If You Voted For Obama Be Embarrassed! And Not Because of the Shutdown.

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So the Federal Government is shut down. Based on my previous writings and the headline to this blog I bet you think I’m going to blame President Obama. If so you really haven’t read my previous posts very closely. You don’t know me at all.

Though I don’t completely blame the President for the shutdown I am, nonetheless, enraged by his arrogance and perpetual politicking rather than leading. What’s got my ire up is the Chicago Wonderkind again doing all that he can to make Americans uncomfortable in order to gain political points. He did it when the Sequester hit last Spring too. It’s cheap and it demonstrates in BIG BOLD LETTERS that he doesn’t really care about the American people, only his ideology and at this point, I believe, his legacy.

As seen in this video barricades were erected around the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. and other open-air memorials throughout our Capital. It’s important for you to know, if you didn’t, that these barriers never previously existed. The government is shutdown because it, ostensibly, has run out of money. But it somehow finds money to erect barricades to our nations most precious monuments that at times other than the shutdown are open to the public at all hours of the day and night, 365 days-a-year?

Additionally, the Administration has ordered a stoppage of all military recreational events including the traditional match between military academies Air Force vs Navy. Again, look beyond the Obama people’s claim that this is being done to save money. But the game this Saturday at the Navy-Marine Corp Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland is an NCAA football game. It’s undoubtedly sold out, always is, and actually generates revenue for the military academies and the Federal Government.

Just like he did with the Sequester the President is having a temper tantrum and is making certain that we the American people suffer as much public discomfort as can be. So he is canceling as many events, or programs that reach the most people that he can. It’s his view that doing so will not reflect poorly on him or other Democrats; but rather it will reflect poorly on Republicans who he continues to blame for the government shut down. A shut down brought on because two of the three legislative branches of the Federal government led by Democrats couldn’t come to agreement with the one legislative body led by Republicans. But it’s up to you, the readers of this blog, to recognize what is really happening. Obama is hurting you in order to hurt Republicans. I so desperately want a President who works to make difficult times easier for us, rather than more uncomfortable. Isn’t that what leaders do?

The shut down is an embarrassment for our government. But it’s your fault, Republicans and Democrats, voters. Voters this is your fault. You re-elected the same leaders who have been in place for at least 6 years.

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Nancy Pelosi controls the Democrats in the U.S. House and has since 2002.

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John Boehner has the GOP since 2007.  Harry Reid is Senate Democratic leader going back to 2005. And Mitch McConnell has been Senate GOP leader since 2007. And then there’s the President. In office since January 2009. Nearly 5 years of the exact same leaders that have been incapable of passing a budget since 2009 (a year when Democrats controlled all three legislative bodies). How could you have expected any different? So keep your disgust to yourself on the subject of the budget wrangling.

Instead share your disgust with mine over a President going out of his way to hurt you. Has that ever happened before in American history? I think not.

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Poor People Shouldn’t be so Comfortable.

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Here I go again. Where is my compassion? This is what my Democratic friends and non-friends will say.

But as I wrote in an earlier blog called “Get Mad! Defend yourself. Conservative Values are Worth Defending”  I won’t take it. When I say “those in poverty in the U.S. live too comfortably and need to find it a little bit more challenging”; I’m the one with compassion. I’m the one who cares for their well-being. Democrats who want to keep them down by giving them JUST enough to continue their meek existence are the inhumane, the uncaring. Believe it. They’ve been dominating the poor in this country for far too long by keeping them fat and happy…and poor.

A recent study reported by The Heritage Foundation demonstrates dramatically that being poor in the United States doesn’t leave you much worse off than the average American. “Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?” by Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield points out that 97.7% of poor households have televisions. That compares to 98.7% of average Americans.

Additionally the study finds:

  • Over 78% of poor have air conditioning; compared to just 36% of all Americans in 1970.
  • 63.7% have cable TV
  • 65.1% have more than 1 TV
  • 38.2% have a personal computer; compared to 68% of the general populace.
  • 29.3% of poor families have a video game system, compared to 31.3% of average American households.
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The list is extensive and alarming. As the article points out the overwhelming majority of the 50-million who are classified as “in poverty” live relatively well with all kinds of modern amenities. The majority of them have air-conditioning, tv’s, cars, microwaves, adequate housing and ample access to food. The home of the average poor family was NOT over crowded and was in good repair. The average American poor family had more living space in their home than the average (overall average, not just poor) European.

There is no doubt that the poor in our country are struggling; but when they are struggling to pay for cable tv, the latest video game, and the comfort of air conditioning we have to ask why tax payer funds should go toward helping that struggle. The overwhelming budget deficits run by the current administration make it an even more important question.

MORE IMPORTANTLY there are people without adequate shelter or food who are hurt by the exaggerated deprivation of those classified as “in poverty”. But according to the study those who are homeless and at times without adequate food only represent 0.5% of the population; not 15-16% as Census reports in September 2011 indicated.

Of course its in the interest of certain demographic groups and organizations to exaggerate the numbers on poverty. In doing so more government money can flow to your demographic group through Federal programs designed to ease your burden and/or deprivation. But when a poor family’s amenities are nearly equal to the average household where is the deprivation. The study asked survey respondents if their home included a list of 30 household items they would have classified as amenities. The median average American household had 19 of these 30 items. The median poor household had 14.

Its worth noting that the average poor person does not represent all poor people. Like everything in life there is a range. But in order to come up with effective and efficient public policy to help care for those who are truly in-need we should be able to have a clearer definition of who is in need. And those who receive public assistance shouldn’t be so comfortable, and if they are, they shouldn’t receive public assistance.

The good news from this seemingly harsh stance is that those who live comfortably with lots of household amenities will be forced to make wiser choices for how they spend and save their money. They’ll certainly have greater motivation to work harder and smarter for the amenities they covet. And our nation’s deteriorating work ethic will get a necessary kick in the butt. And could it be that we all, even the poor, will learn to be more grateful for the things we have and the great nation in which we live.

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( Here is the link to the article in which the majority of this blog is based:  http://www.heritage.org/Research/Reports/2011/07/What-is-Poverty )

The Dependency of Dogs and People.

This article was originally written and published on Facebook in February 2010. Since that time my dog Nero has died.- M Schuett

Kid and Old fella

My dogs

I have some pretty smart dogs. Of course, anyone who’s had a dog as a pet feel’s pretty sure of what I write. But a recent demonstration of my dogs’ intelligence had me wondering if humans are more like dogs than the other way around. Or are we cats? Or are some cats and some dogs?

I have two labs. Nero is the old man. He’s a black lab working on his seventeenth year on this planet. Dakoda is a two-year old yellow lab, though really he’s white and tan.

The dogs’ intelligence is demonstrated in many ways from recognizing my moods to communicating that they have to go poop. Most frequently and notably it is demonstrated at feeding time. Once a day, every morning around 8:30am its feeding time. The routine is the same each and every day. I direct them to their respective kennels; though lately they go on their own without me telling them to do so. Upon scooping the food into their bowls from the metal garbage can in which it’s kept I bring them out tell them to heal and sit. These days, with the dogs being so intelligent, and so used to the routine that I actually say VERY little, if anything. Mostly, it’s just hand gestures.

Some 14 years ago my family began to routinely eat pizza for Friday night dinners. It was a tradition began out of necessity. My wife worked a corporate executive position that frequently had her out-of-town Monday through Friday. I would care for our, then, two kids through the week. I don’t mind saying that by Friday afternoon I was as worn out as a clothe rag used to scrub cement. I wasn’t about to cook dinner. So the pizza tradition started.

The dogs benefit from the pizza tradition too. They get treats. They certainly do enjoy their pizza CRUSTS, and are so sad and let down when we get Round Table pizza. Round Table is about the only pizza we have that has a crust that most of my family likes and regularly eats. This leaves the dogs with bupkiss.

As happens very infrequently this past Friday came…and we didn’t get pizza. The dogs are kept outside while we eat. When I let them in they furiously looked around for the pizza and for us to give them crusts. It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed this behavior. It’s happened often, when we don’t get pizza or when the pizza is a Round Table and there are no crusts to pass out. What struck me this time was that the dogs knew it was Friday. They knew it was pizza-day. They always do. Now, it’s easy for me to get my mind wrapped around a dog knowing when it’s feeding time on a daily basis. Their stomachs tell them so, if not their minds. But the realization that they know when its Friday and pizza day at my house just tickled me.

As with any dogs my dogs are dependent on me to feed them. They’re also dependent on me for love, and for petting and occasionally for disapproval. Any dog trainer will tell you this dependency is what enables a dog to be trained. When you consider a cat, you don’t get that dependency. While it’s true that cats are regularly fed by their keepers; they’re not like dogs. For instance, a cat’s food is left out. They eat it when they want. Often, they’ll eat some of it, leave some, and come back to it later when they’re hungry. I’ve never seen a dog leave food in the bowl. And as gruesome as it may seem a house cat can and does get its own food sometimes. Or what do you call the small bird or mouse your feline occasionally brings to your door? Cat’s whole personality is about independence. “Sure Mom and Dad; I like you and I’ll let you pet me and I’ll purr to show my satisfaction. But I can take it or leave it.”

The habits and training of a dog come from routine and the dependency soon follows. So the thought occurred to me are we any different from our fellow mammals? Calling humans “creatures of habit” is a cliché and like most clichés is based on truth. If you regularly have coffee as your morning pick-me-up you’re going to find it difficult to function without your cup of Joe. If you go to bed every night at 10 o’clock it’ll be hard to sleep if you turn-in at 9. Or you might find it hard to stay awake until midnight.

And if you are used to someone giving you something, deserved or not, you are going to develop an expectation and possibly a dependency. You won’t be a cat you will be the domesticated dog. I think of Chevy Chase in the movie “Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

when for the first time in years his boss doesn’t give him the Christmas bonus Clark Griswold has become so expectant of, and dependant on. When he doesn’t get it, he goes a little nuts. As we all know the domesticated dog was not always domestic. Canine’s historically were hunters, scavengers, survivors. Now if Nero and Dakoda were turned loose in the wilderness I fear they wouldn’t survive long. Or at best they would go through an extremely difficult time before learning to fend for themselves. Their knowledge, experience and even their drive to survive has been weaned out of them. They still have the claws, the fangs, and the running and jumping ability to catch and subdue prey. But they are dependent on me, so they use none of their God-given abilities.

When Government gives farmers money for not farming and for crops given a fixed price; when non-working low educated folks are given food and rent; when criminals continue to be let loose in order to re-offend; when the Government gives students all the necessary funds for college; and when corporations can spend money recklessly and still be given more money to fritter away, dependency is created. And though the recipients maintain all the claws, fangs, the running and jumping ability and all else that’s required to survive and thrive, loosing that which they’ve been given leaves them as defenseless as my dogs in the wilderness.

Our superior intelligence over that of Nero and Dakoda and their kind enables us to properly discern those from amongst us that truly need help. And collectively we’re caring and giving enough to see to it that such individuals are well cared for. We’re not animals. And yet we are. For when we rely on the pack to feed and nurture us entirely, like a wolf, we lose our ability to hunt. And soon we die. Or at least, like me, and like my dogs you badly want your pizza.