Sitting in the hot tub Sunday morning with my wife we often talk of our three kids and what we can do to help them…and what they’ve done to…shall we say…make us scratch our heads.

The Author at Snoqualmie Falls

We often talk about our business, Total Broadcasting Service. She has only surface knowledge of the business, the customer names, the many appointments I have, etc. She has limited knowledge about the company’s finances; not because I keep that information from her. In fact the opposite. I tell her so much, so often I think she’s stopped listening. She doesn’t know much about how I spend my time during a typical work day, or why. Which is why she asked a question, that really sounded more like a statement, “I don’t know why you spend so much time blogging.”

Ah-ha! I knew she’d been harboring that concern. Every time I ask her to read one of my blogs I sensed a degree of irritation. She almost never reads them on her own. And she only placates me by reading them if I tell her to read one of them. She doesn’t like them. She doesn’t like that I write nasty things, otherwise known as THE TRUTH, about President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress. She doesn’t like that I reveal too much personal and private events in my life. And she could care less about my sports blogs because she hears all of that anyway, when I’m watching a game. But mostly, she wants us to make more money and live more comfortably and securely. She believes I’m wasting time writing blogs all the time.

Am I? Am I just a frustrated writer getting my views out to a circle of friends who may or may not care what I think or feel?

The answer is definitely, positively…I hope not. But…I don’t think I am wasting my time.

There is not one Search Engine Optimization, SEO, expert or Social Media expert, or Marketing Expert I have read, or visited with personally who thinks blogging is a waste of time. The exception to this would be the infrequently, inconsistent blogger. More on that in a moment.

As Master SEO Trainer Thomas Petty writes in his article Why Blogging is Vitally Important for Business- Three Reasons You Should Blog Now blogging is vitally important. His three reasons include the engaging of online customers, people will buy into you before they’ll buy from you; its great for link building and every business owner should know the more links to your website or social media business pages that you have out there the more search engines are likely to steer people your direction; and quality content is another thing search engines like. A static website or web page is very uninteresting to search engines. So the more blogs you write the more content you create the high up in the search engine (read Google) rankings you or your business will be.

This blog in the Search Engine Journal is more extensive and talks about building branding, presenting yourself as an expert, and the fact that it’s a proven business model used time and again to form and grow businesses.

SEO experts are near universal in endorsing blogs. I’ve actually never found one who is against blogging, but I assume there may be one. My experience tells me the greatest problem with blogs is they tend to ignore human nature. Most people are not writers, and most people aren’t very good writers. The result of this is that even the most well-intentioned blogger finds it difficult to post 4-5 times per week, which is necessary to grow a consistent following and grow your business. SEO experts also site videos as a very valuable tool in growing your online presence, and subsequently your business. That’s what we do for all types of small business, especially realtors, and auto shops.

But as I explained to my wife I blog because I like writing and those who know more than me tell me its a good thing to do for business. I also like writing (and even I have difficulty writing more than 2-3 blogs per week). Fellow bloggers and I would do better if we could consistently remember to post videos and articles from other sources, thereby reducing time invested in maintaining a good blog.

Here on M Schuett Blah Blah Blah I am intentionally provocative, especially with my blogs on political subjects. Those who would label me an extreme right-winger (and some have) aren’t paying attention. I am nowhere near being an extremist in any way except in persistence, frequency, and volume. That’s where I might tend to be extreme. I am so middle of the road on so many subjects. But I don’t write about the things to which I’m “middle of the road”. Why? By definition such subjects are average or boring. I want to generate interest.

My blogging on sports is just a “love” thing. I’m a sports fan.

Business blogs are also a love. But a different kind of love. I am interested in helping small business owners, like myself, achieve success. Here’s hoping these blogs help someone somewhere.

Since establishing this blog page in November 2011, 8 months, we have nearly 6000 views. That’s not a lot for some. It’s a helluva lot for others. Well… we’re working on it.

Some day I expect this blog to reach many many more people. And when it does I’ll have grown past the hope  level of “Why I Blog” and instead get into the “Why don’t You Blog?” category. And I’ll have answered my wife’s concerns. That may take a while.

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Obama: “We Tried Our Plan — And It Worked.” – YouTube

In the video below President Barack Obama is on the campaign trail where he makes the statement: “Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan, and it worked…that’s why I’m running for a second term.”

It seems as if he has strayed from his teleprompter again.

Do you agree? Do you agree that the Presidents policies have worked to better this nation and the condition of it’s people?

For the record here is how his policies have worked:

1. Unemployment has remained over 8% for 41 consecutive months.

2. Real unemployment is closer to 15%.

3. Workforce participation is at its lowest level in 30 years in spite of a population increase of 30-40 million.

4. The poverty rate is higher now that it has been since 1965.

5. Home values have plummeted and only recently have shown signs of increasing.

6. The median household income has been slashed $4300.

Then…there’s healthcare.

If you think the nation is better off with these above listed conditions than you are not a very enlightened person.

I get that Obama was and is trying to defend his record. But when do we hold him accountable for the outrageous things he says and does? If he is trying to condition all of us for THIS being the new normal…well…no thank you Mister President. Me and my fellow smarter and harder working business owners and a whole lot more people will ask you to leave the stage please.

But don’t worry I’m sure they can set up teleprompters in your new/old Chicago home.

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I Remember J.P. Patches

J.P. Patches

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Chris Wedes, the man who made the entire Puget Sound fall in love with a character named J.P. Patches. Chris, or JP if you prefer, passed away at the age of 84 after a long battle with myeloma, a form of blood cancer. But who could argue the man didn’t lead a complete life. If a person’s life is measured by how many lives that person touches, or positively influences, JP Patches measures as a giant.

JP Patches is not listening to Ron Sims

JP Patches is not listening to Ron Sims

Today I feel sorry for the many, many Puget Sound residents who transplanted here after 1981, or those born since who have little idea of the depth of feeling long time residents have for this clown who made so many kids and adults smile on his TV Show, which aired from 1958- 1981 and continued to entertain folks in the 31 years since at community festivals and events. Many, many times in the past 31 years JP’s appeared at Children’s Hospital bringing joy to some deserving kids.

JP Patches statue

JP Patches statue

You’ll probably think me odd but when I think of JP Patches I think of Watergate, and President Richard Nixon. As a nine-year old kid I was introduced to affable Senator Sam Ervin, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activity. It was the Watergate hearings and it was being televised daily right at the time I would normally be watching JP Patches, Gertrude, Boris S. Wort (the world’s 2nd meanest man) and the rest of the characters at the City Dump. I was so angry…day after day from February 1973 to July of 1973…I would turn on our 19″ Magnavox console TV wanting to see JP, and instead being treat to Ervin and his slow southern drawl. By the time the hearings were done it was Summer, I was sleeping in, and not watching JP or the hearings. I’m sure I watched more JP after that time, but not much. I was growing up, and five months of Watergate TV had got me out of the habit.

But I always loved the man and the character. And I know I am far from being alone. My wife was telling me this morning of a 50-year-old female co-worker who has a tattoo of JP Patches on her right shoulder and drives a car with a license plate that reads ICU2TV. Apparently her husband paid $500 for JP to make a personal appearance at the woman’s 50th birthday party. It must have been one of his last appearances. JP’s official last public appearance was nearly one year ago.

J.P. Patches Action Figure

J.P. Patches Action Figure (Photo credit: Tom Carmony)

I learned for the first time only this morning that JP Patches was first performed by another person at the TV station where the young Chris Wedes worked in Minneapolis, MN. As Wedes tells it the first JP quit suddenly and he was told to take the role or be fired. He followed one of his shows producers across country to the outback that was Seattle in 1958.

It was many years ago while watching the news on KIRO TV that I first saw JP without his makeup. The anchor, for reasons I can’t remember, introduced the “plain-clothes” dressed floor-Director of the newscast Chris Wedes as the one and only JP Patches. When the camera showed the gentle smiling man, I could see where JP got his warmth. That kind of sincere warmth, kindness, and love is as plainly visible as a single cloud in the sky on a sun shiny day.

I could go on and on, but I’ll finish here. I just wanted to get out publicly my memories and my genuine love for a man who gave so much joy to so many.

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The Miraculous Rise of Barack Obama- Bill Whittle

Barack Obama

While this video, sarcastically points to the miraculous rise of President Barack Obama from childhood to the Presidency of the United States, what I’ll find miraculous is if the critics of this post can stick to the facts and address the points of this video identifying where, specifically, the stated facts are incorrect. Far too often criticism of the President is labelled as racist, or somehow unfair. One of my favorites is the “everybody does it” argument, excusing Obama’s associations, political ruthlessness, and rhetorical statements that prove questionable.

So, there ya have it Democrats. The gauntlet has been laid down. If Whittle’s assertions in this video are incorrect. I invite you to say so.

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Individual Achievement is What Made this Country Great

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919)

Henry Ford (ca. 1919)

Ford Motor Company was started by a man named Henry Ford. In 1891 Ford was an engineer working for Thomas Edison at the Edison Illuminating Co. This position gave him enough time and money to independently work on his hobby, the gasoline powered engine. After developing to prototype motor cars Ford created the Detroit Automobile Company in 1898. His effort failed. The company closed in 1899 due to poor quality vehicles that were too expensive.

Not deterred Henry Ford created and raced a 26-horse power vehicle which he used as a prototype for opening yet another company, Henry Ford Company in 1901. But after bringing in investor Henry M. Leland, Ford left the company bearing his name. The company was renamed The Cadillac Automobile Company.

1903 cadillac: runabout with tonneau

1903 cadillac: runabout with tonneau

Showing the grit and determination of all successful American entrepreneurs Ford took a third swing at corporate success when he took a $28,000 investment from Jim and Horace Dodge to form the Ford Motor Company. It grew into America’s most successful car making company. Of the three remaining American-originated car companies, Ford is the only one not to take, or need a government bail out in 2009. Ford solicited his investors, then put their money to work in a way that made them all exceptionally rich. Did he have help along the way. Only the help he sought and curated.

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and phil...

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and philanthropist.

Andrew Carnegie started working for Ohio Telegraph Company as a messenger boy in 1850 at the age of 15. He made $2.50 per week. In 1855 his mother provided him $500 from mortgaging her $700 home. He invested that money in a freight and cargo company called Adams Express, a company still in existence today. Carnegie continually took dividends and profits and re-invested them in several different companies. In 1864 he had $40,000 which he invested in in Story Farm in Venango County, Pennsylvania. That investment turned a $1,000,000 profit within the year through dividends and oil sold from the property.

Carnegie made his greatest fortune in the steel industry. Like Ford (and many successful entrepreneurs) he did so by figuring out how to make a desirable product more cheaply. At his Pittsburg plant Carnegie employed the Henry Bessemer Process in which the high carbon content of pig iron was burnt away in a furnace in a controlled and rapid fashion. The price of steel dropped, and Carnegie reaped the benefits.

As wealthy as Carnegie became the longevity of his name comes more from the giving-away of his money, than the accumulating of it. This hard-core capitalist, who used brutal methods to fight unionization efforts at his mills is believed to have given away more money on an inflation adjusted basis than any single individual ever. Carnegie’s money was used to build libraries, schools, performance halls and so much more. Like so many successful American 1%-ers Carnegie individually, without the help of government, made the lives of average Americans better through his charitable giving. In doing so he also maintained his wealth, throughout.

These are but two examples of a nearly infinite number of American entrepreneurs who used their own courage, daring, money, and effort to build wealth. In more modern times Apple Computer is now the worlds richest company. Apple was nearly bankrupt and out of business twenty years ago. Their resurrection began in 1996 when Steve Jobs, who had left Apple in 1985, a company he founded in 1976 while working out of his parents garage,  was brought back as company CEO.

In 2004 three college friends had an idea for a video sharing website and secured a capital investment of $11.5-million dollars to develop and launch their startup. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawid Karim uploaded the first video to YouTube.com in April 2005. Less than 2 years later they sold the company to Google for $1.65-BILLION.

John D. Rockefeller became the world’s richest man at the turn of the 20th Century by creating Standard Oil and the first ever private trust in the U.S. In building his company Rockefeller transformed how the world lit their lamps and lanterns from the ever increasingly expensive whale oil, to gas or kerosene. He saved the whales before it was fashionable to do so.

Image representing Bill Gates as depicted in C...

Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Jacob Astor,

Ben Franklin DSC_0591

Ben Franklin statue

Benjamin Franklin, Lucille Ball…and on and on. The list of American businessmen, and increasingly women, who either invented a new devise, or method of doing business is long and luminous. They, as well as all of us, stand on the shoulders of giants. We are all the beneficiaries of those who came before us.

But to insult the memory of these great businessmen and those struggling to exist today by questioning how smart they are, or how hard they work relative to others as President Obama has done is to completely misunderstand that which makes a person great. And it isn’t done just by making great speeches. Greatness in business as with all things in life, comes from trying and failing, and then trying again…and again if necessary.

Mr. President I think the average business person/entrepreneur is smarter or works harder or both than the average person. Even if that assumption is wrong, there is no denying that they are more daring and more capable of facing risk and overcoming failure. Aren’t these qualities laudable?

To say, “You didn’t build that” or “You got help along the way”, and to then point to teachers and bridge and road builders as “helpers” in the construction of a successful business is just plain silly. I’m pretty confident there are roads, bridges, and teachers in Cuba, North Korea, Myanmar and everywhere else in the world. It doesn’t help people in those countries lift themselves out of pathetic poverty their socialist dictator governments impose on them. Furthermore, everybody else in America has roads, and bridges, and teachers too. Yet, only the few daring, smart, and hard working BEST of us take that leap into business ownership or entrepreneurism. They should be held up high and honored; not referenced in a snarky, arrogant defilement of their efforts and success.

President Obama revealed himself with this and other recent comments. Remember- “The private sector is doing fine”? But neither Obama nor his White House have walked-back away from these unAmerican comments yet, and at this point I don’t think they will. His whole re-election effort rests on class warfare and fomenting resentment among the masses of those successful individuals who dared stick their heads up above the crowd and try to overcome the many hurdles imposed by government, and start their own business. He rejects individualism in favor of collectivism. He rejects the concept of Liberty; a concept in which this nation was founded.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith statue

Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations wrote of the economy’s “invisible hand”, “By pursuing his own interest he (the merchant/business owner) frequently promotes that (the interests) of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it (the interests of society).” Which is to say a business person helps society best by pursuing his or her own selfish profit motives. The Wealth of Nations has been the smart economists bible for over 2 centuries. It’s a book Obama would benefit from reading. I was personally insulted and enraged when I first learned of Obama’s bitch-slap to me and other business owners. But, I am now grateful. His true beliefs and nature are showing much more than they did during the celebrity-carnival that was the 2008 campaign. And while our nation is full of his left-thinking supporters who believe it is better to force people to think their way than to allow them to think as they wish, I believe far more Americans believe in the respect of every individual, as I do.

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