Obama Reveals Himself Fully

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

In last Friday’s nationally televised news conference President Barrack Obama did more to offer voters a true point of evaluating him and his philosophy since he told Joe the Plumber in 2008 that he wanted to redistribute wealth. He showed that he is more about big government and supporting union jobs through taxation of the hard-working American people than he is about those same Americans creating their own lives and benefiting from their own labors. He wants more government jobs for people.

As you can see in this video, in which we provide you his entire answer, not just a short juicy clip, Obama says the private sector is doing fine. He says we need more government jobs.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wasted no time in pouncing on the President’s revealing words and correctly pointing out how remarkable the statement was.

The Administration quickly moved to damage-control following Obama’s statement. Obama himself saying a day later “Of course the economy is not fine..”. The media portrayed these words as Obama and his minions walking back his “the private sector is doing fine” comment. But did he really? Did he really correct himself? Of course not. He didn’t because he doesn’t want to. His so-called correction just re-emphasized what he’d already said that the economy isn’t doing fine (making certain not to mention “the private sector” again), and that his solution is to provide more government and government-employee-union jobs. And the big bad Republicans are to blame for not wanting to hire more government workers.

Choosing to portray the critical need for our economy as teachers, police and firefighters plays well, because we all (at least most of us) love teachers, cops, and firefighters. We don’t necessarily love their unions, especially the teacher’s. But ask yourself do you really think all our economic problems are because we have too few teachers, cops and fire fighters? The premise is silly on its face.

Government creates nothing. Government doesn’t grow any economy. Private sector jobs grow the economy, which generates more taxes (revenue) for the government because more products are being sold, and more income tax is being paid…which ultimately allows government to do and spend more…for teachers, police and fire fighters. President Obama doesn’t seem to get this simple concept.

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  1. Well, when he thinks of the private sector, he must have forgotten about those of us who have businesses on main street. I guess the larger corporations may be doing fine according to his economists.

    • Thanks for your comment Brooke. Believe it or not my concern is not the ‘private sector’ comment but his idea that to fix this economy we need to raise taxes and hire more government workers. That is where he can do true damage to us, not whether he’s mistaken about whether the private sector is or isn’t doing fine.
      Appreciate you contributing.

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