When Does a Life Begin Having Rights?

The artificial argument created by the Obama Re-Election Administration(and Yes I termed them that way intentionally) over women’s birth control has gained more steam than I dreamed possible. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have termed this artificial, non-existent fight the Republican’s War on Women.

Republicans War on Women at the State Level we...

I am seldom surprised by the gullibility of the American electorate, but must admit this time, I’m dumbfounded. Obama and his minions have successfully managed to divide and enrage people with reasonable and differing views where mostly quiet co-existence had existed for the past 50 years.

Are Conservatives actively trying to impede women’s access to birth control? Puhhhhleeeezzz! If you believe so show some balls. Comment on this blog and tell us all where those impediments exist.

Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parent...

Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parenthood administrative and medical facility in the nation. It also serves as the headquarters for 12 clinics, located in Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trying to de-fund Planned Parenthood, you say? That is more about cutting wasteful government spending and abortion than it is about contraception. And Planned Parenthood would not cease to exist were the Federal Government gifts to their operating budget cut off. PP can and would continue to receive generous private donations. In fact, it could be argued that their revenue would actually grow from empowered liberals coming to the rescue of this liberal iconic venue.

Liberals: your next ploy would be to throw up Catholics resistance and outrage to the Obama Health and Human Service Administration’s birth control mandate. This mandate was announced in January after a GOP Presidential debate in which

American television journalist and a former po...

George Stephanopulos

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos shocked the world and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney

Mitt and Ann Romney on December 22, 2007, at a...

Mitt and Ann Romney

by asking the seemingly illogical, and uncalled for question “Can state’s disallow health care plans from offering contraception coverage?” Romney correctly pointed out that nobody wants to block contraception coverage. And he said it again, and again and again because Stephanopoulos kept asking; clearly indicating his mission from Democratic headquarters. Catholics righteous condemnation of the HHS mandate is totally and completely about religious freedom, not contraception. Were Catholic Church employees not able to have contraception paid for by their employer-provided health care plan they would not be denied contraception. They would merely be denied having contraception paid for, in part or in whole, by a Catholic Church that views it as a grave sin.

For the record I am telling YOU any of YOU who continue to argue that there is a Republican War on Women and a woman’s “right” to contraception that you are either stupid, impossibly ill-informed, or so hateful and bias in your political views that intelligent discussion with you is pointless. Move on. Don’t talk to me.

I find the whole subject remarkable in its divisiveness. Fifty years after creation of “the pill” and forty years after Roe vs. Wade this country won’t allow itself a sensible middle ground on reproductive rights because neither political side is willing to budge from their extreme positions; positions the vast majority of this country find unacceptable. Pro-Choice advocates want abortion on demand up to and including the partial birth of a living human baby. In other words they continue to advocate infanticide for convenience purposes. Outrageous!

Nearly, but not quite, as outrageous is the Pro-Life position that life begins at conception; that a fertilized egg represents life. Take that fertilized egg out of the womb and see how long it lives, and by what means its given nutrition. Answer those questions and you clearly don’t have life without the woman, the mother. Thus her rights remain paramount.

Neither Pro-life nor Pro-Choice can agree on what seems abundantly obvious to me. Life begins neither at conception, nor at birth, but somewhere in between. And since we’re talking about a LIFE, an individual, and all the God-given and Constitutional rights there-in bestowed upon that individual and the Federal Government’s required protection of that individual’s rights; shouldn’t we error on the side of protecting that life?

If a Pro-choice advocate says that a crying, wiggling baby not more than sixty seconds into the open air from their mother’s birth canal is Constitutionally protected and given rights under our Federal Constitution but that same PERSON had zero rights 61-seconds earlier…that’s just plain and simply unacceptable both logically, morally, and legally.

The great statesman Patrick Henry correctly noted “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” So restraining a woman’s right to control her own reproduction system should only be imposed when those rights infringe upon the rights of another whose rights also deserve protecting.

So, though I’m Catholic,

Constitution of the United States of America

Constitution of the United States of America

I acknowledge we are not a theocracy and Catholics can’t impose their beliefs on the populace any more than Muslims can or should. Therefore contraception is and should always remain available. So should abortion up until its determined when life begins.

When life begins is a question beyond my pay grade, to use a phrase made famous by Barrack Obama when he successfully dodged the same question during the 2008 Presidential race. But any idiot can agree it occurs well before a natural, healthy birth following a nine month pregnancy.

Unlike other posts of mine I broach this dangerous subject not for the purpose of starting debate but with the sincere hope of ending it. Let logic and reason, not religion or emotion prevail.

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Our Most Machiavellian President Ever?

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When I read how former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris theorized that President Obama and his crafty political operatives had devised a strategy to manufacture the issue of birth-control and paint Republicans as being against something that virtually everyone in America, even Catholics, are in favor of I was skeptical. I know Obama built his entire career with the Chicago style of politics, and merely took out his opponents as a primary strategy. But this scheme seemed too Machiavellian even for him. This morning…I’m convinced. Obama has made the whole country fight each other over birth control where previously no argument existed.

Remember when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney what seemed like a bizarre question about banning contraception during the New Hampshire Presidential debate?

Romney was so taken aback by the question he literally didn’t know how to answer it. And yet…Stephanopoulos persisted demanding that Romney take a stand on whether states can ban contraception. As one who has watched all the debates since August I can tell you it was one of the most diligent pursuits of an answer I’ve seen a moderator perform. And only now we can realize why. The former Clinton aide was doing the work of the Obama Administration and trying to get Romney to step into the trap. Fortunately, Romney avoided the trap skillfully.

Some weeks later Obama announces his directive to require all churches and church run organizations to include free contraception and the abortion pill in all health care coverage they are now required to provide all their employees. It was such a blatant violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment it seemed like Obama had really stepped in it. The fact that Obama’s announced accommodation one week later removed the requirement that churches pay for the contraception didn’t remove the fact that Catholic churches, in particular, were still required to provide insurance covering for their employees what the church considers a grave sin.

Of course in a choreographed defense of the Obama strategy Democrats of many stripes jumped in to turn the matter away from the only subject for which anyone was objecting, religious rights, and turned it into a defense of contraceptive rights. The left-wing media has fallen into line and began chasing down old quotes from Catholic Rick Santorum, taken them out of context, and painted the GOP Presidential candidate as anti-contraception.

The left and the mindless who fell in love with Obama in 2008 either ignored or were ignorant of his background. Obama got elected to the Illinois State Senate by underhandedly finding some technical loophole to have his opponent in the race declared ineligible. He did nearly the same thing in the race that got him elected to the U.S. Senate. There his underlings found unflattering details about his GOP opponent in his opponents long-ago divorce papers. Obama leaked the stories to the press and his Christian family values Republican opponent was suddenly looked upon as a sexual degenerate and a hypocrite. Obama slid into office.

The straw the tipped me into the broken camel’s back category came this morning during my morning workout. While on my exercise bike and watching MSNBC (my gym doesn’t provide FOX News) Luke Russert asked his visiting journalist panel for their “shameless plugs”. A woman, a journalist supposedly, said she was going to go out and join the “contraception rights” rally taking place in New York. And she pumped her fist as she said this. As if there really is some fight going on.

Attention Democrats!! Attention! You’ve been bamboozled again! You’ve been deceived. Not surprisingly you all seem to be falling for it. Now hear this…Now hear this…THERE IS NO FIGHT OVER CONTRACEPTION! NO ONE, NOT REPUBLICANS, NOT ANYONE IS TRYING TO TAKE THE PILL FROM YOUR FERTILE LITTLE HANDS. This fight is manufactured by a President who can’t stand on his record and needs to create controversy and division among Americans where no controversy or division exists.

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