. It’s something he simply never talked about in all the years of my life. Turns out there wasn’t much to talk about. He served between the time of the Korean War and the Vietnam War, so he had no conflict in which to fight.

My Papa (Grandfather) Arthur Anderson, on my Mom’s side of the family, served in World War II; as did Harold Lilly (my Step-Grandfather on Dad’s side). To my knowledge the only blood relative I had to serve in World War I, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam was my Great-Uncle Wilbur Schuett. He survived service in WWII. His gravestone says PFC 4 721 Field Artillery Battalion WWII. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what that means. Wilbur, who was known as Bill, survived the war, but not the drinking and carousing life he led in Bellingham, WA after the war; dying at age 42.

Gravestone of Great-Uncle Wilbur Schuett at Lacey Cemetery, Lacey, WA

Civil War Veteran A.C. Mathis

Photographed in approximately 1880, my Great-great-Grandfather Augustus C. Mathis.

My Nana’s (Dad’s Mom) Grandfather Augustus C. Mathis is honored in Polk County, Arkansas with a Confederate Civil War headstone for serving in the 12 Tennessee Cavalry during the war between the states. He spent most of the war as a prisoner of the north. Too me, it seems odd to honor service for those who fought for the dissolution of this country and the continued life long imprisonment of slaves, but I’m not from the South. Down there the memory of Confederate veterans is held in very high esteem.

Headstone in Polk County, Arkansas of Private A.C. Mathis

Headstone of Private A.C. Mathis, Polk County, Arkansas.

Perhaps the ancestor for whom I’m proudest is my Great x 4 Grandfather, on my Mother’s side, Jesse P. Starkey 1780-1830. At 32 years of age he fought for the United States in the War of 1812 against the invading British. Like others who served, the Virginia born Starkey was awarded a land grant in 1814 in what is now southern Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri.

The Gateway Arch, part of the Jefferson Nation...

Populating the soon to be established state and paying the soldiers of the U.S. military was a goal of the James Madison administration. By the time Illinois achieved statehood in December 1818 only 35,000 inhabited the whole state. And thanks to my Great-great-great-great-Grandfather my family was well represented. 128 years later my Mom was born only a few miles away from the original Starkey family land grant, in Alton, IL. In the 21st century Starkeys widely populate Madison and other neighboring counties across The Big Muddy from The Gateway to the West.

My research has determined that branches of my family tree on both my Mom and Dad’s side resided in what is now the United States dating back to nearly Jamestown. And while has sent numerous notices to me informing me I have several ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and make me eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, I’ve not found the time to confirm these proud connections.

Indulging me a trip through my ancestors military service was all for the purpose of arriving here. I am damned proud of those who wore our countries uniform whose DNA I share. But I am equally proud of the many hundreds-of-thousands  in our nation’s history who spent time in their lives devoted to the strength and lasting endurance of this country and the ideals embodied in that document presented for signature in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

In looking back to my youth at why I never penned my name to a military commitment to serve my nation in one of the branches, I have to admit fear prevented me from following through on that desire. Not necessarily fear of dying in a war; just fear of the unknown, fear of the commitment required, and fear that it wouldn’t take me to where I wanted to ultimately end up. I wonder how many others never serve for similar reasons. I can’t be the only one.

So I salute those who had the courage that I did not, and helped shape this country. We all benefit from YOU overcoming whatever fear you possessed. Thank you.

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George Washington Knew What he was Talking About.

Painting, 1856, by Junius Brutus Stearns, Wash...

Painting, 1856, by Junius Brutus Stearns, Washington at Constitutional Convention of 1787, 

In November 1787 General George Washington wrote a letter to his nephew Bushrod Washington, who would later become one of the early Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. The purpose of the letter was for the Father of our Country to explain his support for the yet to be adopted U.S. Constitution. Washington had served honorably as the President of the 1787 Constitutional Convention which crafted this great document.  In the letter the Great General wrote “No man is a warmer advocate for proper restraints, and wholesome checks in every department of government than I am; but neither my reasoning, nor my experience, has yet been able to discover the propriety of preventing men from doing good, because there is a possibility of their doing evil.” In so writing few men have ever more fully and properly espoused the arguments for individual liberty. In essence Washington was saying TRUST your fellow man.

In the 223 years since the adoption of our Nations most revered document people have forgotten that it was hardily debated, and strongly opposed. The mere presence of Washington and fellow American Revolutionary hero Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin 1767

Benjamin Franklin 1767

within the Convention was perhaps the greatest argument the Constitution’s advocate’s had for its adoption. And a strong argument it was. Franklin and Washington were held in near God-like reverence by early Americans. Since Franklin and Washington supported adoption of the Constitution as it was ultimately written its adoption became far easier.

Opponents feared the Constitution produced too strong a government, and gave the office of The President too much power. Opponents were aghast at the fact that the Constitution enabled the continuing existence of slavery. Having just fought an eight year bloody Revolutionary War for liberty and freedom from the tyranny of British rule, continuing to hold fellow human beings in forced servitude was an hypocritical conflict some members of the Convention couldn’t stomach. Opponents of the Constitution also objected to the absence of a Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments to the Constitution granted, or acknowledged, the individual rights we all enjoy and fight over today. But they came after the Constitutions adoption in 1789. Ratification of 10 of the first 12 proposed Amendments (yes 12), The Bill of Rights, was finally ratified by the states more than 2 years later in December 1791.

Washington’s admonition to trust that good not evil would be the end result of a God-fearing and moral people speaks to today’s Democrats calls for increasing government regulations, laws, and controls on the American people. Democrats specifically say more control is necessary in order to prevent some from doing evil (in some form or another).

1795 - 1823

George Washington

Though Washington was responding to specific concerns about the fear he would become President and subsequently Monarch, and that slavery would continue, and more importantly to the opponents, that recognition of American citizen’s individual rights was not and would not be addressed; he said this is a good document, it should be adopted, and stopping its adoption didn’t make sense merely because some didn’t trust that what did ultimately come-to-pass would come-to-pass.

Were the Constitution not adopted and ratified the 13 original State’s would have split up to ultimately fall under the control of some more powerful and organized nation; perhaps Spain, France, and perhaps Britain again. Imagine. The Bill of Rights would never have been created and the shining light on the hill that the United States of America became for the rest of the world, would never have gotten started. And it would have failed because some didn’t trust their fellow Americans to do the right thing.

Where have we heard THAT before.

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Gay marriage offers a moral litmus test – – May 12, 2012


Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

“Don’t be misled: Opposing sin has nothing to do with how we treat other people. Disapproving someone’s behavior should never stop us from treating them with respect and encouraging what is best for them. Ask any parent whether it’s possible to oppose harmful behavior yet love a person dearly.”

32 times states have been asked to vote on Gay marriage and 32 times voters have affirmed that marriage is between a man and a woman. But President Obama says he knows better…again.

This well written commentary may fly in the face of pop culture and populism, but its a very good read for those who call themselves Christian.

Gay marriage offers a moral litmus test – – May 12, 2012.

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