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Americans have re-elected a President presiding over 7.9% unemployment and GDP growth below 2%. These are by far the worst economic numbers overcome by a President winning re-election since Franklin Roosevelt in 1936.


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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933.


It’s not too difficult to figure how this happened.


There are currently 47-million Americans on food stamps. Just how many of them voted for Mitt Romney? Seriously…can you really expect a dog to bite the hand that feeds it? President Obama received a total of 58-million votes. And if 95% of food stamp recipients voted for him then all he would have needed was 12-million non-food stamp recipients to vote his way to overcome Romney’s total. Obama has created this dependency. It’s not likely they’ll vote against the person who keeps giving them their candy.


In spite of the Federal Government-gives-candy-advantage Obama held; Romney still could have won this election had Conservatives not self-destructed. The most obvious failing comes from the selfish, masturbatory Libertarian voters who sent nearly 1.2-million votes to Gary Johnson.


Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson 


Add in the 0.1-1.4% (depending on the state) of “voters” who wasted their vote on the Constitution Party candidate and you have just enough Conservative voters to match Obama in the popular vote. There’s no doubt in my mind that had this 1-2% of voters not bashed Romney as equally and vociferously as they did Obama over the course of the past year we’d be celebrating a Romney victory this morning. Florida is still too close to call and Virginia, Ohio and Colorado went to Obama by less than 2%. That’s the whole ball game.


What troubles me now and did so throughout the campaign is the foolish, bigoted, and hateful comments about Obama and his supporters that continuously poured from Conservative corners. The “birther” issue was and remains idiotic. And it was clearly racist. What I never understood was the point of it. Obama could have been born on Mars. Because his Mom was an American citizen so was he. The end result was the extreme side of Conservative politics continually gave Liberals all the ammunition they needed to once again paint those with our point of view as angry, mean, and bigoted.


Since the 1930s more Americans have identified themselves as Democrats than Republicans. And over the past 20 years more and more Americans are identifying themselves as independent. Overall, it’s roughly 1/3 Democrats, Republicans and independents. Polls show Romney won independents. But he didn’t win Democrats, not enough of them anyway. If scary, angry, bigoted Conservatives (what few of them there are) scare-off even a small percentage of independents and all Democrats,  Republicans don’t have a chance…not in 2012, and certainly not going forward as our country increasingly becomes less white and more brown.


Karl Rove correctly points out that there is no reason Republicans shouldn’t enjoy more support from this countries Hispanics. Generally speaking they are more religious and focused on family values than the overall populous. With such values they should vote for the GOP. But they don’t. Yesterday and in 2008 they vote close to 70% for Democrats. Why is that? Only one reason: too many Republicans allow  hateful xenophobic attitudes to exist within our own political discourse without justly shouting them down. And I for one am sick of it.


It makes me mad as hell to have Liberals who don’t know me constantly assume I’m a bigot. It happens all the time. And it diminishes me in the eyes of my kids, my black kids. It’s important that my values are passed on to my kids so that they may pass them on to their kids, etc etc. But like all young people my kids are influenced not only by me but by what they see and hear in society. And if I’m less trusted and less understood simply because I’m associated with people who espouse bigotry I’m naturally going to be hurt in my efforts to stand as a good example to my children. I worry about this constantly.


Republicans have to bring people to the party and not repel them. With a country that is increasingly made up of people of color we’re going to have to see to it that we not only attract them but repel and reject the angry bigots. They don’t make-up a large percentage of Conservatives or Republicans. But they don’t need to in order to chase away any chance the party has of winning in the future.


God Bless America.


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  1. You listed some of the reasons why so many former Republicans as myself can’t stomach going back to the Republican party! Don’t think I ever will. When they can be civil, promote equality, not rush us into unmerited wars, bring back what they undid such as the fairness doctrine and restore anti-trust laws…maybe. Maybe when they stop pretending as old white men that they understand women’s issues, allow Wall Street and banks to do ungodly things to hard working citizens. That might be like waiting for hell to freeze over.

    • I appreciate your comment though I highly disagree with your characterizations. Please come back again. Thanks.

  2. Interesting article, Michael. I can understand your frustration with the comments you hear about conservatives and bigotry, and I’m sure that is difficult. But I wonder about something that you said, so I’ve been checking some numbers. You state (as did Romney) that almost 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Obama got 59,621,436 votes to Romney’s 56,989,709. There are another 90 million eligible Americans who didn’t bother to vote. I’m sure that some people who are getting food stamps voted. Probably, of the ones who voted, they were split between the candidates–it doesn’t seem to me that people always vote reasonably, or understand the issues (note that some people want the government to stay out of their Medicare!). But I’d be willing to bet that more food stamp and welfare recipients are in the non-voter category than in either of the results for the Dems or the Reps. Do you not think that your comments about Democratic voters being primarily food stamp recipients might be somewhat bigoted as well? I voted for Obama, and I don’t receive food stamps. Never have. I know lots of people who voted for Obama, who have not ever, as far as I know, received food stamps or welfare. I think your assumption is wrong, and you’re painting a whole group of people with a really incorrect and broad brush, just as some liberals paint conservatives as being bigoted. This food stamp discussion seems like sour grapes to me.

    • Obviously, the food stamp equation is not perfect. But I absolutely don’t think its sour grapes at all. It’s very much in line with what won Obama the election. His supporters believe in more government and more government give-aways. This is not news. And its not sour grapes. It is what it is. And I believe since more and more people are recipients of some form of government assistance or entitlement more and more people are dependent on government. That includes individuals as well as labor unions which the Democrats continually funnel money toward. And I can’t see how you can position my blog as sour grapes when I title it and spend the majority of its body being critical of those who vote like me. I really appreciate you reading and commenting. I hope you’ll return frequently.

      • Michael: I’m still on the food stamp issue, and still feeling abused by the inference that a vote for Obama is a vote for government give-aways. Not so. While I do think that the government should help with investment where desirable, I’m not for supporting able-bodied people when there are other alternatives. I don’t know anyone who is! I did an admittedly tiny bit of research on food stamps, and suggest that you read this article: The growth in food assistance has to do with the economy and with the lack of jobs. Their use has been declining, not increasing, as the economy improves. One of the reasons Romney lost, I believe, is that the right bandies about facts and figures that are not correct, and enough independents check the facts that the ads hurt the candidates they are supposed to help. The left does this as well, but not as frequently. As an Independent, I try to figure out what is reasonable, and check what I am not sure about. It’s not reasonable to think that Obama, or anyone really, wants to hand out money to people who don’t need or deserve it. Government aid should be reserved for people who, through no fault of their own, are not able to provide for themselves or their dependents. I’d like the taxes I pay to work toward kick-starting more growth in our economy, and I don’t consider that a hand-out. I’d love to see a big push from citizens from both sides on campaign finance reform, to cut down on much of the misleading advertising that went into this year’s election.

      • Mindy,

        More people are on food stamps now than ever in our history. Unemployment benefits extend for two years, longer than at any time in our history. I’m not backing down on the statement that those who are recipients of government largesse voted for Obama. I don’t need any poll or survey to know this to be true. It’s “ya—-duh”. Many liberals/Democrats believe government benefits are there because they’re needed. Many Conservatives/Republicans believe people are their because of the benefits. It’s free money, and or food and they’re taking it. Again…common sense (maybe not that common). I am reminded that 1/2 of all Americans are below average in intelligence. It’s a mathematical fact (and obviously I’m not including you). But you voted with them. You voted for a President presiding over 7.9% unemployment, highest level for a re-elected President since 1936. He presided over unemployment of 8%+ for 43 months; more months than all the previous Presidents since Roosevelt combined. You voted for a President presiding over pathetic GDP growth of under 2% for each of the past 2 years. Your response is “Republicans made things sooooooo bad THIS is the best he could do”. Well…that’s your opinion, and the opinion of a lot of Americans. I absolutely do not believe that. In fact, Obama will probably reap the benefits of an natural economic uptick and be praised for it. It still won’t change any of the facts I have stated and it won’t change my opinion. BTW- please don’t twist my words into “You don’t care about people who are hurting and can’t care for themselves”; like so many unthinking Dems do. Yes I care about those who can’t care for themselves. And for them there is and always will and should be a safety net. But for others who are hurting. Good. Let them hurt. It’s OK. It isn’t permanent.

      • Well, Michael, we’ll have to disagree then. But I strongly believe that it’s the condescension from each side toward the other that is much of our problem now. You think the worst of most liberals, and many liberals think the worst of most conservatives. I believe that both sides voted for the direction that they believe will bring out economy back, and make this the best, strongest country we can have. I prefer not to be told that because I want investment in growth, both from business and government, that I’m on the side of “the 47 percent” who you consider leaches. I think that’s rude, and untrue, because I and other people who voted for Obama are also pro welfare reform, to keep only people who need it on the welfare rolls. And I totally agree that you shouldn’t be thought of as bigoted, just because you think that Obama isn’t leading us in the right direction. What I don’t understand is why you can’t see the parallels in these two totally untrue ways of thinking.

        And I also must remind you that the 47% who don’t pay income tax include my parents, who paid taxes all through their working lives, but didn’t the last 5 years or so when they lived on social security, until my dad’s death this summer at age 100. They include the members of the armed forces, who are paid by all of us to risk their lives for all of us. They include people who are making a contribution in other ways, or who have made huge contributions throughout their lives. And many of the people on food stamps are the working poor, who are just getting by even with that help.

        Who do you think make up the group of 90 million eligible Americans who didn’t vote? And why should liberals think better of you, than you do of them? Someone has to be willing to start to pull us back together, and I think a good place to start is with the truth about each other. Let’s publish information about what’s good about each side!

      • Actually I think a good place to start would be to not put words in each others mouths…or more specifically if you wouldn’t put words into my mouth. I never mentioned any 47%. And I never called them leaches. That would be you. Read what I wrote and react to that. Otherwise you lose all credibility. And I’m sorry if you take offense. I take offense to you claiming I said offensive words about people that I did not say, nor do I think. Unbelievable!

      • You’re right. All you said was that most of Obama’s support came from food stamp recipients, and I have taken that further, because I felt that it was a slur against me. You also said that half of the electorate is below average in intelligence, and that I voted with them, and I also find that offensive. You seem to think that the percentage of scary, angry, bigoted Conservatives is tiny, but that the percentage of Obama’s votes from food stamp recipients is overwhelming, and I disagree until you can find proof (not from Fox News). I hope that you checked the info on food stamps that I included, above, since it shows clearly that it’s not because of Obama that more people need them. I am sorry that I assumed things that you didn’t explicitly say, as I really do believe that we have to take facts into account when we speak or write. I’d love both sides to do that. I do believe that you’re trying to be fair, but the statements about liberals are not coming across that way from my point of view.

      • Your food stamp Fact Checker link was a weak argument for your point of view. So I ignored it. You wouldn’t want to be offended I’m sure by my saying so. I didn’t say Obama put more people on Food Stamps. I just said how many there were, an all-time high (as noted by your Fact-Checker). And I admit I do assume most people on Food-Stamps, generally speaking, are less intelligent than those not on food stamps. I don’t think that’s a huge leap of faith on my part. Does it apply to everyone? No. And I didn’t say that it did. Taking my supposition further I also assume a lions-share of food stamp recipients voted for Obama. It’s too bad that you’re offended Mindy. I mean no offense to you. But you put yourself in that group of people. Not me.

      • So interesting! You don’t want liberals to assume you’re bigoted just because you are a Republican. But you get to assume that most people who voted for Obama are dependent takers, and that I must have put myself into this dependent group, which I don’t even acknowledge exists. You don’t want to consider that most people on public assistance might be in the non-voter group, but you don’t have any data at all that shows that any segment of voters is on food stamps or welfare. Seems like the pot calling the kettle black to me!

        The group I consider myself part of is the group who believes that we have to pay for the things we want, that taxes are not always evil, that we should tell the truth. That we have to work hard together to accomplish goals and fix problems. That we should show respect for each other. That we should take a stand for things that are right, and then not waiver from that stand just because it’s politically expedient. That fact-checking is, in fact, good. That we should not call each other names to make a point. And it really doesn’t matter what group you sort me into, because I know where I stand on all this. I know you’re not a racist. Be very clear, though, that it’s you, not me, who is defining the liberal voter to be part of fictitious group of dependents, and that you are so wrong about that.

      • Mindy you’re the one calling names. Why can’t you see that? I mentioned food-stamp recipients. You call them “dependent takers”. Not me. And lastly, because this is going in circles, I don’t know why you would assume most food stamp recipients don’t vote. Why would you assume that? I don’t assume that. I don’t know who makes up the non-voter (though certainly the Libertarian Ron Paul voter makes up a large percentage. Seemed like they all said as much). But based on what little we do know from the past young-people tend to not vote as much as those in older categories. Those that do voted 66% for Obama in 2008.
        In 2010 8% of food stamp recipients were over age 60. Subsequently approximately 92% of food-stamp recipients were not Seniors. Additionally, 10% of food stamp recipients were Hispanic, 22% were black. We know that 70% of Hispanics voted for Obama, 96% of blacks. Also 57% of food stamp recipients are women. 55% of all women voted for Obama over Romney. All of this information is public and taking it and transferring one bit of information into the other allows for a pretty fair conclusion, that most food-stamp recipient voted for Obama. Being fair, I’m not the one making unfounded assumptions. By assuming most food stamp recipients don’t vote YOU are making unfounded assumptions for which you provide no data. This IS the group you voted with. You want to call them hurtful names. It’s not me. Thank you and have a nice day.

      • If you are looking for someone to bring the parties together it isn’t going to start with Obama. He has been and will remain the most divisive leader in US history. He has pitted each group from dems, repubs, poor, rich, middle class, white, black, religious groups all against the other daily. That is one of many reasons I wanted him gone.

      • And I don’t see that at all. He did his best to work with Congress, but the Republicans refused to compromise at all. They refuse to allow his appointments, refuse to allow any increase in taxes by anyone, walked away from an agreed-upon compromise in debt reduction. I just don’t see how you can say that, MrsRZ.

      • Very easily. “If they bring a knife we bring a gun”, “vote for revenge”, and there is a democrat ruled Senate. He also goes around the process by using executive orders. Last I heard it was again more than any other ever. And before you say he’s just using what he is allowed it is going around the system way too many times because I believe he doesn’t respect the process to begin with. If Bush ever did it more than a couple times the uproar would be deafening, impeach him, jail him etc. but again it really doesn’t matter. I don’t think you believe anything you hear or read either unless its in a positive light. And that is part of the problem I’m trying to get across. I believe the worst, you believe only the best and I suppose the actual truth lies somewhere in the middle. We’ll never know until the truth is actually told. And I don’t believe it is-on either side. Get it?

      • They didn’t walk away from the debt reduction deal. Obama and Boehner had a deal and when Boehner arrived at the White House to close and finalize the deal Obama hit him with a request for more than than $400-billion in additional taxes over what Boehner had already agreed to. That’s how the Grand Bargain was foiled. When you have a deal you have a deal. Obama broke that deal, not Republicans.

    • Have you not heard that Obama took out the need to work to rec’v entitlements. You seem to want to wish it to be true. Good luck with that. People don’t want to work if they can get a check for free! Come on! You went to college right?! Fraud would be a great place to start in reducing entitlements. And yes, I do believe they are there for people who need them, and for a lot of people who don’t!

      • Okay, again, here is the truth. Check out this site: Obama didn’t drop work requirements, but he did pass this over to the states to run, as the states preferred. The right wants to give more power to the states, and then when Obama does just that, the right complains about it. You’re believing what you see on the ads, and in the campaign, and much of that was untrue or intentionally misleading.

        You know, the problem that we’re discussing here is that each side is taking half-truths and painting the other side with them. It’s important to check the facts before repeating what you hear, so you don’t spread things that are wrong. And it’s important to not call a whole group of people something that they are not, just because of a few bad apples. Michael’s original issue in this blog was that people think he’s a bigot because he is a conservative–and clearly that’s wrong. You’re suggesting that because I lean the other way, politically, I believe that people should get handouts for no work. Also clearly wrong, and I have pointed you to the facts. You can choose to read them or not. But we all have to stop talking trash in such huge generalities if we want to move forward. We won’t compromise better, and solve problems faster, by calling each other names and lying about each other. It’s important to find out the facts before we spread lies around.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I am sick because of yesterday’s result. But I have to disagree with you on some of your comments. My husband is Mexican, and a conservative, not a Republican, a conservative as I am. If we allow liberals to make us feel like bigots, then we run that risk. I can’t stand that representation of the Republican Party and frankly I think most of the liberal party are idiots. I just don’t understand how they think what they think, say what they say and do what they do. I have literally been a “republican” since I was about 8 years old. As far as the Mexican vote is concerned, yes, family oriented, religious, etc., but many are really concerned with amnesty and republicans are not their “man” for that. If they only knew!
    We don’t need to hold the mirror up to ourselves as republicans, we need to shine that mirror back on those liberals and their false accusations! You are buying what they are selling, and that my friend is sad. Do not let anyone, especially a liberal, tell you who you are-father or otherwise! Unfortunately, the rest of the country bought it. Lets not be discouraged. This was nothing more than a handout election. Will it improve? Not likely. Apparently, not many liberals actually expect people to have to work. But here’s a secret for your kids: hard work will win, every time, like you-the rules change, but you will be a winner in the end!
    Thanks for all your words these past months.
    Hang in there.

  4. Too bad you didn’t read it through, because I pointed out that neither you nor I believe that. I am good at critical thinking, and in thinking things through to their ends. Try this logic problem, but note in advance that nothing in these samples is true, adn if you don’t read through to the end you won’t have any idea what I’m saying here:

    Boys wear blue hats. Mary wears a blue hat. Mary is a boy.

    Conservatives are bigots. Michael is a conservative. Michael is a bigot. (your initial issue with what you say liberals think)

    Food stamp recipients are young and of color. Obama’s supporters are young and of color. Obama’s supporters are food stamp recipients.

    We can agree that Mary is probably not a boy. You are definitely not a bigot. And you can’t assume that just because someone voted for Obama, that the voter is a food stamp recipient, or even that many of those voters are food stamp recipients. While I’m certain that some conservatives are bigots, so are some liberals. While I’m certain that some of Obama’s supporters are food stamp recipients, so are some of Romney’s supporters. Oddly, people who don’t have money often think they will have money in the future, and they want to avoid taxes when the big day comes, so they (erroniously, I believe) hope to hold taxes down by voting conservatively.

    So all I’m trying to say is that we should not use that big brush to paint groups of people. And while you didn’t call names, you certainly didn’t intend your mention of food stamp recipients to be a compliment to liberals.

    • Now THAT is a cogent argument I can deal with. But the problem with it is that I am admitting from the start that I’m speaking on averages, generalities, and percentages. I’m not saying ALL Obama supporters are food stamp recipients or even that all food stamp recipients are Obama supporters. And I’ve seen nothing that dissuades me from my original point. (Now here is where I bring up the 47%) 47% of Americans pay no income tax thanks to who….wait for it…Republican President George W. Bush. And yet the perception is that Republicans favor the rich. Therefore, a good percentage, a majority, of the 47% who have no skin in the game will vote for Obama. It’s not a leap and its not inclusive of everybody. But EVERY exit poll supports my statement. Find one that doesn’t then we can continue this conversation. Short of that I’m done. Thanks for your contributions to this discussion.

  5. I’ve looked, but can’t find any mention in the polls about voters who receive any kind of assistance. I do see lots of comments about that from Fox News, and in other opinion pieces. I generally don’t find them to be accurate.

    • Why is that? Because they are conservatives? I don’t believe a thing I hear, read, or otherwise from any news organization especially CNN, Msnbc, or ABC or NBC- you name the letters. Your comments have worn me out not by their logic, their smarts or their brilliance but by their stupidity. Please stop. You will never convince myself of b.o.’s compassion for the needy, or frankly of anything. He is an angry man who hates America and every good thing she has ever stood for past and future. He is divisive by his very nature and attitude towards whites, Christians and Jews, wealthy and middle class. He is a liar. And I am so done listening to your whining. You are wrong about b.o. And the sooner you all figure it out the better. He has done nothing for this country except weaken it to destroy it. So be it. He will get his in the end. Stop. Please. No one is listening. They left a long time ago!

      • Wow–sorry I upset you. I was actually replying to Michael, not to you. If my comments upset you, then stop reading them.

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