The Incredible Shrinking President – Mark Steyn – National Review Online

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe ...

Joe Biden offends one of the parents of a dead American.

President Obama goes to sleep to rest-up for a campaign trip to Las Vegas knowing his consulate is under attack and people are dying.

And the Obama Re-Election campaign steals an idea from Vladimir Putin and equates voting for him to losing your virginity.

I couldn’t make this stuff up in my wildest dreams. Obama and his Administration are proving my worst dreams. Click on this article for the full shocking story.

The Incredible Shrinking President – Mark Steyn – National Review Online.

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Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity


speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Paul Ryan


In 2011 Wisconsin Congressman, and now republican Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan produced an unprecedented series of videos explaining the peril we all face from President Obama’s massive growth in government.


As House Budget Committee Chairman Ryan wrote, almost single handedly, the past two budgets approved by the lower chamber in Congress. Mitt Romney has said he supports much of Ryan’s plan, though he more fully supports the more recent Ryan plan to save Medicare.


Here are the three videos in what Ryan calls The Path to Prosperity:





Video 2 speaks to the original Medicare plan, before Ryan proposed some revisions in 2012:





Video 3 talks to the subject of a fair, competitive, and simple tax plan:





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Ryan the Best VP Candidate Since Kemp.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan 

The announcement that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will be Mitt Romney‘s running mate is a breath of fresh air for our country. Ryan has served in Congress since being elected by the district West of Milwaukee in 1998. His budgetary brilliance and political courage saw him rise fast. He is now Chairman of the House Budget Committee and almost singlehandedly wrote each of the past two Federal Budget’s passed by the lower chamber of Congress. Even if you are a Democrat you’ve got to be pleased to see a man of real gravitas named for our nation’s second highest office.

If you doubt me just look at recent VP’s and VP nominees.

Joe Biden? Puhleez!

English: Vice President Dick Cheney bids farew...

Vice President Dick Cheney and Vice President Joe Biden 

Sarah Palin? Seriously lacking, though not the imbecile Dems would have you believe.

John Edwards? Need I say more?

Joe Lieberman? Not a lot wrong with good ol’ Joe except that he was the Democrats VP nominee and isn’t really part of that political party. He endorsed the Republican Presidential nominee in 2008 and was re-elected Senator from his state of Connecticut as an Independent after losing the Democratic Primary in his last election.

Dick Cheney? Again, not a lot wrong with Cheney other than his complete and total incapability of showing any human warmth, making him the Democrats poster boy for mean old white men occupying the Republican party.

Al Gore? Back in 2000 I didn’t think Gore was that bad. Since losing the 2000 Presidential election in the closest election in U.S. Presidential election history he seems to have come unhinged and revealed that him as a President could very well have been a disaster.

Jack Kemp? Nothing at all wrong with Jack Kemp. A lot of us wish he’d been at the top of the ticket instead of Bob Dole in 1996.

English: Jack Kemp speaks at the National Pres...

Jack Kemp 

Dan Quayle? All you have to do is look at his incredibly non-existent accomplishments since leaving the Vice Presidency nearly 20 years ago to realize how lacking Quayle is as a man and/or leader.

Portrait of DoD Mr. J. Danforth Quayle, Vice P...

J. Danforth Quayle, Vice President of the United States 1989-1993

So out of the past eight VP’s and VP nominees only one, Kemp, is one we can ALL look back on with any sense of pride. And now there is Paul Ryan. And guess what. Paul Ryan was a Jack Kemp protege`. Before becoming a Congressman in January 1999 Ryan served as an aide to the former Buffalo, New York Congressman.



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