Get Testimonials to Sell Your Business.

In seven years of operating my business, Total Broadcasting Service, I have been reminded by people, articles, videos, and by other means countless times to get testimonials from customers. It’s a long time business practice that is fabulous for giving your product or service credibility with those who don’t know you, who you would like to know you.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining the benefits of getting testimonials. I think they’re self-evident.

Where I thought you (the reader) might benefit is hearing how I went about gathering the testimonials I will share here.

Since Total Broadcasting produces marketing videos shooting a testimonial was easy for me. But it can be easy for you too. I’ve asked a good handful of customers to do them for us. In asking I emphasize that they will be posted to our YouTube Channel, which has nearly 12-thousand views, and elsewhere on the internet so they and their business can get some exposure too.

Amongst our many services Total Broadcasting produces a line of customizable marketing videos for realtors and others in the real estate business. Bellevue, WA Realtor Justin Richards was asked by me to explain how he uses our videos and what he likes about them.

As you can see I close the video asking Justin to tell the video viewers about him, his services, and how to contact him. It’s a great way to make the testimonial you need be a win-win for everyone involved.

I did the same thing in this video for one of our customers who benefit from Total Broadcasting’s auto mechanic marketing videos.

If doing video is beyond your capabilities then get some testimonials in writing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to write the testimonial yourself. Doing so saves your customer the time of writing it themselves. You also benefit by being able to use the words and make the emphasis you want to make.

Testimonial Letter

KC Martin Automotive in Lynnwood, WA was kind enough to provide us with this testimonial letter.

All you need do is send the testimonial your wrote to your customer on a blank piece of paper. Send an accompanying letter saying something like this:

I’d like to request that you provide us with a testimonial letter attesting to your favorable impression of the work we have done for you. We would be happy to have you write it in your own words, but to save you time and trouble we’re providing you a sample of what you might like to write. If you agree with it just copy it onto a piece of your company’s letterhead, sign it with your name and title and mail it back to us. Thank you in advance very much for doing this for us.

You may sweeten the request AND do some advance selling by telling your customer that in exchange with providing you with this testimonial you will discount their next purchase by some fixed or percentage dollar amount. In no way does this cheapen the testimonial or make it insincere. Once again, it’s merely an easy way to turn the request into a win-win for you and the customer.

When you focus on making a win-win situation for your customer under any circumstance you go a long way toward building a successful business.

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