So how did Obama and Clinton handle THEIR “3AM Call”?

In a 2008 Democratic Primary commercial for and by the Hillary Clinton campaign the Presidential candidate asked the rhetorical question “Who do you want in the White House when THAT 3AM call comes in and something is wrong in the world?”. The implication being her main competitor Illinois Senator Barack Obama hadn’t shown himself capable of handling such a crisis.

As is pointed out in the following article President Obama got THAT call on September 11, 2012. His response was to do nothing, and then lie about it. Is that what you want remaining in the White House the next four years?

Would Mitt Romney do better? Well, he could hardly do worse.

The American Spectator : Benghazigate: Chapter Two.

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The Incredible Shrinking President – Mark Steyn – National Review Online

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe ...

Joe Biden offends one of the parents of a dead American.

President Obama goes to sleep to rest-up for a campaign trip to Las Vegas knowing his consulate is under attack and people are dying.

And the Obama Re-Election campaign steals an idea from Vladimir Putin and equates voting for him to losing your virginity.

I couldn’t make this stuff up in my wildest dreams. Obama and his Administration are proving my worst dreams. Click on this article for the full shocking story.

The Incredible Shrinking President – Mark Steyn – National Review Online.

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