How Much Are Women Really Spending On Their Hair?

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Ada Polla: How Much Are Women Really Spending On Their Hair?.


The above link is an interesting article talking about how much women do for, to and spend on their hair. In the article the person who spends the least claimed to only spend $900 per year on their hair. All the rest claimed to spend well over $2000 per year. In the case of one woman, over $10,000 was spent on her hair…which…as the article points out is dead and will be cut away in a short period of time. And none of the women in this article are women of colorI guarantee black women with any means at all spend much more on their hair than the average white woman. MUCH MORE! 


I don’t have any issue with women spending a lot on their hair. A woman with a good looking, nicely styled head of hair can really accentuate her beauty. However, I have issues with women spending lots and lots of time and money on their hair while being seriously out of shape and unhealthy. Where are your priorities ladies? Your poor fitness could kill you. It certainly will shorten your life. And in terms of attractiveness, speaking as just one man, a woman with a fit body and…less than perfect hair is more attractive than an unfit, unhealthy body with a perfect do.


Spend nearly as much money and time on your body as you do your hair and this country would not have nearly as bad an obesity problem. It would be cut in half, leaving only the men with the need to fix their weight issues. Because I guarantee any woman willing to put as much time and money into their body as they put into their hair will not have a weight problem.


This has been something I’ve wondered about my whole marriage. Fortunately my beautiful wife and I found AdvoCare to help us both with tremendous weight loss. And my wife’s hair is gorgeous in spite of caring for it on a tight budget. Certainly, a tighter budget than the women listed in the above article. AdvoCare helped her and I lose a combined 100+ lbs. in only 7 months, thanks to the 24 Day Challenge (Contact us if you want help with AdvoCare)


I just got a hair cut. I might get 6-8 of them in a year and spend $20 each time. I have no idea what I spend on shampoo and conditioner but if I were to guess, each bottle costs $5-6 and lasts 3-4 weeks, I might spend another $70-$80 for a total yearly investment in my own hair of less than $240.00. And keep in mind I’m not the only one in my household using my shampoo and conditioner. Obviously women have it different. And I understand that. But $900? $2000? $10,000? YIKES!


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Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won't regret it.

Go to our website, read our story and try some AdvoCare. You won’t regret it.