Democrats Scream RACISM! So What Else is New?

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is a former Governor in perhaps the most liberal state in the nation, Massachusetts. He’s also a former Pastor and long time volunteer in his church. He quit his highly lucrative position at a company he helped found, Bain Capital, in order to work for free, no salary, for the Salt Lake City Olympics. He did likewise as Massachusetts Governor. He took no salary. Mitt Romney also gave away all of his substantial inheritance following the death of his father; making Brigham Young University the recipient and establishing the George W. Romney Institute of Public Management.

In addition to all these and many more acts of kindness, generosity, and philanthropy Mitt Romney is also a racist! And he’s responsible for the death, some would say murder, of a woman in Missouri in 2006. Or so Democrats would have you believe.

Emblem of the Ku Klux Klan

Emblem of the Ku Klux Klan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Democratic National Convention convenes today in North Carolina and leading into it was word from the blog-ous-fere that Mitt Romney has adopted a 1920s Ku Klux Klan slogan for his Presidential campaign slogan. They say Romney has on a couple of occasions uttered the words “Keep America American“, and that the phrase can be traced by at least two sources back to KKK recruiting material from the 1920s, and continually used up until 1950.

My first question is how does uttering ANY phrase “a couple of times” constitute adopting a slogan? The simple answer is it doesn’t. Romney’s campaign slogan adopted in April 2011 and used to this day is “Believe in America”. Furthermore, as pointed out in this report

Snopes logo

Snopes logo

Romney has on a couple of occasions said “Keep America America”, not the KKK phrase.

The murder of the Missouri woman claim stems from a Pro-Obama television campaign ad that shows a hard-core democratic radical who’s manufacturing plant  was closed down by Bain Capital in approximately 2003, after Romney had left Bain. The closing of the plant caused the man to lose his health care coverage. His wife had cancer and died. Of course THAT would be Romney’s fault, according to Democrats. Well, as absurd as that conclusion is based on the commercials claims and inferences it gets worse when the facts are actually injected into this fairy tale. The woman actually HAD health insurance coverage through her own employment. She wasn’t diagnosed with cancer until 2004, after the closing of the plant. And she didn’t pass-away until 2006. And yet, Democrats felt comfortable inferring that Romney caused her death.

The silly season is no longer silly. It unbelievably stupid!

Jimmy the Idiot Boy

A Democratic idiot

Those who would seem to think a racist and a murderer could reside inside the same body as the man who’s documented and demonstrated acts of generosity exceed any Presidential candidate you’ve ever heard of in your lifetime have to remove their imbecile hats and return to Cluelessville.

Is it too much to ask for Democrats to quit believing that Republicans are so completely hateful? Considering at least half the nation is Republican or Conservative I have to wonder how such so-called human beings can function. Think about it Democrats, depending on where you live in this great country a minimum of 1-in-3 people you encounter are Republican or Conservative in their politics. Were they as hateful and evil as you and your party portray why is it that you don’t deliver a well-deserved karate chop to the larynx of every other person you pass on the street? How do you leave your house? Clearly if you are surrounded by such evil haters you would be fully justified in barricading yourself in a fortified home encircled by a moat and 20 foot smooth cement walls.

This is the crux of Democrat’s arguments. Republicans are not only wrong, they’re evil. And this is what we will hear coming out of North Carolina. We can thank our President Barack Obama for this hate filled rhetoric.


Save your breath Libs. I already know your retort to this blog. “Well, Republicans do the same thing!” First of all, no they don’t. No credible Republican or Republican campaign advertisement has now or in 2008 discussed the extremist views on Obama, the birther crap or socialist/communist conspiracy nonsense. Second, can we agree that accusing someone of organized racism and murder are quite worse than saying he’s being disingenuous about his place of birth and that his far-left liberal philosophy is in-fact socialist? I would hope the 2nd point would be inarguable. But then again, Democrats made the allegations; there’s no telling just how stupid they really are.

And Democrats need not take their insult out on me with angry words. I’d be much more impressed if you simply told all those who believe as you that such hateful, divisive claims of racism and evil were not worthy of the party of Kennedy, Truman, FDR, and Jefferson.

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Mitt Romney RNC Speech COMPLETE: When the World Needs Someone … You Need an American – YouTube

Mitt Romney

Let’s face it, speeches are over rated in the political world. To confirm this assertion all you need do is look at our President. Barack Obama is an exciting and dynamic speech maker. He inspired lots of people in 2008. He’s also proven to be a bad President.

Mitt Romney‘s speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida last night was not a stem-winder. But it was good, or at least good enough.

I sincerely hope Democrats and undecided voters will take the time to watch the speech and help yourself better know this very good man.

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Harsanyi: A “lie”: A truth that Democrats don’t like – Conservative News


speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan


As can be predicted the Obama White House and Democrats are jumping up and down screaming “LIES! LIES! LIES” at nearly every Republican assertion made at the GOP Convention this week in Tampa, Florida.


The intelligent voter will recognize that just because someone calls it a lie, doesn’t make it so. In fairness, just because Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan makes an assertion doesn’t make it so either. Fortunately, we can record and check his words. And in the case of his speech last night claims of “LIES” are clearly political propaganda aimed at causing doubt in the minds of those who would consider voting for the Republican ticket.


Click on the link below for a fair and well reasoned article on what constitutes the truth and what constitutes a lie as far as Paul Ryan’s convention speech.


Harsanyi: A “lie”: A truth that Democrats don’t like – Conservative News.


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The Miraculous Rise of Barack Obama- Bill Whittle

Barack Obama

While this video, sarcastically points to the miraculous rise of President Barack Obama from childhood to the Presidency of the United States, what I’ll find miraculous is if the critics of this post can stick to the facts and address the points of this video identifying where, specifically, the stated facts are incorrect. Far too often criticism of the President is labelled as racist, or somehow unfair. One of my favorites is the “everybody does it” argument, excusing Obama’s associations, political ruthlessness, and rhetorical statements that prove questionable.

So, there ya have it Democrats. The gauntlet has been laid down. If Whittle’s assertions in this video are incorrect. I invite you to say so.

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Who Is Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Going To Be « Election 2012 Coverage

Condelezza Rice

Condelezza Rice

I am really in the corner for Condelezza Rice. I think she’s brilliant, and comes from a perspective that everyone can respect. She would be ready to take over the White House if ever needed to do so. And she helps with the electorate bringing over some black voters, women and independent moderates.

Who Is Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Going To Be « Election 2012 Coverage.

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D-Day Anniversary- 68 Years Later

English: President Ronald Reagan and President...

English: President Ronald Reagan and President Francois Mitterrand of France attend a wreath-laying ceremony at the American cemetery at Omaha Beach. The ceremony is part of the 40th anniversary of D-day, the invasion of Europe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this day in 1984 President Ronald Reagan spoke beautifully of the importance of the Allied invasion of Europe and the defeat of tyranny imposed by the evil Nazi regime.

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Republicans Need to Talk with More Heart

It’s tough out there. It’s tough just about everywhere.

This will be one of those blogs my wife wishes I wouldn’t write because I’ll reveal far too much personal feelings and personal information.

This Obama recession just keeps dragging on. Now we have the buttressing good news of declining gas prices which are made worse by the declining oil prices which is caused by declining economic forecasts. Economists say things could be getting worse…again. But then again…we could just be early with the annual Post-Memorial Day decline of oil and gas prices.

Are you struggling right now financially? I don’t talk to anyone these days who isn’t. It seems a lot of people are like my family…making a steady average to above average income…less than in years past but definitely average or above average…not saving anything…meeting all bills, but just barely…all while living humbly (at least humbly compared to the past 20 years). Things around the house that break, stay broken, at least for a while. We have a desire to help our adult kids, but not the means, other than a roof over their heads, which they reject. And it’s been this way for 2-3 years now.

I have one huge fear. No, not that I or someone in my family gets sick. But now that I mention it…that gives me chills too. Actually my biggest fear is that Barrack Obamawins re-election six short months from now.

Barack Obama

It’s not hard to argue that Obama is the most Progressive/Liberal President in U.S. history. And if he’s not he’s a close second, at least on domestic matters to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Fra...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. 

And what do they have in common? Both inherited serious economic problems and prolonged them through their own economic policies.

In June 1933 FDR signed into law a series of bills that were anti-competition, like the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, and pro-union measures, like Obama’s pro-union agenda including suing Boeing for having the audacity of locating a plant in a right-to-work state, thereby raising wages to artificially high levels and prices for goods in eleven key industries 25-percent higher than they otherwise would have been.

Such Government control has never been shown to work on a large economy effectively. Or as Winston Churchill said when assessing socialism’s inherent virtue, “the equal sharing of miseries.”.

Question: Can you name one government social program that makes you rich? How about one that makes you reasonably well-off? How about one that sustains you at average life-style levels? You can’t. Because it doesn’t exist. Government entitlement programs give you enough food and shelter and medicine in order to survive; never to thrive. So, with more people dependent on government for subsistence fewer people are eligible for a life of thriving success. The Heritage Foundations 2012 Index of Government Dependence showed more Americans dependent on government for subsistence than ever before.

Which leads me to the question: Has government made it too easy to rely on pay-outs for assistance. Rather than helping the truly needy, are we not creating more needy by creating dependence?

With unemployment benefits now extended 99 weeks in most circumstances dependence on that weekly government check is paramount. How can a teacher who’s been unemployed for nearly two years still be considered a teacher? Isn’t it obvious that if you can’t find employment in your field after two years you are no longer in THAT field? I think its obvious that too many people refuse employment or to look for employment in whatever job they can land in order to hold out for employment in their chosen field, subsisting ever so precariously on government assistance, until that job materializes and not coincidentally after their skills have diminished through nearly 2 years of unemployment.

Republicans consistently miss the boat on winning the support of these people and others who display sympathy for such folks. Republicans don’t talk enough about how they can help the poor and the lower middle-class by expressing the obvious: we have a better plan. How many people would prefer a government check that barely meets their needs over a paycheck no matter what the source for the paycheck?

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...

Mitt Romney can be our next President. But he has to show the compassion for the millions of those who are lost in this meager “recovery” or barely surviving. He can do it by simply emphasizing the obvious. Jobs are better than social programs. And he can do it by better demonstrating the compassion that non-thinking independents and Democrats like most. A sense of sympathy and concern for the most down-and-out will go miles in pulling them from the clutches of the Democratic party.

The Democratic party does a far superior job of giving the poor hungry man a fish; but as every Republican knows the Dems do a far inferior job of teaching a man to fish. We wrote a parable on such a subject some years ago called: The Fisherman, the Hungry Man, and the Wise Man.

Those who are struggling is a long list that sadly seems to be growing longer. An about-face can be achieved by repeatedly emphasizing the words of John Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”, and instead emphasizing what can you do for yourself, your family and your country. Do what you need to do, and pretty soon you will be able to do what you want to do. The Republicans have historically been more vocal in support of “traditional values”. They now need to show how those “traditional values”, like a rising tide, can and will lift all boats.

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