People Don’t Know They’re Fat.

Me and My 2 Oldest- Easter 2011

Me and My 2 Oldest- Easter 2011

According to a 2012 study 35.7% of adult Americans are obese, and 16.9% of kids 2-19 years of age are. Basically it’s like this, if you have two friends and they are fit and not obese…then it’s probably YOU.

The comment is offered mostly in jest, but also with the intent of getting to a point. People really are not aware that they’re fat. For some it might be denial, for some it could be something else. Like an alcoholic who believes their drinking isn’t a problem over-weight people will continue all the bad habits that created their lack of fitness until such time they realize they have a problem.

I know what I’m talking about. At 47 years of age I finally realized that I was fat. I always knew I was overweight, but I would always say I was only 20-30 pounds from my optimal weight and that wasn’t too bad.

My wife and I watched the movie “Flight”, starring Denzel Washington, a couple of nights ago. (If you haven’t seen the movie skip ahead to the next paragraph because I’m about to reveal some aspects of the movie which aren’t a mystery, but that you may not want to know about in advance of seeing it). Washington plays an alcoholic airline pilot who’s drinking has caused him some embarrassment, and a divorce. But for the most part he remains functional, with the help of cocaine. Because he is functional in many parts of his life he continues to deny he has a drinking and drug problem. He says, “I drink because I choose to”, refusing a girlfriends efforts to convince him that he drinks because he “NEEDS” to.

Washington’s character finally does realize he has a problem when continuing to lie about his problem would have destroyed the reputation of someone else. It was then, as his character put it, “he’s free”.

Call 425-687-0100 if you finally realize what I did.

Call 425-687-0100 if you finally realize what I did.

I’m not a psychologist. But in my understanding of the word “denial” that’s not what most people with destructive lifestyles or habits are dealing with. Whether it’s obesity, or drug and alcohol addiction, or slothful laziness; people are not aware they have a problem. A lot of times it’s because they surround themselves with other people with the same problems and they compare themselves favorably to these other people. They convince themselves I’m not fat. Look at so-and-so. Or they say, this is just how I’m made. “I’m husky”. “I have big hips”. Please understand…no you are not. You’re fat. And you are fat because of what and how you eat and probably because you don’t exercise enough. But most probably it’s what you are doing in the kitchen or at the dining table that has led to your lack of fitness.

Sonja Comparison

My wife and I were in the same boat. When I finally tired of my size and feared the threat of dying young like my Dad, my Uncle, and my Grandfather I didn’t think I had much to lose. I was introduced to AdvoCare by a long time friend who told me I could have six-pack abs. At the time I was about 245 lbs. and said I’d just be happy to drop below 230. I still didn’t get it. I swear, I don’t know how my friend avoided laughing out loud at me. AdvoCare opened my eyes. I lost 30 lbs. And even more, though I reached a weight I’d not been in 25 years, I can comfortably lose 10 more pounds and possibly 20. My wife has dropped nearly 40 pounds thanks to AdvoCare and acknowledges the reason she always argued against my efforts to get her to lose weight was that she didn’t think she had so much to lose. From my perspective I hear that and think she must be nuts. But my wife is no more nuts than I am, or any of the millions of other Americans who are oblivious to a condition that will shorten there lives, and in some cases drastically affect the quality of what short lives they have remaining.

Nobody will change the mind or create awareness for someone who is over weight, or dealing with other negative habits, behaviors, or lifestyles by criticism. Criticize the fat person and they are more likely to think you’re a jerk than change anything they’re doing. Be it yourself, or someone else, be kind in realizing or explaining the problem. As stated earlier more than 1-in-3 are not only over-weight, they’re obese. So they, or YOU, have plenty of company. Plenty of enablers. Plenty of excuses. If it’s you please realize there is no reason you can’t be the size and shape you were after high school. Realize it’s possible. It’s lived every day by most, MOST Americans. You can do it too.

We can help. Call us to get started today. 425-687-0100.

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