Gay marriage offers a moral litmus test – – May 12, 2012


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“Don’t be misled: Opposing sin has nothing to do with how we treat other people. Disapproving someone’s behavior should never stop us from treating them with respect and encouraging what is best for them. Ask any parent whether it’s possible to oppose harmful behavior yet love a person dearly.”

32 times states have been asked to vote on Gay marriage and 32 times voters have affirmed that marriage is between a man and a woman. But President Obama says he knows better…again.

This well written commentary may fly in the face of pop culture and populism, but its a very good read for those who call themselves Christian.

Gay marriage offers a moral litmus test – – May 12, 2012.

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  1. While to most we believe that Gay Marriage is wrong because “Our Religions” Tell us its wrong. My personal religious beliefs should have no bearing on the legality of gay marriage. It falls under the Premise that as americans, we have the Right to Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

    The odds of it winning a popular vote are almost impossible, but the Government is obligated to pass laws regardless of religious beliefs.

    Gay Marriage should be legal because Gay Couples have the right to Happiness in life. Its time for people to let it go, because as a country we have much more important issues to worry about.

    • Thank you for your comment Jon. I agree that religion should play no part in determining the legality of Gay Marriage. That doesn’t mean a community cannot establish a standard for what they will or won’t consider acceptable. Many restrictions exist on marriage in this country that don’t elsewhere in the world and in history. You can’t marry more than one person…though that’s common present-day throughout much of the world. You can’t marry a minor…though what constituted a minor has changed over time and in different places throughout the world. You can’t marry your first cousin…though doing so was not at all uncommon as recently as 60-70 years ago…and to my knowledge is still legal in much of the world.
      I don’t know if Gay marriage is right or wrong but I completely support a “communities” ability to determine whether it is or is not. I honestly don’t care if 2 guys or 2 women marry each other. But I know nothing prevents the two from entering into a legally binding contract that equivocates marriage in every way but doesn’t have the government or religious “seal” of marriage.

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