Obama’s Illegitimate Term

Listening to the news reports this morning of the weekly unemployment claims my mind flashed back to news that was not widely reported. Currently the federal unemployment stands at 7.0%. It’s the lowest it’s been in five years. release of December unemployment numbers tomorrow, January 10, are not expected to see that number change.

But how excited should we be about an unemployment rate of 7-percent; especially when considering that the federal report doesn’t include the high number of people who have dropped out of sight by no longer looking for work, the number of people under-employed, etc? Unemployment continues to be a drag on the economy, an economy that has been in the stewardship of Barack Obama for a full five years. Say what you will about what George W. Bush left Obama, there is simply no disputing this economy is his, and the Democrats as a whole.

But the economy seems to be improving, if only slightly. For that I am grateful.

But the little reported news story: The New York Post reported November 18th this headline, Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report”The news came just prior to the start of the frenetic holiday season and was quickly gone from discussion. It also came as no news to people like myself who saw the sharp drop from 8.1% to 7.8% in September 2012 as false and manufactured. The number of jobs created during that month was only about 150,000 (memory, haven’t verified) which is not nearly enough jobs created to create a 0.3% drop in the unemployment rate. Most economists say 200k-250k jobs need to be created just for the unemployment rate to remain stable.

So now we know how President Obama won re-election in spite of one of the least distinguished Presidency’s in American history, he used the power of government repeatedly to steal the election.

Since his convincing victory over Republican Challenger Mitt Romney lets examine what we’ve learned:

1. Obama’s government falsely reported unemployment numbers just prior to the election to create the illusion that economic improvement was better than anyone believed it to be.

2. The IRS under the guidance of a Democratic partisan held up non-profit status for “Tea Party” or “Conservative” organizations beginning in 2010 and continuing past the November 2012 Presidential election. In hold up the non-profit 501c-4 status of these many organizations the Obama Administration severely hampered Republican leaning organizations from raising millions of dollars necessary to compete against an incumbent president and entrenched Democratic Senate.

3. The Obama Administration, including the President himself, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied about the nature of the 9-11 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attacks. The each repeatedly blamed a anti-Muslim YouTube video for sparking a murderous crowd to attack the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi (user mortars) killing four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Stevens was the first American Ambassador to any country to be killed on duty since 1979. Blaming the video allowed Obama and Vice PResident Joe Biden to continually falsely claim that Al Qaeda was on the run, and Obama could take credit for having vanquished the international terrorist organization.

These three facts along with other actions by the Administration, for which our primarily liberal media has yet to discover, are responsible for misleading the American electorate into believing things were not as bad as they seemed. And they’re responsible for partially muzzling the very voice who would stand up to the Obama Machine and point these facts out. And to think, Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment for lying about his knowledge of a coverup of a break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. A break-in he likely knew nothing about, in advance.

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Non-Essentials – Bill Whittle says what I Already Said

In the embedded video in this blog Bill Whittle says what I wish I’d said.

Come to think of it…I DID. I said much the same thing in our blog, If You Voted For Obama Be Embarrassed! And not Because of the Shutdown in which I point out that the barricades placed in front of our D.C. National Monuments were an expense in the shutdown and not a required cost saving measure. It was Obama trying to hurt his fellow Americans.

Watch the video as Mr. Whittle says it better than I.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a President who actually cared for Americans and worked to make their lives easier rather than pushing a leftist ideology that ultimately is all about control and not about care?

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Conservatives look in the Mirror

English: Seal of the President of the United S...


Americans have re-elected a President presiding over 7.9% unemployment and GDP growth below 2%. These are by far the worst economic numbers overcome by a President winning re-election since Franklin Roosevelt in 1936.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Fra...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933.


It’s not too difficult to figure how this happened.


There are currently 47-million Americans on food stamps. Just how many of them voted for Mitt Romney? Seriously…can you really expect a dog to bite the hand that feeds it? President Obama received a total of 58-million votes. And if 95% of food stamp recipients voted for him then all he would have needed was 12-million non-food stamp recipients to vote his way to overcome Romney’s total. Obama has created this dependency. It’s not likely they’ll vote against the person who keeps giving them their candy.


In spite of the Federal Government-gives-candy-advantage Obama held; Romney still could have won this election had Conservatives not self-destructed. The most obvious failing comes from the selfish, masturbatory Libertarian voters who sent nearly 1.2-million votes to Gary Johnson.


Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson 


Add in the 0.1-1.4% (depending on the state) of “voters” who wasted their vote on the Constitution Party candidate and you have just enough Conservative voters to match Obama in the popular vote. There’s no doubt in my mind that had this 1-2% of voters not bashed Romney as equally and vociferously as they did Obama over the course of the past year we’d be celebrating a Romney victory this morning. Florida is still too close to call and Virginia, Ohio and Colorado went to Obama by less than 2%. That’s the whole ball game.


What troubles me now and did so throughout the campaign is the foolish, bigoted, and hateful comments about Obama and his supporters that continuously poured from Conservative corners. The “birther” issue was and remains idiotic. And it was clearly racist. What I never understood was the point of it. Obama could have been born on Mars. Because his Mom was an American citizen so was he. The end result was the extreme side of Conservative politics continually gave Liberals all the ammunition they needed to once again paint those with our point of view as angry, mean, and bigoted.


Since the 1930s more Americans have identified themselves as Democrats than Republicans. And over the past 20 years more and more Americans are identifying themselves as independent. Overall, it’s roughly 1/3 Democrats, Republicans and independents. Polls show Romney won independents. But he didn’t win Democrats, not enough of them anyway. If scary, angry, bigoted Conservatives (what few of them there are) scare-off even a small percentage of independents and all Democrats,  Republicans don’t have a chance…not in 2012, and certainly not going forward as our country increasingly becomes less white and more brown.


Karl Rove correctly points out that there is no reason Republicans shouldn’t enjoy more support from this countries Hispanics. Generally speaking they are more religious and focused on family values than the overall populous. With such values they should vote for the GOP. But they don’t. Yesterday and in 2008 they vote close to 70% for Democrats. Why is that? Only one reason: too many Republicans allow  hateful xenophobic attitudes to exist within our own political discourse without justly shouting them down. And I for one am sick of it.


It makes me mad as hell to have Liberals who don’t know me constantly assume I’m a bigot. It happens all the time. And it diminishes me in the eyes of my kids, my black kids. It’s important that my values are passed on to my kids so that they may pass them on to their kids, etc etc. But like all young people my kids are influenced not only by me but by what they see and hear in society. And if I’m less trusted and less understood simply because I’m associated with people who espouse bigotry I’m naturally going to be hurt in my efforts to stand as a good example to my children. I worry about this constantly.


Republicans have to bring people to the party and not repel them. With a country that is increasingly made up of people of color we’re going to have to see to it that we not only attract them but repel and reject the angry bigots. They don’t make-up a large percentage of Conservatives or Republicans. But they don’t need to in order to chase away any chance the party has of winning in the future.


God Bless America.


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An Act of War, not a Movie Protest – The Orange County Register

Barack Obama in Las Vegas, NV - September 12th

Barack Obama in Las Vegas, NV – September 12th

An extremely well written piece on exactly what happened this week in the Middle East and with our President. I hope it’s read by everyone. Click on the link below.

Mark Steyn: An act of war, not a movie protest | president, say, america – Opinion – The Orange County Register.

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The Miraculous Rise of Barack Obama- Bill Whittle

Barack Obama

While this video, sarcastically points to the miraculous rise of President Barack Obama from childhood to the Presidency of the United States, what I’ll find miraculous is if the critics of this post can stick to the facts and address the points of this video identifying where, specifically, the stated facts are incorrect. Far too often criticism of the President is labelled as racist, or somehow unfair. One of my favorites is the “everybody does it” argument, excusing Obama’s associations, political ruthlessness, and rhetorical statements that prove questionable.

So, there ya have it Democrats. The gauntlet has been laid down. If Whittle’s assertions in this video are incorrect. I invite you to say so.

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Indefensible Comments From Obama are Being Defended.

Astounding that the comments made in the above video are being spun and defended by bias, entrenched liberal warriors who don’t want their champion to fall. The problem is the words used in this video are completely indefensible. There is no explaining away the fact that our President Barack Obama believes government comes before private industry, private industry wouldn’t succeed without government, and entrepreneurs owe all their succes to government. As a private business owner I can say without equivocation government has posed more of a hinderance to my company’s growth than it has an asset.

Defenders of this speech last Friday in Roanoke, Virginia have repeatedly pointed to the text of the speech as evidence that the President was taken out of context. For the life of me I can’t imagine why we need the text when we have the full video showing the entire statement in full throated socialist roar. But to placate those deaf, and blind who seem intent on calling that which is up, down, and calling that which is dark, light…we post here the full text of what Obama said:

“If you were successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think ‘Well it must be because I am just so smart’. There are a lot of smart people out there. ‘It must be because I worked harder than anyone else.’ Let me tell you something. There are a whole bunch of hard working people out there. If you were successful somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’

The opening lines of the statement is said in mockery of business owners. Our President is belittling the very people who are the engine AND the wheels of this economy.

To make the argument that the President is right; every entrepreneur got help along the way from teachers, road builders, etc is an inane and silly argument. All of the American people receive the benefits of road building and public education. Every American has the opportunity to strike-out on their own and create commerce and create jobs by building a business. Very few do. Very few put their own money into a business and risk losing it all. Very few work mornings, afternoons, evening, and weekends when the going for their business gets tough. Few are interested in reading the books, watching the videos, attending the classes and the seminars needed to learn how to start and grow a business. Almost none are faced with using and abusing their credit cards when necessary purchases have to be made and cash flow isn’t there.

When payment of the world’s highest federal corporate tax rates come due it isn’t the employees the IRS comes after. Hard working company employees and government employees are not held legally liable when something goes wrong with a business. No. It’s the business owners who face the repercussions; legal and otherwise. And when a business fails the employees lose their jobs, but the business owner loses their job, their dreams, their way of life, often their house and much much more.  

I want to give credit to a friend, Bradley Kelley, who wrote the following:

“All of the discussion on the role of government sounds great as to all the benefits to society in general as long as you acknowledge one critical point; government was formed to do these functions by people already engaged in trade with each other and employing others, who were willing to give to public coffers to fund these functions. Get the story straight, that government was formed and survives at the behest of the governed. It does not exist without the benevolence of the governed and those that fund it. Everyone may use roads, attend public schools and enjoy police protection. Not everyone risks everything they have and their family’s future to start a business. When you get hired for a job some one owns that business and provided the capital to fund it (before there was any revenue). The same is true in the public sector. Our property, business, B & O, sales, income, gas taxes etc. fund those jobs. The horse is the private sector. Carts don’t pull horse and you better make sure you have enough horses and they are well fed or the carts don’t move.”

The President believes that people and businesses don’t succeed without government. He doesn’t understand that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…”. It’s not the other way around, Mr. President.

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Obama Reveals Himself Fully

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

In last Friday’s nationally televised news conference President Barrack Obama did more to offer voters a true point of evaluating him and his philosophy since he told Joe the Plumber in 2008 that he wanted to redistribute wealth. He showed that he is more about big government and supporting union jobs through taxation of the hard-working American people than he is about those same Americans creating their own lives and benefiting from their own labors. He wants more government jobs for people.

As you can see in this video, in which we provide you his entire answer, not just a short juicy clip, Obama says the private sector is doing fine. He says we need more government jobs.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wasted no time in pouncing on the President’s revealing words and correctly pointing out how remarkable the statement was.

The Administration quickly moved to damage-control following Obama’s statement. Obama himself saying a day later “Of course the economy is not fine..”. The media portrayed these words as Obama and his minions walking back his “the private sector is doing fine” comment. But did he really? Did he really correct himself? Of course not. He didn’t because he doesn’t want to. His so-called correction just re-emphasized what he’d already said that the economy isn’t doing fine (making certain not to mention “the private sector” again), and that his solution is to provide more government and government-employee-union jobs. And the big bad Republicans are to blame for not wanting to hire more government workers.

Choosing to portray the critical need for our economy as teachers, police and firefighters plays well, because we all (at least most of us) love teachers, cops, and firefighters. We don’t necessarily love their unions, especially the teacher’s. But ask yourself do you really think all our economic problems are because we have too few teachers, cops and fire fighters? The premise is silly on its face.

Government creates nothing. Government doesn’t grow any economy. Private sector jobs grow the economy, which generates more taxes (revenue) for the government because more products are being sold, and more income tax is being paid…which ultimately allows government to do and spend more…for teachers, police and fire fighters. President Obama doesn’t seem to get this simple concept.

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