Palestinian IS a made up people AND conflict.

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Republican PResidential Candidate Newt Gingrich

Lost in the uproar over GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich‘s claim that Palestinians are a made-up people is the fact that he’s absolutely right. I’ll go further and state that not only are the Palestinians a made-up people but their plight is a largely made up problem. There has never, ever been a Palestinian Kingdom, Royalty, or Government; except for that which currently “governs” the Palestinian territories around Jerusalem and Gaza.

I’ll bet my mortgage that most Americans are completely oblivious to the true story behind the “Palestinians”.

A League of Nations mandate required the establishment of a new, separate, Palestinian nationality for the inhabitants of the Ottoman territories East of Jerusalem in 1917. Upon the creation of Israel and the subsequent Arab-Israeli War of 1948 a “Palestinian Exodus” occurred.

Nakba 1948 Palestine - Jaramana Refugee Camp, ...

Palestinian refugee camp in Syria in 1948

What’s important to note is that it was a voluntary exodus for the country that had been established, Israel. Neighboring countries Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt then and now have most of the world’s Palestinians, these people without a nation. Palestinians actually make up more than half of Jordan’s population of over 3-million people.

Map showing the West Bank and Gaza Strip in re...

Israel and Palestinian controlled lands

But most significant in their plight is despite being Arab, Arab speaking, and Muslim like the indigenous populations of these neighboring countries none of their host nations have welcomed the Palestinians.

More than 60 years since the Exodus these Palestinians and their descendants live in tents and are not allowed citizenship in their host countries. They are not allowed to own land, vote, or in any way live as their brethren. You have to ask yourselves, why? What would happen if these Arab countries granted full citizenship and rights to a people who have lived in their lands for over 60 years? Well…the problem would go away…wouldn’t it? And then Arab’s would be forced to find some other reason to hate Jews and Israel.

I find Gingrich’s strong and truthful statements about Palestinians refreshing. Gingrich hasn’t said he doesn’t want peace in the Middle East. On the contrary, he has just been particularly strong in condemning the rain of rockets that continually fall on Israel. Were it happening daily in the United States, say…along the Mexican border, would you be any less “strong” in your condemnation of  it? We’ve tried placating them for over 30 years. Perhaps telling the truth and calling them what they actually are will lead us to what everyone wants. Peace.

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Rick Perry was right. Nails a good idea.

When Texas Governor and GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry

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sticks his foot in his mouth he manages to include everything from toes to heel. His gaffes and awkwardness on the debate stage have made him look more like a buffoon than the highly successful three term Governor of our nations 2nd largest state. But Saturday in the CBS debate he let rip an idea whose time has come. A foreign aid budget that starts at zero every year and requires any nation, including Israel, to make their case for that which the United States gives them.

The United States gave somewhere in the neighborhood of $26-billion in foreign aid this year. And they’ll give more next year. Such is the nature of Washington. Increases are just done; period. No reason…just because. Israel is the largest recipient at over $3.1-billion; Egypt gets over $1.5- billion. The payoffs to these two countries coming as a result of the

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Camp David Accords of the Jimmy Carter presidency. Essentially we’re paying these two rich countries not to fight one another.

Interesting that our next door neighbor, Mexico, gets only $300-million dollars in Federal aid though they’re a poor nation with lots of people shooting at one another.

But Perry’s point was seconded by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

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who probably did a better job of explaining Perry’s idea than did Perry.

The best example of why we should ask countries to come in every year and make their case for what foreign aid we provide is Pakistan. This Muslim Country on the Indian Ocean gets nearly a billion dollars a year of our hard-earned and hard paid tax dollars. And yet, they harbor terrorists that kill Americans. “Come back next year, Pakistan”, is what I’d say. You want more money earn it. Otherwise “kiss my budget”.

Foreign aid only amounts to 1% of the Federal budget. But when we’re trying to cut expenses and aide to fellow Americans is being slashed drastically, foreign nations, especially those who don’t like us much, can wait in the back of the line.

And while we’re on the subject, why not start at a zero sum budget for MOST of our Federal programs? It’s our money. We should decide how we spend it, and not let that decision be based solely on what someone else started years ago.

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