Mitt Romney RNC Speech COMPLETE: When the World Needs Someone … You Need an American – YouTube

Mitt Romney

Let’s face it, speeches are over rated in the political world. To confirm this assertion all you need do is look at our President. Barack Obama is an exciting and dynamic speech maker. He inspired lots of people in 2008. He’s also proven to be a bad President.

Mitt Romney‘s speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida last night was not a stem-winder. But it was good, or at least good enough.

I sincerely hope Democrats and undecided voters will take the time to watch the speech and help yourself better know this very good man.

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  1. America needs to wake up and realize that Mitt Romney is our solution to a problem the liberals have created. Vote America for the best man for the job, Mitt Romney.

    • Thanks for the comment Karen. The more I learn about Romney the more I like him. The more I hear about Obama the less I like him.

    • Thank you Karen.

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